Star Wars Is Still Dead

Leia Cosplay

Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy has renewed her contract with Disney for three years.
The re-up comes as the division gets back on solid footing following “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” the Alden Ehrenreich Han Solo spinoff that suffered disappointing box office returns and behind-the-scenes drama after the studio dismissed directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller well into production. They were replaced by Ron Howard, who was tasked with bringing home the pricey standalone (which cost at least $250 million).
"Solid footing"? The woman who lost that same division eighty million dollars is having her tenure extended for three years. The division is standing on an oily patch of black ice in shoes stitched together from banana peels.

Star Wars is dead. It's dead, and it's not coming back. I know many of you cling to childhood nostalgia for a once-great franchise, but it's past time to cut the umbilical cord. By continuing to follow and fund Star Wars, you're only letting a direct poz pipeline into your life.

Yet I understand that such a denunciation requires an appealing alternative. That's why I offer you #AGundam4Us. Support Combat Frame XSeed for your epic space battle needs! 

Combat Frame XSeed


SCOTUS Held Hostage

In a twist so on-the-nose that no self-respecting fiction author would have written it with a straight face, the US Senate and Supreme Court find themselves at the mercy of a single political hack named Flake.


The latest curve ball in a harrowing committee process that has seen Judge Brett Kavanaugh subjected to an ideologically motivated witch hunt fueled by baseless accusations meant only to stall his confirmation to SCOTUS, Republican Senator Jeff Flake has decided to flip his constituents the bird on his way to retirement.

Following a virtuoso performance by Kavanaugh at yesterday's Judiciary Committee hearings wherein the Judge cleared his name in the face of a concerted political hatchet job, Republicans seemed to have the necessary votes to confirm him in committee and on the Senate floor. But no sooner did Kavanaugh indeed clear the committee than Flake declared his floor vote would be conditional on a week-long FBI investigation of the BS claims against Kavanaugh.

For context, multiple current and former prosecutors, including the outside expert brought in to question Coach K and his accuser, have deemed the allegations against him so flimsy that not even a search warrant, let alone formal charges, could be obtained against him. The alleged misconduct would also have been a misdemeanor well past the statute of limitations, meaning that a Presidential order is required to open an FBI investigation. Add in the fact that making a determination about SCOTUS candidates' backgrounds is the Judiciary Committee's job, not the FBI's.

That alone should tell you what Flake's gambit really is: A cynical, crass political move meant to provide a fig leaf should he decide to vote no. Two other cowardly Republican Senators, Collins and Murkowski, are also taking cover behind Flake's stall tactic, subjecting the Senate and SCOTUS to a political shakedown.

Stay tuned.


XSeed with JimFear

Combat Frame XSeed

My podcast tour in support of Combat Frame XSeed continues on the JimFear 138 podcast. The airing of this episode was delayed due to injury, and I hope our esteemed host is on the mend. Listen in as we delve deep into my new mecha/Mil-SF world's lore.

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Liberalism in Slow Motion

slow motion

Catholic blogger Peter Kwasniewski observes that Conservatism is Liberalism, only slower.
A conservative is one who wishes to conserve the good at hand, which means maintaining the status quo while correcting notorious deviations. But the conservative has no principled motivation to return to and recover what has been lost, for he has no compelling reason to see it as more precious, more valuable, than a constellation of goods that happens to exist right now. (“Are there religious sisters who wear a kind of uniform and a crucifix? Great! Let’s keep that going, for we don’t want to lose it. After all, something’s better than nothing.”) The lover of Tradition, on the other hand, has the mind of the fifth-century father of the Church, St. Vincent of Lerin. For Vincent, as for a host of fathers, doctors, and popes, Tradition as such is superior to novelty; novelty is to be distrusted, resisted with all one’s might. (“If nuns are not wearing full habits with veils, time to give them two alternatives: embrace the traditional attire, or return to the world.”)
Consequently, wherever traditional things have been lost, the traditionalist strives to restore them as fully as possible, whereas the conservative contents himself with preserving what is at hand – even if it may be mediocre in itself or was a novelty only a few years back. This helps explain the bizarre fact that, after so much bitter experience and so many irrefutable critiques, one still finds Catholic conservatives defending the Novus Ordo and popular church music. “These things are a few decades old, you know, and they’re what we’ve got right now, so we might as well conserve them!”
This is why conservatism, in the end, turns out to be a slower, less self-conscious version of liberalism. Liberalism takes as a principle that change is inherently good and, thus, that faster change is even better – as long as the change is in any direction away from tradition. Conservatism takes as its supposedly contrary principle that it is better to hold on to what one has than to give it up without a fight, but it fails to recognize the problem that, due to the prevailing liberalism, more and more good things are surrendered, undermined, and habitually ignored with each passing year, leaving less and less to conserve.
For these reasons, conservatism is liberalism in slow motion. What conservatives preserve, they preserve by force of custom and free choice, not by the firmness of a non-negotiable principle. As the truth fades away and people grow accustomed to its loss, the conservative has no ground to stand on; he wrings his hands while he watches beautiful things getting dismantled and sent away. (Sometimes it’s worse than that: the conservative will drive himself insane, zealously defending the same horrible novelties he would have decried only a few years before. We’ve seen this rubbery allegiance time and again. For example, it’s wrong to wash women’s feet at Mass on Holy Thursday – until the pope says it’s okay. Suddenly, out come the specious arguments to back it up, as if it had been true all along!) In contrast, adherence to Tradition goes beyond conservation of whatever minimal good is at hand, for it demands the love and honorable defense of an inheritance that is received and must not be squandered. And if part of this inheritance has been lost, the traditionalist knows that it must be restored with unstinting effort and in the face of all opposition.
Another point Kwasniewski brushes up against, and which I'll state plainly here, is that Conservatism isn't just slower Liberalism, it's inconsistent Liberalism.

That's the argument I put forward on Fighting the Void recently. Time constraints prevented me from fully developing the idea, so I'll expand on it here. Liberalism--yes, Classical Liberalism--is the attempt to absolutize freedom. As a political ideology, Liberalism seeks to let individuals pursue their personal preferences with a minimum of external coercive impediments. Anything non-Liberal must be considered an impediment, hence the self-negating "Our tolerance doesn't require us to tolerate your intolerance!" canard. The word for a political ideology that fundamentally cannot tolerate competing ideas is totalitarian.

Because it is totalitarian and upholds freedom absent any reference to the good as the only absolute, Liberalism is progressive by nature. Any effort to limit the scope of an individual's pursuit of his preferences is deemed an arbitrary imposition on the actor's will. This is why Conservatives couldn't conserve women's restrooms. It is why they will likewise fail to prevent the normalization of pedophilia, bestiality, cannibalism, etc.

