Waid vs. Meyer Round Two

Mark Waid

Early this summer I reported that Richard Meyer of Diversity & Comics fame was having Marvel writer Mark Waid prosecuted in New York, California, and Texas for interfering with the publication of Meyer's Jawbreakers comic book. 

Now Meyer has turned up the heat on Waid again by filing civil suit against him for tortious interference and defamation.
Diversity & Comics aka Richard Meyer has filed a civil suit against Mark Waid for tortious interference with contract,  defamation, and exemplary damages.
Meyer is suing for “actual damages of over $75,000; special damages in the form of lost profits proximately caused by Waid’s interference with Meyer’s contractual relations; exemplary damages, costs of court; and all other relief to which Plaintiff Richard Meyer shows himself to be justly entitled.”
Waid had better get himself three suits and get them pressed. Because he'll be spending a lot of time in various courts for the next several years.
Meyer’s accusation of Tortious Interference with Contract cites his contract with Antarctic Press and the fact they were supposed to publish Jawbreakers and other comic books.
The suit claims that “Waid either had knowledge of the contract or had knowledge of facts and circumstances that would lead a reasonable person to believe there was a contract in which Meyer had an interest.” It goes on to state, “Waid induced Antarctic Press to breach its agreement with Meyer.”
The suit notes “Waid’s interference proximately caused injury to Meyer for which he seeks damages in excess of $75,000.”
SJWs are so used to sniping from behind the safety of their Big Tech benefactors' codes of conduct and block bots that they've forgotten there's a world of real consequences in meatspace.
The suit then claims that Waid’s followers targeted Antarctic Press with an onslaught of calls and threats. It also states they bombarded the owners of Antarctic Press’ other businesses.
It goes on to detail that Waid did speak via telephone with the one of the owners of Antarctic Press and convinced him to “repudiate its contract with Meyer.” The suit claims the owner “caved to Waid’s pressure” because they were “frightened for its very survival by Waid’s threats, and primarily because of his unwelcome interference.”
There's a term for what happens when an A list Marvel writer orders a small press to break a deal with a competitor on pain of never doing business with Marvel again. Hello, tortious interference!
The suit continues to state that Waid deactivated his social media profiles almost immediately after Antarctic Press’ statement with the belief he had been warned that his interference was actionable.
Shut down all the social media accounts you want, Mark. The marching orders you DM'd to your minions are still on those servers, and subpoenas have a way of shaking that kind of information loose. I'm stockpiling popcorn for the discovery stage.

Waid's lawyer issued the following statement:
“Mark will aggressively fight this frivolous lawsuit with every legal means available but at the end of the day what will have the greatest favorable impact for him are the actual facts. Mr Meyer’s’ lawsuit will further reveal to the world his true nature. Ironically his own litigation will likely increase the professional isolation he alleges Mark has caused.”
When you're out of arguments, fall back on threatening the plaintiff's career.

Make sure to keep your eye on this case. It promises more amusement at a bumbling ginger's expense than an episode of I Love Lucy. With just as much cake.

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  1. "Mr Meyer’s’ lawsuit will further reveal to the world his true nature. Ironically his own litigation will likely increase the professional isolation he alleges Mark has caused.”"

    Yes, the true nature that got him thousands of new subscriptions after his appearance on the Jim Jefferies Show because he was so normal and plainly non-bigoted. And further isolated? You can't blacklist someone harder. You're either blocking them out or you're not and Meyer is definitely out with Waid's gang.

    1. That kind of boilerplate opening argument posturing is a strong indication that Waid's legal team has nothing, and they know it.

    2. Mark Waid has been doing stuff like this for years. Anyone acting like he's innocent is a liar, full stop. I'm more annoyed that D&C was the first person to ever do something about it.

      Because all these pros virtue signalling against customers? They let this crap go on for decades while their industry died and normal people were driven out.

      I don't think there are industry professionals I have less respect for than those in the western comic book industry.

    3. Richard's Marine Corps training may have been a factor. He understands that if somebody hits you, you'd better launch a reprisal or they'll be at your throat for life.

  2. Lawfare might be the only language SJWs understand.

    1. That's because they haven't pissed off someone willing and able to just kill them and be done with it- yet.

    2. I disavow all violence. That said, we wouldn't be this deep into Clown World if someone, anyone, had imposed consequences for the Left's anti-civilizational tantrums. The legal route is a good way to start making them feel pain when they act out. It will probably work on guys like Waid.

      On the other hand, we have Soros-backed "protesters" getting off with probation for trying to maim and kill people at the inauguration. Let's pray Trump's ongoing transformation of the corrupt federal courts can restore law and order.

    3. It’s okay Brian. I have faith you will come around.

      Joshua, David, Samson, Mattathias et. al. did nothing wrong.

    4. Neither did they have the globalist elite's Big Tech bag men potentially monitoring their blogs.

  3. I hope D&C had the sense to file a Federal Trade Commission complaint, and potentially a Securities Exchange Commission complaint, to complement his civil suit -- restraint of trade, fraud, and attempting to deny a competitor entry into a market.

    Neither require preparing a case or bringing a lawyer of your own to the party. Just have to file the complaints with the agencies. That would be some nice icing to D&C's rhubarb tort.

    1. Brian,

      No doubt discovery and deposition will be rather eye opening about more shenanigans. I'll be unsurprised if it'll turn into a pile on with new plantiffs and finally drag his employer into the morass.
      Popcorn. Make lots of popcorn


    2. Yep. Filing a complaint with the FTC was the first step Richard took before he lodged complaints with the NY, CA, and TX AG's back in May.

    3. Which was exceedingly smart and prudent of him.

      Mark does forget that Richard is a combat vet who's unperturbed by effete social justice cartoonists attacks.

    4. Brian -- if so, it might also explain why Marvel is strongly backing Waid in the D&C suit.

      Discovery on Waid will not be Marvel's friend either, and could drive deeper investigations by federal agencies. Disney may begin to pay attention when it begins to affect their IP.

    5. Agreed. I was reminded that Mark also did something similar to Peter Simeti and Alternacomics.
      I really do see a pile on on the way