Enjoy the Wedding Steve

Punished Brett
Let us draw together for judgment.
Key Senate swing votes Jeff Flake, Susan Collins, and Joe Manchin have announced they will vote yes to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court this weekend.
After months of debate, last minute allegations of sexual assault, an FBI investigation and dozens of hours of tense testimony, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh now has the 50 votes required to be confirmed to the Supreme Court, after both GOP Sen. Susan Collins of Maine and Democrat Joe Manchin of West Virginia announced that they would be voting yes. GOP holdout Jeff Flake of Arizona also said that he would vote to confirm Kavanaugh "unless something big changed." 
It looks like the final confirmation tally will be the same as the cloture vote, with every Republican except Murkowski voting yes and every Democrat except Manchin voting no, for an final total of 51-49 in Punished Brett's favor.

One potential wrinkle in that scenario may arise from the wedding of Senator Steve Daines' daughter, scheduled to take place in Montana on Saturday. Senator Daines has promised both to give the bride away and to rush back to Washington in the event his vote is needed. A plane is reportedly on standby to whisk Daines back to the capital should Jeff Flake get cornered in an elevator again. With Vice President Mike Pence also standing by to cast a tie-breaking vote, Daines can probably relax and enjoy his daughter's big day.

Which will also be Justice Kavanaugh's big day.

Meanwhile, the Democrats' highly touted blue wave continues to evaporate.

God has now given the United States two miracles--Trump's election and Kavanaugh's confirmation--to help us get our act together. Not murdering babies anymore is probably a good first step. Let us heed Bill Murray's warning from Scrooged about the consequences of wasting miracles.


  1. Murkowski votes "No" on her future relevancy to the God Emperor. "Ave, Imperator!"

    Razor-thin margin "D"s may wish to consider whether they sign another six-year lease on that DC condo prior to November 7.

    1. Palin has already hinted at a primary run against Murkowski in 2022. Though I wish more men would step up to fill leadership roles, it would be a marginal improvement.

  2. Honestly I'm slightly disappointed. I wanted it to be a 50/50 split so that Uncle Mike could come down from on high, strike the T-pose, and electrify congress by casting the deciding vote in favor of the Punished Judge.

    1. Though as you said it might end up that way anyways