XSeed with JimFear

Combat Frame XSeed

My podcast tour in support of Combat Frame XSeed continues on the JimFear 138 podcast. The airing of this episode was delayed due to injury, and I hope our esteemed host is on the mend. Listen in as we delve deep into my new mecha/Mil-SF world's lore.

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  2. Trading Card perk -- now available on the Indiegogo site! Sweet!

  3. Cold someone help clarify things for me? I think I have the following:

    Real Mech: Produced regularly, operates according to set rules. Doesn't spontaneously get more powerful or go into super saiyen mode.

    Super Mech: Goes into super saiyen mode when story calls for it. More about adhering to the metaphysics of the story than the physics of the in-story universe.

    Stompy Mech: Not sure on this one. More Battletech-style? Slow and less graceful? Lots of missiles?

    Could someone clarify/expand?

  4. Hoo boy. Long story is it depends. You mention "Super" "real" on an /m/ board and they'll argue about it for hours.

    In Super Robot Wars game terms (arguably the source of the terms), a super is a large unit, with lots of armor, and high damage attacks. A Real is a smaller unit, lower armor but really high dodge, and deals moderate damage. And in all things, there are exceptions. Like Jeeg is treated as small and dodgy, despite being a super robot.)

    In genre terms, (again, loose definition people will argue over for hours) Super robots are shows like mazinger = The robot is treated like a super hero, often there are colorful tight fitting pilot suits, attacks are shouted in English, etc. Real robots are in the lines of Gundam and it's imitators. The robots are treated as weapons of war, the pilot wears a uniform and a flight suit, etc.

    Stompy I think mainly refers to mecha with large sense of weight. The don't zoom and around, and the ground shake when they move. (Battle tech is a great example, but there are stompy super robots too, Big O, Giant Robo, arguably pacific rim.)