Democrats Play with Fire


And are getting duly burned.
As of now, in the wake of the testimony, only 37 percent want Kavanaugh confirmed, but only 44 percent say he should not be confirmed. But…
Because “corroboration” is the only standard a wide majority of Americans care about, if this FBI investigation clears him, a whopping 60 percent want Kavanaugh confirmed.
Moreover, once those polled were informed “that the named witnesses deny any knowledge of the allegation, this shifts to 57 percent who favor confirmation.”
In other words, once voters know the full truth (the truth the establishment media are hiding from them), they overwhelmingly side with Kavanaugh — those who call for his confirmation jump from 37 percent to 57 percent.
The Fake News media are the enemy of Western civilization and must be destroyed--which is why Trump must sign the EO currently on his desk ordering antitrust action against Big Tech. Thankfully, they can't totally control the narrative like they used to.
A full 63 percent believe Kavanaugh will eventually be cleared and confirmed.
Make no mistake, the Left is in existential crisis mode over Punished Brett's impending confirmation. They've had since 2012 to dig up disqualifying dirt on Coach K, yet the best they could do was a West Coast partisan academic with a Swiss cheese memory whose story the independent prosecutor has now destroyed and an eleventh hour accuser whose laughable claims didn't meet the New Yorker's publication standards.

There's also a third accuser dredged up by glorified mob lawyer Michael Avenatti. Democrats whined about the FBI not interviewing her, so Trump gave them the green light. Probably because she's turned out to be an unstable psycho with a history of legal problems stemming from her own sexual misconduct.

This seventh FBI investigation into Judge Dredd's already well-vetted past is a cynical desperation move intended to stall Kavanaugh's confirmation. Democrats had certainly hoped that the Feds would unearth some heretofore unknown wrongdoing on Coach K's part, but their current witnesses keep getting discredited and referred for prosecution instead.

Failing the discovery of any incriminating evidence against Kavanaugh, Democrats had staked their political fortunes on delaying the confirmation vote until after the midterm elections, when they expect to ride a blue wave to majorities in both houses of Congress.

That plan looked good on paper. The winning strategy in US elections is to make sure your people turn out to vote while depressing voter turnout on the other side. Democrats had enjoyed an advantage in the voter enthusiasm gap. But in a twist of cosmic justice, the circus they've made of what should have been a routine SCOTUS confirmation has lit a fire under Republican voters.

And those flames aren't stoked by love for the GOP cucks who let matters degrade to this point--Roy Moore is waiting for his apology, Mitch--they're fueled by pure hatred of the demonic, power-hungry psychos they now realize the Left have become.

Polls across the country are now turning in favor of GOP candidates. Republican Wendy Rogers has taken the lead in an Arizona race that has put a Democrat-controlled House seat in play. Even more telling, Josh Hawley is now poised to flip red state Democrat Claire McCaskill's Missouri Senate seat specifically because she opposes Kavanaugh. Meanwhile, an internal GOP poll shows that key Kavanaugh swing vote Joe Manchin, who is enabling Jeff Flake's stranglehold on the confirmation process, is four points behind his Republican challenger.

Time could actually be on the Republicans' side. Letting the Dems make a sideshow of the Kavanaugh confirmation is animating the GOP base. At this rate, McConnell could delay the confirmation till the midterms, whereupon angry voters could give Republicans up to ten more Senate seats, and rubber stamp Coach K's confirmation with a super majority.

And who knows what other juicy tidbits will turn up on Kavanaugh's accusers in the meantime?


  1. I can't wait for Kavanaugh to be confirmed. The dems took perhaps one of the most upright milquetoast men out there - a man who loves nothing more than his family, beer, and baseball - and have turned him from what would have been a somewhat right wing judge into The Punished Judge. They have created their own worse enemy, whose spectre will haunt them for decades to come

    1. With that in mind I say call Flake on his bullshit and shove the nomination forward - which appears to be what Cocaine Mitch is planning. Either way, the Republican base will be fired up AND you'll get the double whammy of the democratic base being utterly demoralized - which was clearly the democrat's original motivation behind this farce to begin with, but has clearly blown up in their faces in what can only be described as a Wile E Coyote-esque fashion. God's mill grinds slowly, but finely.

    2. The Democrats are, of course, doubling down. Add Heidi Heitkamp to the list of red state Dem Senators who'll probably lose their seats over Coach K. She's now ten points behind her Republican challenger because she says she'll vote no on Kavanaugh. Ditto with Manchin and Donnelly. Faced with voting yes for perhaps the cleanest SCOTUS nominee in history or ending their careers, they've opted to go down with the ship.

      Republicans need to take a lesson from Kavanaugh and trump. All that's necessary to make the Left's tactics blow up in their faces is to stand firm. The Dems were sure when they kicked off this circus that Coach K would quit or Trump would withdraw the nomination. Instead they've stood their ground, and the Dems are doubling down right off a cliff. At this point, they've ensured Republicans at least hold the Senate.

      The downside is that Kavanaugh's confirmation is now up to the three biggest Republican cucks. Flake will probably vote no just to pleasure himself, so it all hinges on the two women.

      One silver lining among many: Even if Flake, Collins, and Murkowski cuck, Trump can immediately re-nominate Kavanaugh, and the even bigger Republican majority can proceed directly to confirming him on the Senate floor without the need for further hearings or committee votes.