Liberals and their slower Conservative enablers both start from a false conception of freedom. There is no freedom apart from the good. Whoever says, "I support freedom!" makes a content-free statement that begs the question, "Freedom to do what?" The value of freedom depends entirely on the objective worth of the good it gives you access to.

Conservatives set themselves the impossible task of arguing for traditional positions based on Liberal principles. On an intuitively rhetorical level, people correctly perceive the attempt as internally inconsistent.

The answer is to abandon the false Liberal concept of freedom and embrace pursuit of the true and the good. Traditionalism is not a matter of going back to a theoretical point in time when civilization had attained perfection. It's about upholding eternal first principles that are true in every place and time. These principles are derived from human nature. Acting contrary to nature risks harm. We can see the disastrous results of three centuries spent defying nature as Western society implodes.

We face a stark and tragic choice: return to tradition, or blood.


Fighting the Void Once More

The fine folks over at Fighting the Void invited me back to their live stream. Loyal readers will know I've been making the podcast rounds lately to promote Combat Frame XSeed, but these guys approached me some months ago to come on and discuss my political views. It was a nice change of pace, and I think the conversation proved fruitful. Listen for yourself.

From the Transcript

BRIAN: Here's the thing that everybody misses, because we are awash in it, is that Liberalism is totalitarian fundamentally.

FIGHTING THE VOID: Okay, can you elaborate on it? Elaborate on that and particularly, okay?

BN: Well let's first let's look at the word "Liberal" plus ISM. The meaning of the
suffix ISM is to absolutize what comes before, so "Liberalism" it is the attempt to raise freedom to an absolute. And I could just stop right there, because that's preposterous on its face.

FTV: Yes, well that gets right to the definition of freedom, sure.

BN: And there there are two classic definitions recognized in the Aristo-Thomistic tradition. There's liberty and license.

FTV: Yes.

BN: And the modern definition that most people would go with is essentially license. And so with the
Enlightenment it's the pursuit of one's personal preferences with an absolute minimum of government intervention in the pursuit of people's preferences. Look at "the pursuit of happiness" right there in our founding documents.

FTV: Yep. Okay, yep.

BN: Which are based on compromise. The US Constitution is not based on truth.


Not a Visual Medium

Writing is not a visual medium.

There's an old saying in comics that writers can't draw, and artists can't write. That's an overgeneralization. Sometimes you do get a John Byrne or a Frank Miller, but there is a kernel of truth to the cliche. Because an artist is trained to think in terms of visuals, he tends to approach writing by letting the book play out like a movie in his head and writing what he sees in his mind's eye.

Now, visualization is a useful skill. It can really help with writing setting descriptions and action. But it's just one of many tools an author must master to reach the pro level. Over-reliance on visualization makes the whole book read like someone reciting the plot and action of his favorite movie. If you see the narrator taking over the characters' jobs, this is the reason. The only solution is to adopt a whole new way of thinking about writing.

How to tackle this challenge? The only answer, as always, is hard work and lots of it.

In writing, as in all things, you have to walk before you can run. Nobody fully appreciates how hard a major undertaking is until he's elbows deep in it. The public has been propagandized for decades to think that being a novelist is easy. Authors as a whole do a poor job of informing aspirants how hard building professional level writing skill is. Well, have a seat, because I'm going to tell you.

Remember all the time and effort you put into reaching pro level at your current job? Now you need to do that again, but this time as a writer.

To be a writer, you must read. Movies, TV shows, and even comics don't count. You must read novels in your genre, and you must read them voraciously. Go to Amazon. Look up the top 100 currently best selling novels in your genre, and read them all. Twice. First, read them for pleasure as a reader does. Then reread them as a writer. That means reading with an eye to the tools the author used to elicit an emotional response. Whenever the book delivers a good gut punch, stop and read that part again carefully until you understand exactly how the author achieved that effect. That puts his tool in your toolbox. You will need a well-stocked toolbox before you go pro.

Then repeat the same process with the books in Appendix N.

To be a writer, you must write. When you can write 2,000 words per day, every day, you will have reached a professional output level. Write daily until you have written one million words of fiction. At that point, all of the bad writing will have drained out of you. You will then be ready to begin.

No, that's not a typo. I meant begin.

Because the idea isn't just to write. It's to sell what you write. When you've read your 200 books and written your million words, you will have sufficient knowledge of your tastes and abilities to offer your work for sale.

My reaction to hearing this same advice ten years ago was, "A million words!? That's ten 100k word novels. I'm supposed to write ten books' worth of prose fiction and just stuff it in a trunk?"


Hard and fast writing rule: First novels always suck.

Every author begins with a millions sucky words in his head, and he has to get the suck out. Selling the suck to readers would do them and the author a grave disservice.

Here's the good news. Just because your first novel falls within those first million words, it doesn't mean you can't come back to it. I did. You should read the first draft of Souldancer sometime [Editor's note: I will never let you read the first draft of Souldancer]. That book accounted for fully a third of my first million words. I stowed it in the trunk until I'd finished off the other two-thirds, wrote a prequel, then came back to it and won a Dragon Award.

You need only patience and discipline to do the same.

I put in the time and improved with each book. My new mecha/Mil-SF series Combat Frame XSeed is gonna walk all over the Soul Cycle, and the Soul Cycle garnered two Dragon nominations and a win. See for yourself just how awesome XSeed is. Back the Indiegogo campaign, and get the eBook two months early!

Combat Frame XSeed


Return to Geek Gab

Today marked my auspicious return to the Geek Gab live stream on YouTube! Listen in as hosts Daddy Warpig and Dorrinal grill me about my new mecha/Mil-SF novel Combat Frame XSeed.

Bonus: DW discusses how he's planning a figurative D-Day style assault on Amaszon for his upcoming Top Secret Project! Take a listen:

And don't forget to back XSeed on Indiegogo. Not only are there plenty of exciting perks left, we've unveiled the first three color illustrations of the CFs you picked for the official Combat Frame XSeed trading cards. Here's one to whet your appetite:

CCF-09V Veillantif color

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Which Constitution?


A common refrain from Conservatives is their stated desire to return to the principles enshrined in the Constitution. What they never consider, and what no one ever asks, is which Constitution? Many of them claim to be constitutional originalists, but it's doubtful they'd relish going back to the original Constitution. Ask a constitutional Conservative if he wants slavery reinstituted, women denied the franchise, and if people bound to service should be counted as three-fifths of a person on the census. What would the Framers make of student loan scam victims essentially indentured to banks?

