Secrets of #AGundam4Us

Combat Frame XSeed Logo

Voice actor and author JimFear138 recently had authors Bradford Walker, Rawle Nyanzi, and myself on his show to talk about #AGundam4Us. If you're curious as to what the hashtag is all about, you get a detailed summary in this episode. In addition, all three of us lay out our plans for our own mecha novel series.

Bonus: I give an exclusive look into the world and technology of Combat Frame XSeed. I think my spiel on the potential military applications of carbyne blew Jim's mind. Get the inside scoop on my upcoming Mecha/Mil-SF series at the link!

And if you haven't backed Bradford Walker's exciting Star Knight Saga yet, the successful Indiegogo campaign has now entered the lightning round. Get on board to get in on the awesome stretch goals!


  1. Outstanding podcast by Jim with you, Rawle, and Bradford. I am on-board with the full range of #AGundam4Us.

    Let the PulpRev/Superversive flow!

  2. Brian,

    I enjoyed listening to Jim Lich's podcast. It's quite exciting to see the variety of takes for the Gundam stories that'll be published.
    It was a really interesting 3 hour show to listen to. Thanks to all for taking time from your busy schedules to talk about the Gundamsforus

  3. I wish I could find the podcast on YouTube or elsewhere. Can't access it at work, and don't have time at home.

    And tomorrow, when my entertainment budget refreshes, I'm going to splurge at Indiegogo.

    1. That sucks. I'll have to ask Jim if the episode is available anywhere else.

      "I'm going to splurge at Indiegogo."

      Good man.

    2. DJ -- save up a bit of your entertainment budget and consider purchasing an el cheapo digital audio player ($30-50) or an equally cheapo (as low as $50) Android tablet with SD card (bookreader and audio apps only). Jim posts in both MP3 and OGG audio formats.

      I download books, podcasts, music to SD and have them for downtime, travel, commutes. No concerns about work networks getting flaky on you as well.

    3. MotA -- I already have a Sony Walkman (not the original tape player, but their current digital audio player/radio, so I could download at home, copy to player, and listen at work.