Are You an NPC?


If you frequent dissident social media, you may have noticed a lull in the meme wars over the past year. Posting a Pepe or MAGApede meme would like as not get you labeled a Boomer. The salt flow had dried to a trickle as SJWs walled themselves into hugboxes behind block bots. Some feared the meme magic that had won the 2016 election had deserted us.

O ye, of little faith! Despair not, for the anons have delivered unto us a killing meme.

Meet the NPC.


The best part? Chances are you've already met the NPC. At work, at school, and online, he probably has you surrounded. Instant familiarity is just one reason this meme works so perfectly.

Obligatory definition for normies; "NPC" stand for "non-payer character". They're the computer-controlled characters in role-playing games who Recite the same scripts and perform the same repetitive actions no matter how many times you interact with them.

How did NPCs become a meme? Let's go straight to the source.

Are You an NPC

In short, a meatspace NPC is someone with no inner dialogue who espouses a herd mentality and exclusively parrots boilerplate soundbites lifted from Buzzfeed, Hollywood movies, and late night talk show comedians.

Examples from the field:

Public School

Television Comedian

Superhero Movie Spam

Another beautiful part of the NPC meme is that it paints and homes in on its targets like a laser-guided missile. If you are offended by the NPC meme, then you are an NPC.

Note that the NPC meme wasn't originally aimed at the Left, but they immediately flew into a spittle-flecked tantrum about it. Twitter hastily banned the meme.

It's like the good old days of two years ago are back, complete with SJWs trying to co-opt the meme for themselves and failing miserably because they're definitionally incapable of understanding it.

Here are some cursed NPC memes from Leftoids.

The Left Can't Meme 1

Try not to fall asleep at your desk while trudging through the wall of code text in that counterfeit meme. It's not just excessively wordy--note to SJW memesters: Memes are rhetoric, visual rhetoric at that, and brevity is the soul of wit--it's all wrong from start to finish. The NPC meme triggers SJWs so hard because a) it confronts them with the slavish conformity to the Narrative demanded by their cult and b) the only way to refute it is by publicly stating disagreement with some part of the Narrative, which would mean risking expulsion from the cult.

Conversely, name two people on the Right who haven't bickered publicly over some point of principle. You're lucky if you can get two Conservatives to agree on pizza toppings. Attempts to use the NPC meme against the Right fail out of the gate because the Right being a herd of cats is itself a meme.

Next up:

The Left Can't Meme 2

Such thoughtless aping of the NPC meme which, by the fact of its posting reveals the shallow Leftoid who posted it as an NPC, needs no more rebuttal than this:

Horse NPC


  1. The meme hits so hard because it's blatantly true:


    You can tell these people apart by the way they will engage in conversations with people they barely know and expect instant validation for Pedestrian Thought #251. The amount of Boomers I've met for all of three seconds who will bring up Bad Orange Man unprovoked is staggering.

    It doesn't even enter their thoughts that the person they're talking to could possibly think different than they do on any issue.

    1. Or assume that you're evil, wilfully ignorant, malevolent or simply you're mentally defective due to false consciousness when they're in a patronizingly charitable mood


    2. The best rhetoric is based in truth.

    3. A motto to remember and implement

  2. The meme is genius on so many levels. I thought SJW was a good memetic shiv, but NPC is memetic shiv at 9000. We’ll hopefully get a good run with this one.

    1. We already are. The Left are so demoralized by the NPC meme, they don't know what to do. Check out the Kathy Griffin/Maxine Waters incident.

  3. Notice how they absolutely REEEE’d at veing called NPCs the same way they REEEEE’d qt being called mobs.

    Because they’re both laser precision accurate


    1. Yes. The mob label strikes at the leftoid's heart for the same reason. It reveals them as uniform drones of a bloodless hivemind.

      All roads lead to the NPC meme.

  4. The left can’t meme.

    What kills me about that shitty example is all of the “right-wing NPC talking points” they’re trying to mock are legitimate concerns that THE LEFT CAN’T ANSWER BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO ANSWER. Also, the meme doesn’t offend the right because right-wingers think, read, debate, and disagree more—often with each other more than the left.

    NPC is a shiv upon a shiv upon a shiv. I cannot get enough of this meme.

  5. Picked the right time for a Twitter vacation.

    With the current npc bawl fest, I'd never get any work done.

  6. Btw, read an article where the dems seem confident that the Kavanaugh affair has fired up suburban housewives enough to flip certain suburban districts blue. They oresented nk numbers or figures to back that up assertion but still, what say you? I’d assume only already left wing childless and fallow crazy cat ladies could look at that and see Kavanaugh in the wrong but I’ve been wrong before

    1. Here's the article in question https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/house-democrats-hope-for-wave-election-diminishes-as-republicans-rebound/ar-BBOEhef?ocid=ob-fb-enus-280&fbclid=IwAR1djR9m_cy0I9w6WH08-OMeh2m8UBnseIg4L09qcCVkjhH1v-kClkBBL84

    2. It's pure narrative-spinning. They don't cite numbers because the numbers show women believed Ford even less than men did. You can't kid a kidder.