Our blatantly and increasingly dysfunctional political system cannot enact the people's will. When Congress splurges on defense spending in the interests of foreign nations but can't spare one red cent for a border wall; when a fabrication about alleged teen shenanigans from four decades ago paralyzes the Senate beyond the ability to conduct a straightforward judicial confirmation, we're not dealing with a good system gone astray. We're living the inevitable end state of a political philosophy built on false premises.

In a word: Weimerica.

The Founding Fathers themselves warned that the Constitution was fit only for the governance of a people informed by Christian morals. That should've been a major clue for constitutional Conservatives. The US Constitution is not infallible. It is based on compromise, not immutable truth. The very fact that it can be amended demonstrates that Constitutional principles are not first principles. Such arguments can only be backed up by appeals to unchanging Christian moral principles.

Conservatives will no doubt object that they already acknowledge the laws of nature and nature's God. All well and good. They and I both accept Christian moral principles, so let's cut out the middleman and base a sociopolitical order on those.


Combat Frame Data: CF-02

CF-02 Grenzmark I


Technical Data

Model number: CF-02
Code name: Grenzmark I
Nickname: Thimble Head
Classification: mass production general use combat frame
Manufacturer: Seed Corporation
Operator: Systems Overterrestrial Coalition
First deployment: CY -6
Crew: 1 pilot in cockpit in chest
Height: 17.5 meters
Weight: dry weight 43.5 metric tons, full weight 51.2 metric tons
Armor type: Ceramic/steel composite
Powerplant: cold fusion reactor, max output 611 KW
Propulsion: rocket thrusters: 38,000 kg total thrust, 180° turn time 1.95 seconds; legs: top ground speed 180 kph
Sensors: Radar/optical array; main camera mounted under grilled "head"
Fixed armaments: none
Hand armaments: 110mm machine gun, 40 rounds per magazine;  heat axe, battery-powered, stored on skirt armor rack

General Notes

Lead Seed Corp combat frame engineer Tesla Browning answered the CSC's call for a front line CF with the powerful CF-01-1 Type One. The Coalition's Terrestrial Affairs Ministry vetoed mass production of the Type One due to its prohibitive cost and complexity.

With their developmental prototype nixed, Seed Corp submitted a succession of revised designs, removing features and lowering performance each time, until Secretary Gohaku finally granted approval. The result was the CF-02 Grenzmark I.

Though a mere shadow of its predecessor by every conceivable metric, the Grenzmark I outmatched the equipment fielded by earth's anti-SOC mobs. When deployed for urban pacification and crowd control, the aptly nicknamed Thimble Heads proved more than equal to the task.

The CF-02's shortcomings became apparent during their few engagements with legacy military materiel. While the Grenzmark I's 110mm machine gun could devastate any contemporary armor, its low speed and maneuverability left it vulnerable to air strikes, particularly from attack helicopters, which gained a reputation as the CFs' natural predators.

CSC Director Sanzen made an end run around the Ministry of Terrestrial Affairs, which had been stonewalling his demands for better equipment. He submitted property damage and casualty figures from the escalating conflict on earth directly to Commerce Minister Satsu. Funding was soon approved for an updated line of combat frames, leading to mass-production of the superior CF-05 Grenzmark C.

See the venerable CF-02 in action! Back Combat Frame XSeed on Indiegogo now, and get the eBook two months before the official launch!

Combat Frame XSeed


It Doesn't Diverge


Readers have asked where the Combat Frame XSeed timeline diverges from ours. I always respond that it doesn't. The series' backstory starts at Current Year and envisions how the various crises now besetting the world might shake out with a couple of curve balls thrown in.

One central conceit of XSeed lore involves descendants of corporate oligarchs weaponizing their private space program. In light of that fact, you can imagine how amusing I found this story.
Elon Musk’s rocket-making company is not only tight with the Pentagon but, if duty calls, could also start launching military weapons, SpaceX’s president and chief operating officer has said.
SpaceX is known for daring plans to colonize the moon and Mars, and it seems the company is open to including arms in its portfolio of things which they blast into space.
“If it’s for the defense of this country, yes, I think we would,” Gwynne Shotwell told a room packed with military officials and defense contractors on Monday, various outlets reported.
The executive didn’t elaborate on the types of weaponry SpaceX might launch. Yet, the Pentagon-linked crowd seemed quite excited anyway, as Shotwell’s response was met with loud applause. 
Speaking at an Air Force Association event, Shotwell boasted about the company’s partnership with the military. SpaceX has spent “a lot of time building our relationship with the Air Force” and is “now in a good position,” she said.
When it comes to weapons, it wouldn’t be that surprising that the rocket maker may actually end up on the Pentagon’s shortlist. The US Air Force was impressed by the successful test launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket in February, and later awarded the company a $130 million contract to send a military satellite into orbit.
The company’s willingness to launch weapons might also come in handy after President Donald Trump recently ordered the creation of ‘Space Force’ as an independent branch of the US Command.
Right on schedule. It's all the more fitting that this announcement comes from SpaceX since I intended the word XSeed to evoke the same corporatist aesthetic as the name of Musk's company.

Stock up on canned food and water filters.

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XSeed Audio Sample Chapter

Combat Frame XSeed

Big news, audiophiles! JimFear138 of Dimension Bucket Studios was kind enough to produce a professional quality sample of the planned Combat Frame XSeed audiobook. You can check out his rendition of the first chapter right here.

In other XSeed news, beta reader feedback is coming in, and the early reaction is unanimously positive. It looks like I nailed the Gundam feel with this one. But don't take my word for it. You'll get to judge for yourself soon--sooner if you claim any of the Indiegogo perks, which all come with early eBook access.

ArtAnon reports that colorization of the line art for the trading cards is proceeding apace. I'll update you here and on the Indiegogo page when the card perk becomes available.

Don't forget to back the Combat Frame XSeed Indiegogo campaign. We've added new perks, including a one-on-one dinner and signing with me. Get special rewards and help us reach that $5000 audiobook stretch goal!

In a Heartbeat Kevin MacLeod (http://incompetech.com )
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


What's in front of You

What's behind You

I found the image above making the rounds and thought it would serve as a fun bit of nostalgia fodder. Judging by the pop culture references scattered throughout, the scene depicted above takes place in a teenager's room in an idealized version of the early 1990s. It's a clear summer night, and our young gamer is sitting back to enjoy a few rounds of Street Fighter II.

