Benedictine CoC

From Antisocial Justice on Twitter: The SJW mob successfully pressured SQLite into adopting a code of conduct, but it turns out that victory has defeated them.

Benedict's Rule 1

You read that right. SQLite's new CoC is based on the Rule of St. Benedict--the rule of religious life that ushered in the golden age of Western Christian monasticism.

Again, this is not a joke. SQLite officially published the following:

Benedict's Rule 2

SQLite deserves a round of applause for answering the SJWs' demands for a code of conduct in the most triggering way possible. Adopting Benedict's rule is even better than just telling them no, since above all, SJWs hate the Christ.

You doubt me? Check out these butthurt SJW screencaps.

2018 stupidity

It's been a while since I've seen a Current Year feelz spasm in the wild.

What the folks at SQLite are probably thinking is, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA shitlibs, ur all gonna die!

Abrahamic Tradition

This historically and theologically illiterate Leftoid--but I repeat myself--can't even bring himself to type the word "Christian".

Note to public school-educated Millennials: St. Benedict was in fact Christian, and he popularized a rule of monastic life that's proved eminently practical to enforce over 1500 years. Monks living under Benedict's rule helped keep the guttering flame of Western civilization--something else SJWs hate--alight. Yes, Darren, those who hate civilization are by definition barbarians, and any sane civilization will take pains to exclude sub-pagan un-men like you.

By the way, I couldn't help but notice the German surname. Germany was converted by St. Boniface, another Christian monk. It's thanks to men like Benedict and Boniface that Darren can vomit his ignorant claptrap all over the internet. Hell, if not for them, he probably wouldn't be alive. His Christian forefathers are shaking their heads in shame, and his pagan ancestors are laughing.

Darren doesn't take home the award for most triggered amygdalae, though. That honor goes to this reply:


Uhhhhhhhh is the sound of a debased heathen brain collapsing into a self-referential halt state upon being confronted with an earnest, confident expression of real Christianity. We need no more proof that this Leftoid is epically triggered, but we get the excessive -ly adverbs and the ironic rendering of "little" in all caps as the cherry on top of the chestnut.

My message to Darren goes double for Melissa. Western values are Christian values. But you don't like us publicly profession our religion because it contradicts your satanic suicide cult. Repent and get your ass to church, or at the very least shut up and keep your head down. The West's tolerance of you unholy parasites approached near-suicidal levels, but we're wise to your act. You antichrists are living on borrowed time. Perhaps you should try your luck by moving to a locale controlled by another of the Abrahamic traditions.

Finally, a helpful reminder that the NPC meme is a terrible fiery sword sent by the Almighty to smite our enemies.

Angry NPCs

SJWs don't agitate for codes of conduct to make everyone feel safe or ensure that diverse contributors are included. They want nebulous guidelines instead of clear rules so they can interpret the CoC in their favor and make another organization safe for their profane religion while excluding anyone who dissents. Implementing actual rules is an excellent answer to SJWs' self-serving demands, and you can't do better than the Rule of St. Benedict.


  1. I used to think the best COC was no COC at all. Clearly I was wrong. This is top tier trolling.

    Looks like the guy in charge isn't backing down so far, which is nice.

    I think John Carmack sums it up best:
    "I find this both amusing and a little thought provoking, probably as intended."

  2. ... Wow. That takes some creative thinking. I never would have thought of that. Good on 'em.

    1. Dare we call it divine inspiration?

    2. Definitely. I second Heian-kyo's sentiments, I hope they have the guts to keep it.

  3. I hope they keep that CoC as written because it 1)gives glory to God, and 2)makes atheist and pagan LARPer REEEEEE.

  4. Brian,

    I was awed by the epic servant of the Lord trolling. Next one will be St Ignatius' spiritual exercises with its examination of conscience. There's going to be a lot of Dominican, etc inspired codes of conduct. It'seems like the unclean wail and nash their teeth outside.
    One of the Twtter priests proposed a monastic order devoted to coding. How about Santa Tecla?


    1. Ever heard of St. Vidicon of Cathode? God bless Chistopher Stasheff, RIP. If you have never read the Warlock series, you are missing much fun, and quite possibly some very good social commentary.

    2. Dawn,

      No I haven't. Sounds like fun :) I've never heard of this writer. Was he prolific?
      Santa Tecla is a real saint. Her feast day is 23 Sept. And the Iberian Romance a keyboard is a tecla.

  5. Two rules out of 16 that non-Christian folk might not want to follow...
    Doesn't seem like a major problem to this innocent bystander...

    1. Why are you othering heathen-Americans, bigot?


  6. A Hail Mary pass if ever there was one.

  7. Best. CoC. Ever. And actually brilliantly practical in terms of controlling and defusing the tensions of a small community.

  8. The butt-hurt I’ve been seeing is great. One commentor I saw responded to an NPC by pointing out that they’re only upset because the in-group and out-group are reversed from a typical SJW code of conduct. Which is, of course, true.

    1. Yep. It's a classic Make Anime Real; Make Anime Illegal move.

  9. The NPCs were lucky to get St. Benedict’s Rule. I would have given them the Cistercian Almaricus Code instead.

    1. Oh yeah. I'd make Benedict's Rule the bare minimum and encourage SJWs to adopt the Carthusian Statutes.

    2. I’m unfamiliar with those, will definitely look them up.

      Benedict’s Rule is a great foundation. Augustine’s is okay, less strict. I only promote the former over the latter because of Martin Luther.

      Either way though, adoption of such types of Rules by groups and companies would create a beautiful civilization. I hope others wisely follow SQLite’s example.