They're Going to Pay

Wherein Julie Swetnick and Michael Avenatti discover that, like losing elections, taking a shot at a SCOTUS nominee and missing has consequences.

Coach K's Revenge

They shouldn't have thought they wouldn't pay.

The Stupid Party is finally learning that the Evil Party aren't misguided but well-intentioned loyal opposition. The Democrats are a mob determined to burn this country down so they can rule the ashes. The voters get it, and happily, Republican officials are starting to get it, too.

If I were Grassley, I'd entertain Feinstein's cajoling to sweep Justice Kavanaugh's accusers' crimes under the rug. Then I'd tell her, "Okay. My price is the Wall." Then I'd haul her before the Senate Ethics Committee when she refused.


  1. Oooh this is gonna be delicious. Seems like CPL is in actuality Trump’s greatest weapon, handing him win after win after unabashed win.

    This is gonna be glorious

    1. Truth be told though I’m a bit disappointed. Watching Avanatti go against Trump would have been like watching a retarded housecat gp against an amur tiger. Amusing to watch in its own gruesome, cruel way. I guess getting to watch a shyster lawyer eat shit for life will have to suffice

    2. Avenatti was one of the few guys on the Left who called out the retards who were defending the caravan. He correctly advised the Dems that getting tough on border security would be one of their few remaining paths to a blue wave.

      I don't doubt that Trump would've trounced Avenatti, but I'm also glad he'll be behind bars and off the Democrats' bench.

    3. Acenatti was also the one who absolutely torpedoed Ford’s credibility by going full retard himself and opportunistically jumping on the dog pile with Swetnick’s bullshit. There is no doubt in my mind that her outlandish claims of literal gamgrape are what finally shattered the illusion for the notmies and broke the smear campaign, tuening it into the greatest weapon the Republican party has ever wielded

  2. They picked a legal fight with a guy who had 100 levels in Lawyer BEFORE he multi-classed to Judge.
    These people need to game more.

    1. Feinstein et al. knew better than to give a career Washington insider who'd put in his time and followed all the old rules the Roy Moore treatment. But the Dems' leaders have to placate their psychotic fringe now, so they tore up the old rule book.

      That's what lit a fire under GOPe types like McConnell and Graham. Running October Surprise smear campaigns against outsiders like Trump is all well and good. But Judge K was Bush appointee, FFS.

      The Mob has severe penalties for trying to whack a made man without a sit down. Congressional Democrats are going to experience those penalties.