There are a couple of almost certainly purposeful inconsistencies. Most of the showcased ephemera suggests an American subject, but he's playing a Super Famicom instead of a SNES, so we have an interesting distortion of space. Doom also wasn't released for Nintendo systems until 1995, whereas everything else in the room hails from no later than 93, so there's a dreamlike compression of time. It makes for a compelling contrast.

Audience participation time. It's mid-summer of your thirteenth year. You're chilling at home on a perfect evening with your diversion of choice. Put yourself in the place of the kid in this picture. What's in front of you? Tell us what you're doing, and list some of the artifacts that would have been in a snap shot taken from the same perspective at the time.

If the header image has one demerit, it's a decided lack of anime content. As long as we're blending Eastern and Western 90s pop culture, that room could use a Gundam model or a Macross poster. Luckily, Combat Frame XSeed is coming to make up for what's lacking. Support the runaway hit Indiegogo campaign now, get amazing perks, and help us fund the XSeed audiobook!

Combat Frame XSeed


Aircraft Data: HVRJ-2

HVRJ-2 Thor Prototype
HVRJ-2 Thor Prototype

Technical Data

Model number: HVRJ-2
Code name: Thor Prototype
Nickname: Marilyn
Classification: prototype V/STOL attack aircraft
Manufacturer: Seed Corporation
Operator: EGE
First deployment: CY -1
Crew: 1 pilot/1 pilot and 1 navigator in two-seat cockpit
Length: 17 meters
Weight: dry weight 36 metric tons, full weight 60 metric tons
Powerplant: x2 afterburning turbojets: 151,000 kg thrust each, top speed 3348kph; maneuvering thrusters: x4 vectored thrust nozzles, main afterburners are hinged to assist takeoff/hovering.
Sensors: radar, thermal, optical array, targeting laser, and main camera mounted in nose
Fixed armaments: x2 20mm Vulcan cannon, mounted in nose; Mjolnir prototype electrolaser, output rated at 900 KW
Optional hand armaments: x2 heat sword, stored in tactical pods folded under wings

General Notes

Renowned for combat frames, Seed Corporation began as a manufacturer of farming equipment for the space colonies. The company's interests didn't stop there. Seed and its subsidiaries produced everything from military grade hardware to snack foods. Many prototypes were built as test beds for experimental design concepts never intended for mass production, let alone sale.

One such experimental design was the HVRJ-2, a prototype attack aircraft dubbed the Thor by Seed Corp personnel. The Thor Prototype began life under the aegis of a military research project attempting to develop practical energy weapons. The project stalled when the electrolaser prototype devised as the weapon system's main component performed below reliability parameters.

The HVRJ-2 design was rescued from the dustbin when Tesla Browning searched the archives for a platform to test combat frame armaments at ultra-high speeds unattainable by standard CFs. Browning and his software design team lead Maximus Darving modified the Thor Prototype to incorporate combat frame technology, mostly as an engineering exercise. To manage the aircraft's highly complex systems, Darving wrote a new A.I. he named Marilyn, a refinement of his previous NORMA navigating application.

Unknown to the project's Coalition backers, Darving had been in contact with EGE Naval Intelligence officer Li Wen. Over the course of several conversations, Lieutenant Li turned Darving from his already shaky Seed Corp loyalties to make him an EGE asset. He resolved to defect and saw his chance on the day of the Thor Prototype's first test flight. Under the guise of performing a last-minute software check, Darving stole the aircraft and set course for the EGE fleet. He narrowly avoided being shot down by CSC forces and crash-landed on the deck of the EGE flagship Yamamoto.

For his impressive technical expertise and the immense wealth of intelligence he provided to the EGE--not to mention adding a powerful new aircraft to the carrier wing--Darving received a commission as an EGE Air Corps captain. He went on to command the Thor Prototype throughout the Coalition incursions of CY 1 and into the start of the Kazoku War.

See the Thor Prototype in action in my new mecha/Mil-SF novel Combat Frame XSeed, coming in January. Can't wait that long? Get the novel early and take your pick of exclusive rewards by backing XSeed on Indiegogo now!

Combat Frame XSeed


Comics in the Rear View Mirror


A boy's elders telling him he'd grow out of comic books used to be a common American cliche. That was back when America was still a country, we didn't hate our kids, and the comics industry wasn't just an IP farm for rootless megacorps. If you want a picture of the comics business today, imagine a caped superhero lying brain dead in a guarded hospital room like Pete Postlethwaite's from Inception, kept alive only to harvest his blood and organs.

The standard response from the kid was always to declare that he'd never grow out of comics. Take a quick look at the pop culture landscape, and you'll see that many Boomers, Jonesers, Xers, and Ys kept that pledge. As recently as the mid-90s you could get stuffed in a locker for being a comics nerd. Now comic book movies are bigger than Star Wars. Only A list characters like Superman, Batman, and Spidey used to have broad mindshare. Now everybody knows even niche characters like Deadpool.

It's a testament to our cultural dysfunction that liking comics back when they were good made you a social pariah, but it's hip to like comics now that they're garbage.

Another, more personal paradox: My folks never gave me the "You'll grow out of it," speech. My dad actively encouraged my comic book hobby. Yet I did in fact grow out of comics. Chalk it up to the fact that I've always a) been an introvert and b) viewed the in-crowd's fads with skepticism. I read comics because reading comics was fun. When they stopped printing fun comics, I stopped reading. That's all.

Case in point: The Spider-Clone fiasco was the canary in the coal mine that alerted me to the possibility that all was not well in comicsland. A quarter century later, Marvel is still trying to squeeze juice from the Clone Saga's rotten fruit.

The SJW vandalism going on at Marvel and DC has drawn a lot of eyeballs, but look past it, and you find that the Big Two are simply out of ideas. They have been for a long time. Consider that Bane, a Batman villain created almost thirty years ago, was the last comic book character to break onto the A list. A couple years before that, Marvel revamped their jingoistic 1960s Howard Hughes pastiche into a glitzy whip-smart megastar. Now Marvel is scrambling to foist Tony Stark's black female replacement and Ms. Marvel's secularized Muslim replacement on the normies.

That is not a House of Ideas. That is a Tomb for Ideas. Yet they keep crawling from their graves like zombies. See Lucasfilm's recent efforts to propagandize Star Wars for a preview of what's in store for the MCU.

Folks in our camp take pride in being the reality-facing side. We know that the bitterest truth is better than the sweetest lie. Maybe it's time to consider the unpleasant possibility that comics aren't coming back. While Sad Puppies alums have gone on to bigger and better things, and print science fiction is flourishing, #ComicsGate succumbed to internecine rivalries faster than #GamerGate. GG had its faults, but we did take down Gawker. In contrast, CG made a few folks some money, but DC and Marvel remain. When the Big Two finally fold, it will be due to their own incompetence.

