#GamerGate Hoax?

Conspiracy Theory

A major bombshell was recently dropped on The Ralph Retort's Killstream, where YouTuber Mundane Matt was caught red-handed falsely flagging the channels of other YouTubers who'd criticized him. 

The sordid affair was duly chronicled by internet auriga Mister Metokur. His video serves as a dire warning against eCelebrity hubris.

Executive summary: A number of YouTubers complained of receiving strikes and even having their streaming privileges suspended after publishing videos critical of Matt. The affected accounts ranged from relatively obscure producers to #ComicsGate luminary Ethan Van Sciver.

Matt strongly denied accusations that he'd falsely flagged the videos for hate speech, adult content, and other offenses. He agreed to appear on the Killstream, ostensibly to prove his innocence. The stream took a strange and startling turn when co-host Zidan sent Matt a link whereby he could look up his YouTube flagging history. Matt stalled for fifteen minutes as others on the show and in the chat quickly disclosed their own flagging histories.

Special guest Keemstar, who has accused Matt of falsely blaming him for a 2016 swatting incident, finally ordered Matt to share his YouTube flagging history live on stream. The results proved that Matt had indeed flagged videos he'd denied reporting that same night, including uploads by user Dame Pesos.

#GamerGate Implications

Mundane Matt's fall is tragic enough, but as Mister Metokur has hinted, Matt's two-faced antics may merit a major revision of #GamerGate history.

For those who weren't involved in the infamous consumer revolt, the origins of #GamerGate go back almost exactly four years to a series posts by Eron Gjoni accusing his girlfriend Zoe Quinn of sleeping with five video game developers/journalists. A number of YouTubers produced videos on the scandal, which were pulled due to false DMCA claims.

Actor Adam Baldwin coined the hashtag #GamerGate after viewing a series of videos about the developing controversy by the Internet Aristocrat, AKA Mister Metokur. I.A.'s first Five Guys video opened with Mundane Matt's report that one of his videos had been falsely taken down due to having been falsely flagged by Zoe Quinn.

That incident rapidly precipitated the growth of Matt's channel, his rise to prominence in the new consumer revolt, and his friendship with Adam Baldwin. The following is speculative, yet bears consideration. Given that Matt has now been proven guilty of the same false flagging he accused Zoe Quinn of, and in light of hints arising from the Keemstar affair that Matt may have swatted himself, could the DMCA takedown incident that led I.A.'s video, which in turn inspired Adam Baldwin to create the #GamerGate hashtag, have been a hoax?

Only Mundane Matt and Zoe Quinn know the truth. But one truth that everyone in #GamerGate knows is that the ride never ends.


  1. Someone who had actually been through what he says would never turn around and do it to others except for two reasons. He either entirely lacks empathy, or it never happened to him in the first place.

    In either case, it is bad for him. MundaneMatt is done.

  2. This doesn't surprise me at all. Something about him always felt off.

    1. Agreed. I tried sampling his content a couple times to see what the fuss was about, but his stuff always put me off for some reason.

  3. Brian,

    So what the situation as it stands now? Is gamargate one big hoax? If so what does that signify for the video game industry?I have to say i'm totally lost in the fog of lies and truth.

    1. Xavier -

      [Not Brian, but taking a hack at this question.]

      My take is that the collusion with the gaming press, and the ethical lapses in the gaming industry (i.e. the infestation by SJWs) was and is very real. The actions of MundaneMatt may be partially or wholly false, but they were and are a small part of the larger GamerGate tapestry that clearly demonstrated the SJW disease that is a cancer on Gaming.

      In short, GamerGate was real, though some of its actors might not have been.

    2. Man of the Atom.

      Thanks for your explanation. To summarize:

      1) Mundane Matt might've falsified his claims of being attacked by Quinn and then tried to cover it up by false flaggging other youtubers covering this story

      2) However Mundanematt's actions in no way discredit or nullify the collusion between the gaming press and the social justice freaks within computer game companies
      3) Now there's a forensic post mortem (like counterintelligence analysts who have to find how the mole penetrated and the damage assessment) as to who's been truthful or not about the blacklisting/attacks etc by the social justice colluders in the press and computer game industry?

      Is that an accurate summary?

      Thanks again!


    3. Is that an accurate summary?

      That's my take on it.

  4. Man of the atom,

    Thanks. It's cogent and helpful.


  5. The problem here is that the gamergate scandal -as we know it- predates Mumdane Matt getting his video flagged by almost a year. When Metokur made his video covering the Matt video getting flagged, it gaslit a scandal that already existed.

    What most people don't realize is that Gamergate didn't even start with the five guys scandal, and Zoe Quinn had very little to do with the public outrage surrounding game journalism. It started with the "Gamers are over" articles, that scapegoated and demonized gamers for the drummed-up 'five guys' gossip that was mostly limited to a small imageboard on 4Chan.

    Most people had no idea what was going on until Metokur made that video about Matt's video receiving a copyright strike. That video blew the whole thing wide open, and only then did the Five guys controversy receive mainstream attention.

    1. There was also Scalzi's "Life on the easiest difficulty setting" article.

    2. True Brian, but the Gamers are dead article collusion lead to the reveal of the GameJournoPros list, just like the leftist JournoPros list found a few years before, showing the manufacture of narrative. Scalzi annoyed people, but Gamers Are Dead opened many eyes that the Media was the enemy of the people.

    3. Indeed.

      I'm not claiming that the consumer revolt against corrupt journalists was based on a hoax. I'm speculating that the #GamerGate hashtag may have been coined by Adam Baldwin at least partially in unwitting response to a possible hoax by Matt.