Vigorous Vulgar Language


Three years after I cited Aftermath as the canary in Star Wars' coal mine, the author of the poorly written SJW message fic in question, soiboi poster child Chuck Wendig, has been informed his services are no longer needed.
Chuck Wendig, the New York Times-bestselling author of the Star Wars: Aftermath series of novels, has been fired by Marvel Entertainment, he said on Twitter Friday. That leaves the fate of a number of previously announced Star Wars projects he was attached to left uncertain as a result.
In a series of tweets, Wendig, who was working on both the five-issue Shadow of Vader mini-series and an additional, as-yet-unannounced Star Wars series for the publisher, revealed that he had been fired by Marvel in the middle of his work on the titles because, in his words, “of the negativity and vulgarity that my tweets bring. Seriously, that’s what Mark [Paniccia], the editor said. It was too much vulgarity, too much negativity on my part.”
To put Wendig's firing in perspective, keep in mind that Disney just renewed Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy's contract despite the franchise's disastrous performance under her leadership. The only major creative talent who's gotten the axe from a blockbuster Disney property so far is former Guardians of the Galaxy writer-director James Gunn, and they had to dig up a toxic waste dump of pedophilia jokes to justify canning him. What level of vulgarity and negativity on Wendig's part are we dealing with here?

I'll show you. [WARNING! NSFW]


Profanity aside, the depth of Wendig's immersion in the SJW cult is striking. He starts projecting right off the bat. Note to Wendig and other soon-to-be-a-permanent-reviled-minority leftoids: It's not Republicans who are accosting Senators in their driveways, hounding them out of restaurants, and whacking people with bike locks; all to keep baby murder legal. You want to see complicity with evil, look in the mirror. It might also cure you of that soy grimace. Seriously, you look like your muppet wrangler's on bath salts.

In between projecting his ideologically driven blood lust onto his opposition, Wendig adds a spot of gaslighting to browbeat us into thinking of Clown World as normal. No, Chuck. Elected officials advancing their constituents' interests over the screeching of hysterical psychos by, say, confirming eminently qualified judges who make the Boy Scouts look like MS-13, is normal. The degenerate favela you want to replace this country with is neither the historical nor the cultural norm.

Wendig made one correct observation. The time for civility is done. Civil treatment is reserved for civilized men. Chuck and the trillionaire cosmopolitan elite he carries water for are rabidly anti-civilization.

To translate from shitlib, Wendig's warning to his SJW followers not to heed our calls for civility is really an acknowledgment that the Left's usual bromides about bipartisanship and healing won't work this time. Under the old rules, it was the Left who'd issue calls for civility when Conservatives inevitably folded on some key issue. Saying it was time to heal the divide and get back to business marked the completion of the Left's victory lap after ramming their latest abomination down our throats.

No more. The game is up, and SJWs like Wendig know it. They have only their party leadership to blame. It was Democrat Senators led by Dianne Feinstein who shredded the old rules in a desperate scorched earth play against Kavanaugh. Now the whole GOP knows there's no mollifying Lefty, no matter how hard they virtue signal. Forget the cocktail party invitations and cushy K Street lobbying gigs. The Democrat party is on a blind rampage in pursuit of raw power for power's sake. Republicans finally figured this out. Now they're playing for keeps and taking scalps. There's no going back.

That's why Wendig--if indirectly--is calling for violence. If he'd take a minute to think through his tweets' implications, he'd realize there's only one possible outcome when two groups at enmity with each other stop talking. It wasn't tricorn hat-clad Tea Party boomers courteously picking up litter who abandoned civility first. Things will only return to "working as intended" when the Leftist death cult is banished from every institution and exiled from public life. And make no mistake Chuck, that is now normal America's intent.

Wendig Winter

You're half right, Chuck. Winter is coming. But it's coming for the baby-killers, the would-be kommissars, and the moloch-worshiping antichrists.

One down.


  1. Chuck turned himself into Frosty the Snowman and froze himself out of Reality.

    "Winter is coming" indeed!

    1. *nods*

      The bit about the prolapse also strikes me as projection.

  2. *inhales


    1. Brian and Harrison:
      Nec nora nec requies (no truce nor respite) (Virgil, Georgics 3,110)

  3. So much soy that whatever masculinity the axe imparts is washed away by the estrogenic effluvia that spills forth from the soyface.

    Disney did the right thing by canning this NPC. Clearly the dialogue written for it is poor and substandard by any metric and the NPC just doesn’t contribute to the story or the world space.

    1. You know he only bought the axe in a vain effort to offset his raging soyface for the photo. We can also safely assume he only pulled the trigger on the purchase after perusing user ratings on multiple bugman-approved consumer review sites.

  4. What is vigorous vulgar language anyway? "Fuck" doing star-jumps?