Comics as we knew them were largely the product of some nice Jewish boys working in mid-20th century New York. They had a work ethic that only hungry artists can muster and prevailing cultural conditions that have long since disappeared. The whole concept of any property with universal appeal is become more and more meaningless each day. Whatever the future holds for comics, it's not going to look like the heady days when Stan Lee and Jack Kirby presided.

The comic book industry might be in a death spiral, but thanks to indie, science fiction is booming! Support independent sci-fi. Back Combat Frame XSeed today and get your own mech while supplies last!

Combat Frame XSeed


The Internet Is Over


Yesterday, the European Parliament passed a widely reviled scheme to line the pockets of big business while throwing the door wide open to Stalinist internet censorship. Most of the new Copyright Directive's critics single out Articles 11 and 13 as the most onerous provisions.

Article 11 is a tax designed to fleece users by making anyone who links to a news source pay the publisher what amounts to a license fee. Okay, that's an exaggeration. the EU reassured its constituents that they can post single words from news articles for free. Kidding aside, this is a brazen attempt to prop up dying fake news outlets.

Article 13 has been termed an "upload filter" intended to crack down on the unauthorized sharing of copyrighted material online. That broad definition could include everything from "Never Gonna Give You Up" loops to Pepe memes. The potential consequences of this disaster in the making aren't hard to foresee. A single copyright troll with a stack of false infringement claims could paralyze the web.

The new Directive imposes such a huge content-policing burden that only megacorps like Google, Facebook, and Amazon have the means to comply with the law. That's almost certainly by design. What we have here is the most egregious example yet of government serving as leg breakers for their corporate overlords. We also get the twofer of Boomer politicians meddling in matters they don't understand.

What are the possible outcomes? A likely reaction is that sites will simply issue a wholesale ban of European users. EU subjects will be walled off from the rest of the world behind a digital curtain, force-fed a steady diet of fake news and unable to trade memes.

The rest of the planet can't rest easy just yet. Remember how every mailing list you subscribe to sent you a policy update in the wake of that other meddlesome EU regulation? If Articles 11 and 13 stand, other polities could issue their own copyright directives. Or Big Tech could decide they want all competition hobbled everywhere and voluntarily implement EU style upload filters on all their platforms. That's a game over scenario.

Whatever happens next, understand that the EU has just cranked up the heat under the free speech frog. The water isn't boiling just yet, but controlling the flow of information is the ultimate end of legislation like this.

The web's own court jester Mister Metokur offers a humorous and scathingly honest take on the Copyright Directive debacle. I recommend watching it a few chunks at a time.

The net is closing around us, my friends. Enjoy a free and open web while you can. And be sure to back Combat Frame XSeed on Indiegogo, where we've just added a new Build-a-Mech platinum perk!

Combat Frame XSeed


Audiobook Stretch Goal Unlocked

File under: My Readers Are Wise and Powerful Cosmic Beings Sent to Save Science Fiction.

As of this writing, you have raised over $2000 for the Combat Frame XSeed Indiegogo campaign--more than twice our initial goal. Within the first week!

Combat Frame XSeed 206%

To recap, here are the goals that have now been greenlighted for production:
  1. The Combat Frame XSeed novel.
  2. The second book in the series, Combat Frame XSeed: Coalition Year 40
  3. A set of four CF trading cards
In addition, a new stretch goal has been unlocked. Audio is the fastest growing segment of the publishing market right now. Readers have been requesting audio versions of my books for years. Now, I'm delighted to announce that the Combat Frame XSeed audiobook, narrated by voice actor Jim Fear, will be guaranteed when we reach the $5000 mark!

Combat Frame XSeed audiobook

This goal is eminently achievable within our deadline, but we can't reach it without your support. Help get XSeed into audio. Back the campaign today!

P.S. I'd like your input deciding which four combat frames to feature on our trading cards. The CF art will appear on the front with its Jane's style sepcs on the back for easy reference. Which combat frames would you like to see featured on trading cards? Everybody list your top four in the comments.

CF-01-1 Type One
CF-01-1 Type One

CF-05 Grenzmark C
CF-05 Grenzmark C

CF-06 Grenzmark II
CF-06 Grenzmark II

CFM-07 Mablung
CFM-07 Mablung

XCF-08D-1 Dead Drop
XCF-08D-1 Dead Drop

CCF-09V Veillantif
CCF-09V Veillantif

CF-014 Ein Dolph
CF-014 Ein Dolph

CF-015 Zwei Dolph
CF-015 Zwei Dolph
YCR-015-1 Zwei Dolph Custom
YCR-015-1 Zwei Dolph Custom

Speak your mind. Help save science fiction!


Amazon: The Tiger Strikes

Burning Books

Since the launch of the Kindle and KDP, we've had doomsayers--mostly tradpub authors, editors, and agents--prophesying Amazon's imminent descent into tyranny. Most forecasts of impending woe were founded on the premise that Amazon is a monopoly, and as such would impose draconian royalty terms on authors as soon as the Big Five New York publishers were out of the picture.

Best selling author Joe Konrath liked to answer these jeremiads with a simple metaphor. If wolves (tradpub) are gnawing on your leg, worry about them instead of the tiger (Amazon) that has yet to strike.

I've repeatedly gone on record to refute the wilder anti-Amazon zombie memes that keep turning up in publishing circles. It's no secret that my opinion of the company has been generally favorable. Amazon has enabled thousands of authors who never had a chance of passing the tradpub gatekeepers to reach readers and earn money. Many pro authors have escaped from odious tradpub contracts and are now making a living from their craft thanks to KDP.

That doesn't mean I uncritically carry water for a trillion-dollar megacorp. I'm also on record calling Amazon out when they've screwed up in the past. My loyalty is to readers and and fellow authors. It's been my informed opinion that Amazon was a net positive for both. Though I always accepted the possibility that Amazon could turn to the dark side, I counseled prudence and patience. Deal with the wolves, then worry about the tiger.

Yesterday, a sequence of events came to my attention that leave little room for any other conclusion than that the tiger has struck.

Daryush "Roosh" Valizadeh is a notorious international gadabout and pickup artist. He's written nineteen books, many of which offer advice to young men on how to seduce women. Judging by how his outlook has deepened of late, he may be on the cusp of an Augustinian conversion. He rose to infamy a couple years back when he tried to organize a worldwide series of get-togethers for his readers. These events were a chance for young men to meet up, have a few drinks, and share their experience of living in a world that actively hates them.

