Star Knight on the Killstream

OG #GamerGater Ethan Ralph was gracious enough to have Star Knight author Bradford Walker on his Killstream show last night. Bradford explained his lofty and worthy goals for his upcoming space opera-mecha series, and he even gave a shout out to yours truly.

Bradford's segment begins at 02:34:05 and runs till roughly 02:42:00. As always when listening to shitlords like Ralph and his panelists, beware of NSFW language.

The Star Knight Saga sounds like just what we need to rehabilitate the flagging space opera genre. Thanks to your generous support, the first book, Reavers of the Void is already 80% funded. Haven't supported Star Knight yet? Become a backer so Mr. Walker can unlock those secret stretch goals he's been tantalizing us with!


  1. Not my best effort, but I had to start somewhere.

    Take note, folks, that as the indie author game shifts and turns you'll find that some old practices come back into relevance. I went from 75 to 83% after last night's podcast appearance, so _something_ worked.

    1. Getting your campaign in front of a live audience of 1200 people will do that!

  2. "Not my best effort, but I had to start somewhere."

    Pretty good effort! You went in, said your piece, answered questions, thanked the host, and politely exited. Good job! Practice will fix any concerns you have, so more interviews for you!

    "I went from 75 to 83% after last night's podcast appearance, so _something_ worked."

    Which is why you never pay attention to the braying of the detractors--you believe in your work, promote it, produce it, and sell it. The dice will fall as they may, but give it your very best shot.

    How many of the cat-callers in the comments section would take these risks? Likely few, yet you persevered and reached more potential customers with your interview, and some who gave you a funding bump! Well done!

    1. Seconded. The best response to hecklers is to quietly soldier on and win big.

    2. I have now seen first-hand how often detractors don't pay attention. I see a lot of "write the book first before begging" stuff, which reveals that they didn't bother checking anything out before running their mouths.

      Ankle-biters, man. No wonder Vox has no patience for them.