Fighting the Void Once More

The fine folks over at Fighting the Void invited me back to their live stream. Loyal readers will know I've been making the podcast rounds lately to promote Combat Frame XSeed, but these guys approached me some months ago to come on and discuss my political views. It was a nice change of pace, and I think the conversation proved fruitful. Listen for yourself.

From the Transcript

BRIAN: Here's the thing that everybody misses, because we are awash in it, is that Liberalism is totalitarian fundamentally.

FIGHTING THE VOID: Okay, can you elaborate on it? Elaborate on that and particularly, okay?

BN: Well let's first let's look at the word "Liberal" plus ISM. The meaning of the
suffix ISM is to absolutize what comes before, so "Liberalism" it is the attempt to raise freedom to an absolute. And I could just stop right there, because that's preposterous on its face.

FTV: Yes, well that gets right to the definition of freedom, sure.

BN: And there there are two classic definitions recognized in the Aristo-Thomistic tradition. There's liberty and license.

FTV: Yes.

BN: And the modern definition that most people would go with is essentially license. And so with the
Enlightenment it's the pursuit of one's personal preferences with an absolute minimum of government intervention in the pursuit of people's preferences. Look at "the pursuit of happiness" right there in our founding documents.

FTV: Yep. Okay, yep.

BN: Which are based on compromise. The US Constitution is not based on truth.


  1. He didn’t let you talk enough, which was frustrating. However, seeing the channel’s history, he may not have a lot of experience hosting a guest, so leniency is granted.

    Saw an article up at One Peter Five by Peter Kwasnewski that made me think of this video.


    It’s a step in the right direction for Western traditionalists. First you have to see that Conservatives are nothing but slow liberals who try to cling to what is fine now, but don’t advocate for what is truly good, as they have zero first principles. From there, they need to realize the Constitution is a compromised document, and we are where we are today, because of that document.

    1. Thanks for listening and for the link to that encouraging article about Catholic traditionalists waking up to the slow rot of conservatism.

      The political situation may get really interesting soon. Even the NPCs have notices Senate Republicans' utter failure to defend their party's Supreme Court nominee from baseless calumnies. If the Republicans fail to confirm him, it will cement the conclusion that the whole party is unfit for purpose and must be destroyed.

  2. Durandel,

    Here's another from crisis magazine

    My only complaint about the one Peter five article is the gratuitous attack on the Novus ordo. As someone who prefers it, i'm deeply affronted. We're facing an unprecedented scandal of homosexual predators disguised as priests and bishops, nhttps://www.crisismagazine.com/2018/ryszard-legutkos-critique-western-liberalism

    I was deeply affronted by the onepeterfive's gratuitous swipe at Novus ordo. Right now traditionalists and novo ordo need to clean the homosexual predators from the church. Later we can work out the liturgy.