If Roosh's enemies had any plausible deniability about their hatred of men, it went out the window when they launched a global crackdown on his meetups. Local officials, police, and even the Australian Navy were called upon to stop young men from convening to talk about anything deeper than craft beer and sportsball. It makes you think.

That's just the prologue. Before we get to the main event, it's worth noting that in 2015, SJWs submitted a petition with 250,000 signatures demanding that Amazon pull Roosh's books from their service. Amazon chose not to act.

Flash forward to 2018. Starting on Friday, September 7, Amazon began removing Roosh's books from the Kindle Store and their paperback service CreateSpace. Nine of his nineteen titles have now been removed in total.

Even more insidious, Amazon refuses to explain why they banned Roosh's books. The usual song and dance about "violating are guidelines", which should sound eerily familiar at this point, was bandied about. But when Roosh contacted the company to find out specifically which guidelines his books violated, he was thrust into a cyberpunk kafkatrap wherein the rep on the phone told him the banning department could only be reached by email, and his email query referred him right back to the nebulous "guideline violations" dodge.

Not one word about the tawdry subject matter of Roosh's books. A cursory search will turn up dozens of far sleazier KDP titles. Despite the high-handed claims in their guidelines, Amazon hosts straight-up porn. If Amazon wanted to purge all the smut from their site, I'd cheer them on. But this is no moral crusade.

What exactly is it? Contra the alarmists, the fact is we just don't know. Here are the most likely possibilities in no particular order:

  • Scenario 1: Amazon's algorithm mistakenly pulled Roosh's books. As best selling author Nick Cole has pointed out, the A9 algorithm is actually pretty dumb. Like all computerized systems, it knows only what it's told. The algorithm's job is to get products in front of people who are likely to buy them, and that also means filtering out noise. Some glitch or crossed signal could have resulted in the algorithm erroneously tagging Rossh's books as spam. This is the most benign possibility, and it should still scare the hell out of you.
  • Scenario 2: An SJW hatemob falsely flagged Roosh's books. The 250k strong SJW hatemob from 2015 raises the odds of this possibility. Amazon is pretty aloof, so them ignoring a petition is par for the course. If even a fraction of those same SJWs falsely reported Roosh's books for violating Amazon guidelines, that's a whole other can of worms.
  • Scenario 3: A rogue Amazon employee pulled Roosh's books. This is my currently favored theory, since it's happened before. A low-tier SJW manager instigated the Corroding Empire affair last spring. If an SJW inside Amazon's organization could get a book from a dissident publisher banned once, another SJW in the same position could do it again.
  • Scenario 4: Top-down political censorship: This would be the doomsday scenario we've been told was just around the corner for over a decade. The only difference is that instead of acting on a profit motive to low ball authors, if this theory is true Amazon is jumping on the Big Tech censorship bandwagon. The main evidence for Amazon going full Orwell is the timing. Recently, conservative firebrand Alex Jones was banned from social media, reinstated after Trump tweeted about Big Tech censorship, and finally re-banned after the cucks in the Senate let slip they'd prefer a "free market" solution. Then again, Amazon was the only major Big Tech firm not to ban Jones. If KDP's censoring of Roosh is due to Big Tech feeling their oats after the Senate hearings, they missed the memo that Infowars is the target of the day.
Whatever the cause of Roosh's ban turns out to be, Amazon had better get its act together. Unless they either A) reinstate Roosh's books or B) offer a damn good explanation for their removal, including citing the exact guidelines he violated, authors and readers will be forced to conclude that Amazon is no longer market-facing, has been ideologically compromised to a dangerous extent, and cannot be trusted.

For the time being, stay alert, formulate a plan, and wait for Amazon's next move.

Silver lining: Roosh spent years building a strong brand and a platform to support it. His books are still available through his web site. It's now more important than ever to support independent authors and alternate sales channels. Back my red hot Indiegogo campaign for Combat Frame XSeed today. We're just 20% away from funding our first stretch goal: combat frame trading cards. Becoming a backer now, and claim the brand-new XSeed poster perk!

Combat Frame XSeed poster


Perpetual Episode One Syndrome


Back in high school and college when I was first getting into the anime scene, I came to notice a recurring and highly vexing phenomenon. Bootleg VHS tapes were still the main source of new stuff from Japan back then. Getting our fix legit meant sending away via a mail order catalog and waiting weeks for delivery or dropping a small fortune at a music and movie joint in the mall. I mean "new" in the relative sense. The official releases on US store shelves were three years old on average, and even with bootleg fansubs, you were lucky to get last season's episodes. You can probably deduce my rough age based on those data points.

That wasn't the annoying part. Nobody had a hard drive with every Rumiko Takahashi series in HD. Your hardcore otaku buddy who went to Tokyo every summer courtesy of his local corporate big shot dad might have a complete set of Fushigi Yuugi. Beyond that, you were issued your 11th generation copy of Vampire Hunder D, and from there you had to leech off a series of friends, each of whom had portions of various shows. For efficiency's sake, anime viewing became a group activity, with everybody contributing his sketchy library to the stone soup. This haphazard approach led to what I dubbed Perpetual Episode One Syndrome.

Here's what would happen: You'd get together with a buddy on a weekend afternoon to play some Soulcalibur. After a couple hours, a mutual friend would show up. The situation would snowball from there until, by dinnertime, a sizable impromptu gathering would have formed. It would turn out that two or three guys would have boots of a new-to-you series out in the car, and upon pooling their resources, you'd end up with enough consecutive episodes for what we now call binge-watching.

Having cobbled together sufficient sequential tapes of good-enough-for-government-work quality, the group would hunker down in front of the tube for an evening of grainy entertainment. But somehow, events would conspire so that you'd only get through episode one before the wheels fell off. Bob's girlfriend would call, needing a ride home from work. Kevin would notice the time and suddenly remember he hadn't started a paper that was due on Monday. The host's drunken roommate would stumble in with a loud skank on his arm and kill the mood. We've all been there.

Even that kind of video blueballing, irritating as it may be, wasn't the worst part. Within two weeks to a month--it was never the next weekend--a similar viewing party would spontaneously break out at somebody else's place. By the luck of the draw, the same guys who collectively owned the same series from last time would again be present with their ill-gotten wares. You'd park yourself in front of the TV, eager to finally see episode two, when it would be pointed out that someone in the group had been absent last time. It would be decided to restart the series from episode one. And like clockwork, some fresh shenanigans would interrupt the proceedings as soon as the first episode's credits rolled. Again. This process would repeat two or three more times until the next series dropped.