      More actual numbers: Early voting and absentee ballots in 11/12 House districts that have reported so far--the 12th is in California--show Republicans turning out in greater numbers than Democrats.

      That in itself is nothing to write home about. The story usually goes that Republicans outnumber Democrats in absentee voting, and then the Dems balance it out on election day.

      What is remarkable is that A) Early Republican voting is surpassing even 2016 numbers, and B) Democrats are underperforming--not just below 2016 numbers, but below 2014 numbers.

      Historically, Dems suffer a slump in voter turnout during midterms. They need presidential election-level turnout to get a blue wave. Instead, they're already falling short of the previous midterms.

      Remember that SJW's always project. What's really happening is that only about 20% of Democrat voters are fired up. That's basically the wine aunt and male feminist set. Normal women don't care. Neither do blacks and Latinos. The old blue-collar base is horrified that their own party might do to them what they did to Kavanaugh.

      Listen to what the MSM and the Dem leadership are saying. They're not talking like high energy people with confidence. Instead they're freaking out over NPC memes. Meanwhile, their court astrologers like Nate Silver quietly walk back their predictions of triumph.

      That stuff about flipping suburban seats blue is more projection in response to early voting results. Two Dem seats everybody thought were safe just moved into the toss-up category. Wyoming, which tracks changes in party affiliation, reports that 12,000 people switched parties, and 90% of them switched to the GOP.

      These aren't poll numbers, which are projections of opinion. These are hard, empirical data. What the data say is that Dems have lost momentum while GOP voters are fired up. And the GE keeps fanning the flames with tough talk on immigration.

      Now, I'm not saying this is a done deal. Whatever you do, don't get complacent. I still don't see a Red Wave yet. What I am seeing is pretty much what I expected to happen, and at this point I think it's enough to back up my prediction of the GOP narrowly holding the House while gaining 4 or 5 seats in the Senate.

      Even if the Dems pull off an upset in the House, I'm not worried. The Lefty pollsters are already admitting that the GOP is guaranteed to keep the Senate, so the worst we'll get is two more years of Congressional deadlock. Meanwhile, Cocaine Mitch will keep pushing through Trump's judges while the GE mocks the Dems' futile impeachment attempts. We're either in for one night of exquisite triumph or barrels of fun spread out over two years. God really does give superabundantly.

  7. You speak a lot of sense Brian. I’m inclined to see things your way—admittedly, I’m biased, but I’m also numbers guy and a cultural observer, and this ain’t 2012.

    I do think the G-E needs to be tough on immigration, especially that 4,000-strong caravan of invades coming our way if he really wants to secure a 2020 Trumpslide, and the GOP has to cooperate if they want their careers to continue. Build the damn wall + militarize the border = victory.

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence. I'm not a numbers guy, but I am a cultural observer, and I take careful note of which numbers guys have reliable track records.

      GOP absentee/early voter turnout is above 2016 levels, and corresponding Dem numbers are below 2014 levels. 2016 voter turnout was 60%, while 2014 turnout was 36%. Starting from this baseline it's highly unlikely that Republican turnout will fall below 2014 or that Democrats beat their 2016 performance. With that in mind, here are the possible outcomes I see for the midterms:

      GOP 2016+/Dems 2014- = Red Tsunami.
      GOP 2016+/Dems 2014 = Red Wave.
      GOP 2016+/Dems 2016 = Red Tide.

      GOP 2016/Dems 2014- = Red Wave.
      GOP 2016/Dems 2014 = Red Tide.
      GOP 2016/Dems 2016 = Status quo.

      GOP 2014/Dems 2014- = Red Wave.
      GOP 2014/Dems 2014 = Status Quo.
      GOP 2014/Dems 2016 = Blue Wave.

      There is one scenario out of the nine possible that results in a Blue Wave. Only one. That is for the Dems to turn out in presidential election numbers while Republicans turn out in numbers comparable to the prior midterms. Current data show the exact opposite happening. However, Republican turnout does tend to wane slightly on election day while Democrat turnout increases. That's why I'm sticking with a GOP 2016/Dems 2014 Red Tide final tally.

    2. The caravan is a godsend for the GOP's election prospects. If Trump can keep it in the news until election day, we could be looking at a full-fledged Red Wave.

  8. and this why we laugh at republicans. the only thing you can do is call names

    1. Laughter is the best medicine. Remember that when Trump replaces Ginsburg.