Indiegogo After-action Report

Combat Frame XSeed Indiegogo 346%

The Indiegogo campaign for my new mecha/Mil-SF novel Combat Frame XSeed has officially concluded. With a final funding total of 346% of our original goal, it's no exaggeration to say that this campaign was a stunning success! Sincere thanks to all our awesome backers and everyone who supported the campaign through contributions in time and talent! Special thanks to ArtAnon, Todd Everhart, JimFear138, Daddy Warpig, Dorrinal, Fighting the Void, Ben Wheeler, and Declan Finn. Plus all my friends and family members who gave material and moral support.

Here's what's next. The disbursement from Indiegogo should be arriving within the next two business weeks. During that time, I'll be working hard to get perks ready for fulfillment. If you are a Combat Frame XSeed backer, you'll receive your perks as they become available. Every perk level included the eBook edition, which is right on track for November delivery. The print version will be delivered in January as soon as possible after the TPB is available on Amazon. ArtAnon just informed me he's making substantial progress on the Build-a-Mech backer's custom combat frame, which will be featured in its own Combat Frame Data post here. Keep watching this blog!

On the writing front, edits to Bradford Walker's first Star Knight Saga book are nearing completion. After that, I'll be finishing the "Combat Frame XSeed: CY 2 Gaiden" bonus short story that will bridge XSeed novels 1 and 2. "CFX: CY 2 Gaiden" will be available exclusively as a free download in the digital edition of Combat Frame XSeed, so if you backed the campaign at any level, you'll get access to the free short story when you receive your eBook perk.

Thanks again to everyone who supported this campaign. Because of you, my first crowdfunding experiment surpassed expectations. The ride is just beginning!