In my case, The Vision of Escaflowne was a constant occasion of Perpetual Episode One Syndrome. I can't count how many times I watched the first poorly subbed, jumpy episode of that series. It would only be years later, when I finally obtained a complete set of Hecto subs, that I finally got to see the whole thing.

Perhaps the repeated frustrations I endured in my formative years instilled an obsessive need to write fully realized anime-influenced stories with timely and satisfying conclusions. Whatever the cause of my obsession, you, the reader, win! Back the red hot Indiegogo campaign for Combat Frame XSeed now!

Combat Frame XSeed


Just Getting Started

Admittedly, I didn't know what to expect when I launched my Indiegogo campaign for Combat Frame XSeed. I certainly didn't expect the initial funding goal to be met on the first day, let alone in fourteen hours. But that's just what my generous backers did.

Indiegogo 101%

One key advantage of crowdfunding is that it serves as a barometer of public tastes. The results of a campaign will give you a good idea of whether or not there's a market for a concept. I'd suspected mecha and Mil-SF fans were hungry for a story like XSeed based on reactions to the #AGundam4Us hashtag and Bradford Walker's successful Star Knight Saga campaign. Meeting XSeed's initial goal in less than one day confirms that readers want anime action with Western accessibility.

Well, I can say without reservation that they're going to get what they want. I'll be putting the final touches on the beta version of the first XSeed eBook today and sending it out to my beta readers. The fact that initial funding has been met guarantees that the second book in the series, Combat Frame XSeed: Coalition Year 40, is indeed happening.

And that's not all! I can now officially announce "Combat Frame XSeed: CY 2 Gaiden", an exclusive short story bridging CFXS and CY40, which will be offered free as a special bonus for subscribers to Nova Frontier, my dedicated XSeed newsletter.

Even that expansion of the brand is just the beginning. Cover artist Todd Everhart, mechanical designer ArtAnon, and myself, plus a constellation of all-star publishing experts, will continue to bring you exciting new XSeed content and previews as the campaign barrels ahead. New perks and stretch goals are on the way, including a possible audiobook by professional narrator Jim Fear.

We're just getting started. But we can't take our game to the next level without your help! Thanks to everyone who's backed Combat Frame XSeed so far. Let's keep this train pulling ten fully loaded boxcars at 150 kph rollin'! Back XSeed today!


Combat Frame XSeed Indiegogo Is Live

Combat Frame XSeed

Thanks to months of planning and the dedicated efforts of multiple talented creators, it's my sincere pleasure to announce that the Indiegogo campaign in support of Combat Frame XSeed is now live!

Combat Frame XSeed is the explosive first book in a new military science fiction series that combines mecha anime action with Western style intrigue! The mind-blowing, star-spanning giant robot war starts here. Become an XSeed backer now to get early access to the book and other special rewards!

What rewards? Right now you can secure a trade paperback copy of this epic new series' first installment immediately upon release, plus get the eBook two months before everyone else! Want to live forever in the pages of a major science fiction series? Go for the gold tier perk and become an XSeed character. Want to die in the same epic series? Claim the platinum tier to go out like a boss. Hurry, supplies are limited!

And that's just for starters. I'll be announcing some tantalizing new stretch goals when the campaign meets its initial funding goal, so keep checking in on XSeed's Indiegogo page.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this campaign possible. With the help of hardcore science fiction fans like you, we will build #AGundam4Us. Deus vult!

UPDATE: I hadn't even published this post yet when I saw we'd already hit 14%. My readers are amazing. Participate at your chosen level, keep spreading the word, and we'll unlock the stretch goals in no time!

Indiegogo 14%

UPDATE 2: We're over 50% funded. Can we hit the initial goal on Day one? You decide!

Indiegogo 54%

UPDATE 3: 78%, and the platinum tier is sold out! Don't worry, though. All three gold tier supporting cameos are still available.

Indiegogo 78%

UPDATE 4: We did it! 101% funded in fourteen hours.

Indiegogo 101%

Don't go anywhere. Stretch goals coming up soon.


2018 Dragon Award Winners

Dragon Con

The third annual Dragon Awards ceremony took place this past weekend at Dragon Con in Atlanta. The award admins have since released the full list of 2018 Dragon Award recipients.

Best Science Fiction Novel
Artemis by Andy Weir

Best Fantasy Novel (Including Paranormal)
Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson

Best Young Adult / Middle Grade Novel
Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

Best Military Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel
A Call to Vengeance by David Weber, Timothy Zahn, and Thomas Pope

Best Alternate History Novel
Uncharted by Kevin J. Anderson and Sarah A. Hoyt

Best Media Tie-In Novel
Leia: Princess of Alderaan by Claudia Gray

Best Horror Novel
Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King and Owen King

Best Comic Book
Mighty Thor by Jason Aaron and James Harren, Marvel Comics

Best Graphic Novel
Brandon Sanderson’s White Sand Volume 1 by Brandon Sanderson, Rik Hoskin, and Julius M. Gopez, Dynamite Entertainment

Best Science Fiction or Fantasy TV Series
Game of Thrones, HBO

Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Movie
Black Panther directed by Ryan Coogler

Best Science Fiction or Fantasy PC / Console Game
Middle-earth: Shadow of War by Monolith Productions

Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Mobile Game
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery by Jam City

Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Board Game
Red Dragon Inn 6: Villains by Slugfest Games

Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Miniatures / Collectible Card / Role-Playing Game
Magic: The Gathering Unstable by Wizards of the Coast

Last year I predicted that if we rebuffed the SF SJWs' attempt to establish a beachhead at Dragon Con, the Dragon Awards would grow beyond any group's ability to control. In 2017 your votes ensured that SJW entryist John Scalzi didn't become an albatross forever dangling from the Dragon's neck. The results speak for themselves.

Check out this year's winners' circle. You've got Andy Weir, Brandon Sanderson, David Weber, Timothy Zahn, and Kevin J. Anderson to name a few. And yes, I note with some satisfaction that I've won the same award as Stephen King.

That's two years in a row of Dragon voters recognizing industry leaders who sell tons of books. Not a CHORF in sight. In contrast, take a glance at the parade of Literally Whos that is this year's Hugo winners.

Take special note of N.K. Jemisin's third Best Novel Hugo win in a row. Consider that the SF SJWs managed to get her nominated for a Dragon Award last year--a nomination she declined. The fact that the CHORFs couldn't even get her on the Dragon ballot this time confirms Jemisin backed out because she knew she couldn't win a fair and open contest. It also adds to the mountain of proof that the Hugos are rigged.

Now, over the past year folks have been sharing their fears with me that Dragon Con's weak response to SJW demands in 2017 boded ill for the Dragon Awards' future. Allow me to dispel those fears.