    3. Collins has been calling for the FBI to investigate the claims of Julie Swetnick, the client of one Creepy Ass Porn Lawyer, despite the claims being ridiculous on the face of it. It's clear that both her and Murkowski are just cowards looking for any excuse to vote no. Jeff will probably vote no on Friday regardless, but methinks that forcing the vote will be calling Murkowski and Collins on their bullshit and force them to vote yes. Unlike Flake they still have constituents to please. Assuming Manchin doesn't flip yes (possible but unlikely - he's too much of a coward to be a deciding vote) then it comes down to a 50-50 split with Pence as VP being the tie-breaker. It'll be a close shave but I think it'll happen this week.
      Then from here to the midterms it plays out like we've talked about - the dems will be demoralized and the republicans will be doubly fired up and will absolutely mop the floor at least in the senate and increasingly likely in the house as well

    4. That's a likely scenario. Honestly, it's my favorite on a deeply visceral level. I mean, how awesome will it be to see Uncle Mike descend to the Senate floor like Lightning from Big Trouble in Little China, do a T-pose, and break the tie in Punished Brett's favor?

  2. I get the feeling this particular "October Surprise" didn't motivate the crowd they were going for.

    1. *nods* The Democrats have gone all Wile E. Coyote before. The best recent example was Obama riling up BLM in the summer of 2016, culminating in the assassinations of five Dallas police officers. Swing voters understood that something else was going on besides politics as usual after that, and they handed Trump the victory. The Kavanaugh circus has been an even louder, more drawn-out wake up call.

  3. Republicans show their demoralization by being quiet. Libs show it by having histrionic displays of emotional incontinence.

    Republicans are “fired up” when they express righteous indignation and post dank memes. Libs do the same by telling dumb jokes and mocking their enemies on tv and in public.

    Using Twitter as a proxy, it’s clear the Dems are afraid that a Tiddy Bowl is coming. There’s no confidence in their outrage.

    1. An observation many of our guys on social media have made that backs up yours is that for all their Blue Wave talk, the Democrats aren't putting on the typical displays they affect when they're winning.

      The Left wasn't accosting Senators in elevators and restaurants in the run up to Obama's two victories. They were glib and smug.

      Democrats might still have taken both Houses of Congress despite their epic hissy fit. The GOP base was demoralized by our leaders' failure to deliver anything but a bow tie-grade tax cut, and the only way for Dems to win is to suppress Republican turnout.

      Enter Kavanaugh. Word had been circulating that Trump had a foolproof plan to win the midterms. I don't even think the current clown funeral was it. The story goes that McConnell asked Trump for the cleanest SCOTUS nominee on his list and scheduled the confirmation process for a midterm boost. He thought it would be a slam dunk but somehow underestimated Democrat duplicity. Trump and Kav saved the day by standing their ground.

      Feinstein and Schumer never thought they'd have to back up their pawn's allegations. They expected the GOP to cave like they did with Moore. Bad move.

      Unlike Moore, Coach K was a beltway insider who paid his dues, put in his time, and had his SCOTUS seat coming by the rules of the old game. But the Dems tossed out the old rules in a brazen power grab. Worse move.

      McConnell and Kavanaugh are standing firm because this was supposed to be a done deal. Read Kav's letter, and it's clear he's pissed because the Dems are denying him his own. Other Republicans like Lindsey Graham have finally realized, "Holy shit! The other side just detonated the 'taking a dive for cocktail party invites' agreement. All bets are off!"

      Now that the GOP is responding accordingly, the Democrats are trapped in a nightmare scenario. They have charged headlong into a Xanatos gambit of their own making.

      Consider if Kav had been quietly confirmed like Gorsuch. The GOP probably would have narrowly held the Senate, but confirming a guy who was then seen as a dull establishment type wouldn't have energized the base, and normie swing voters would not have woken up. The Blue Wave would still have been in play.

      Instead it's the Dems who've snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. They're so terrified of their own freak show base that they caved to the pussyhatters and subjected Judge K to a witch trial. Meanwhile--and not nearly enough attention has been paid to this fact--for the first time, the entire Republican party is united behind Trump. The Senate, the base, even NRO for fuck's sake, are rallying behind Coach K. That's a perfect storm brewing against the Democrats.

      Trump probably didn't plan this whole monkey circus, but he used it to maximum advantage.

    2. Awesome as this is for us as a whole, I only pray for the safety of Judge Kavanaugh himself and his family. They've had to go into hiding as their home has been repeatedly attacked and vandalized.

      This is the enemy we fight. Remember why we fight, and remember the price of failure

    3. Perhaps one of the more disgusting moments in this whole sordid affair was the political cartoon mocking the holy grace of Kavanaugh's younger daughter, who had the good will and the strength of Christ within her to pray for the well being of Ford, who has done nothing short of destroying her father and uprooting their lives and forcing them into hiding

      I'd ask if there's no end to the depravity of the left, but I learned the answer to that a long time ago.


    Now what could that mean? Hmmm.

  5. Yes, the Blue Wave of Dreams appears to have struck the flood breaks in many locations. The change in fortunes for Democrat candidates is stunning.

    Heitcamp is a well-liked senator in very Red ND, since she tends to do what is right for the state, not the DNC. To throw away a 5 or more point lead for a 10 point deficit was something no one would expect. Heitcamp didn't suspect that this singular vote was the Uncanny Valley, but these are strange times.

    I'm more shocked that Manchin and McCaskill were so certain that their 'no' votes would have minimal effects on their very tight races. I guess when you find yourself in the semi-truck and trailer on that 10% grade and the breaks are going, you get locked into thinking that you have to ride it out. Sometimes you gotta jump from the cab at 60 mph.

    Hopefully, the Red electorate realizes that it's not just Manchin and McCaskill in the cab of that semi. Normies need to unbukle their seat belts and look for a softer spot in the ditch.

    1. Brian,

      Boy this sounds like American horeorganization story:the Senate confirmation hearings.
      I think the Lindsey Graham articulated what regular Americans think. They're agasht and will make sure the Deus pay a heavy price. The freaks show was just too much inanity to put up with