Return to Geek Gab

Today marked my auspicious return to the Geek Gab live stream on YouTube! Listen in as hosts Daddy Warpig and Dorrinal grill me about my new mecha/Mil-SF novel Combat Frame XSeed.

Bonus: DW discusses how he's planning a figurative D-Day style assault on Amaszon for his upcoming Top Secret Project! Take a listen:

And don't forget to back XSeed on Indiegogo. Not only are there plenty of exciting perks left, we've unveiled the first three color illustrations of the CFs you picked for the official Combat Frame XSeed trading cards. Here's one to whet your appetite:

CCF-09V Veillantif color

Check out the rest and back the project now!


  1. That pansy fencing mech got a really sweet color scheme. Red and gold is very Iron Man-esque.

    Type One is neat, too. Good job.

    Perhaps it is just me, but I don't like the green/brown of the various Grenzmarks.

    Now to listen to the podcast!

    1. I'm sure ArtAnon appreciates the feedback! Thanks for listening :)

    2. You're welcome, and I look forward to seeing the rest!

  2. Also: people are making plasma blades. Or lots of electrical arcs in the shape of a melee weapon. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bn61zGhjRob/