That's Mary Robinette Kowal, the SF SJW purse puppy who ruined Brandon Sanderson's Writing Excuses podcast, getting the vapors over a sign at Dragon Con with the word "kek" on it.

For those who're scratching their heads, "kek" is a Korean onomatopoeia for the sound of laughter made popular in online gaming. It's part of the op run by the merry pranksters at 4chan to make the Left reveal how hysterically humorless they are by tricking idiot journalists into reporting perfectly harmless things as white supremacist symbols.

For context, here's another example that's risen to prominence recently: the OK sign as secret Nazi dog whistle.

Zina Bash

Happily the Dragon Con admins passed MRK's shit test with flying colors by ignoring her paint chip-eating retarded scolding.

Bonus fun from the intersection of YouTube shitlordery and CHORFdom:

MRK block

I wonder which stung Hugo winner MRK worse: getting dunked on by Dankula or seeing her more popular co-host win two Dragons at once when she couldn't muster a nomination? Lucky for us, we get to enjoy both while secure in the knowledge that Dragon Con is run by Are Guys.

Heartfelt congratulations to all of this year's Dragon recipients. Sincere thanks to everyone who nominated and voted. Give yourselves a well-deserved pat on the back for establishing and defending a healthy cultural hub.

And of course, go check out Souldancer, the first ever Dragon Award winner for Best Horror Novel.

Souldancer - Brian Niemeier


The Twilight of Conservatism

Conservative Twilight

The following was originally a response to a comment on yesterday's post that I thought deserved a post of its own.

The current orgy of blue falconing exemplifies the convulsions you see when an established ideology slips into decline and new ideas start to supplant it. For instance, the whole Galileo affair can be chalked up to Neoplatonists lashing out as their philosophy fell by the wayside.

Today you have a similar changing of the guard in America, but on a much larger scale. From the founding, the US was a Christian nation led by Enlightenment elites. The people's ethnic ties, common cultural understandings, and Christian theology held the country together despite the internal contradictions of its Liberal philosophy.

Now the whole ball of twine is busily unwinding, and the rate of unraveling is rapidly accelerating.
It turns out there's no such thing as equality after all. Liberalism has failed.

Where cucks and moderates enter the picture is the kabuki theater that's masqueraded as a political process for the last century. American politics has been a Globetrotters vs. Generals game between Progressive, i.e. consistent Liberals and Conservative, i.e. inconsistent Liberals for a while now.

Now, what is actually a series of dissident political movements have emerged to upset the apple cart. Their one shared element is a partial to full rejection of Liberal ideas. I'm not talking high taxes or affirmative action. I'm talking egalitarianism and the unrestricted pursuit of personal preferences.

The rub is that the dissidents are going out and winning against the same Lefties whom Conservative Inc. told us were invincible. These wins not only make Conservatives look bad. They expose the long con the Buckleyites have been running for decades. The rubes are in danger of learning that more can be done than managing the decline, and the BuckleyCons can't have that. Their paychecks depend on managed and perpetual Conservative losing.

When a ComicsGate YouTuber burns his pinch of incense to appease trannies, declares diversity to be a universal self-evident good, or urges his followers not to sink to the SJWs' level, you know he's a yesterday man seeking a place on the Washington Generals' bench.

The disavowals and backstabbings are the cucks going into panic mode over their waning influence. Conservatives will have to exit the stage before we can really start winning. Luckily, antics like we've seen recently mean we're in the twilight of Conservatism.



They Live fight

This is why we can't have nice things.

First, let's turn back the clock to Friday's post, wherein I warned the memebrs of #ComicsGate that they were repeating the same mistakes as #GamerGate and Sad Puppies. A couple of comments seem downright prescient in light of yesterday's turf war.

First, reader anonme predicted:
I wish all these crowd funded comics luck, but it's only a matter of time before they are hit with their own BASEDGAMER, and someone takes the money and runs. 
Slowly, but surely all the same containment tricks are being used on them, with the ultimate goals being to trap this now self identified community in it's own little bubble, and then throw enough blood in the water to get them to eat themselves alive. Maybe this is in early enough stages they can avoid that trap.
To which commenter JD Cowan added:
It's already started fracturing with what Capn Cummings did. It's water under the bridge, but he privated his videos and vanished. Meanwhile, EVS's channel grows and grows.
Once a scammer pops up and EVS falls for it, there will be jealous individuals to jump down his throat for it and fracture the whole thing.
But at this point ComicsGate is basically over. The industry has already proven itself to be a rotting corpse with no chance of revival for the exact reasons shown over and over again.
All that's left is to build alternatives.
Flash forward to yesterday, when Alt-Hero publisher Vox Day made an exclusive announcement at Bounding into Comics.
Vox Day continues to expand his comic book business as he exclusively announced his brand new comic imprint, ComicsGate, with us. This imprint joins Arkhaven Comics as well as Dark Legion.
Take a look at the brand new logo for the imprint:
CG Comics

Why does a guy with two existing comic book imprints need a third? Vox explained:
BIC: How will you differentiate this imprint from Arkhaven and Dark Legion?
Vox: Arkhaven is for the original material that we create. Dark Legion is what other creators bring to us for publishing. ComicsGate is similar to Dark Legion, but it is specifically for creators and fans who wish to make public their support for ComicsGate. We don’t claim to define ComicsGate, we don’t claim to be the official publisher of ComicsGate, and there will certainly be ComicsGaters who will utilize other publishers and distribution channels, this is merely our way of offering our structural support for the people and philosophy of ComicsGate.
The prophesied fracturing took place an hour later when Cyberfrog creator Ethan Van Sciver convened a session of his ComicsGate live stream show to address Vox's ComicsGate imprint. Van Sciver claimed ownership of the ComicsGate copyright by virtue of his identically named show. He also revealed that he'd issued an informal cease and desist notice to Vox ordering him to discontinue use of the ComicsGate name in reference to his new imprint.

A besetting sin of the Right is that we're at each other's throats the second there's no immediate enemy threat to keep us occupied. Following Vox's announcement and Ethan's stream, the usual cast of hatchet-toting subversives came out of the woodwork to settle old scores. VD and EVS had a tenuous truce before yesterday's Charlie Foxtrot. This time the rift might be permanent.

If you're wondering how anonme and JD predicted this clown funeral three days in advance--minus theft as the inciting incident, though EVS alleges copyright infringement--anyone who took part in #GamerGate and Sad Puppies saw this sordid mess coming a mile off.

It was nice laughing at the World Con SJWs for eating each other. Now that laughter rings hollow.