Combat Frame Data: CFM-07

CFM-07 Mablung


Technical Data

Model number: CFM-07
Code name: Mablung
Nickname: Mab
Classification: mass production aquatic combat frame
Manufacturer: Seed Corporation
Operator: Systems Overterrestrial Coalition
First deployment: CY 1
Crew: 1 pilot in cockpit in chest
Height: 17.5 meters, 18 meters with fin
Weight: dry weight 48.1 metric tons, full weight 56.0 metric tons
Armor type: carbon nanotube-infused ceramic/titanium composite
Powerplant: cold fusion reactor, max output 922 KW
Propulsion: x4 hydrojets: top speed 40 knots, 180° turn time 1.85 seconds; legs: top ground speed 190 kph
Sensors: Seed Corporation Halo radar/optical target acquisition and identification system mounted under grilled radome "head", supplemental sonar package
Hand armaments: 3 kg railgun, fires saboted steel darts, 20 darts per magazine; heat sword, battery-powered, stored on skirt armor rack

General Notes

Fighting effectively in earth's varying environments posed a challenge to Coalition Security Corps pilots used to the man-made, climate-controlled space colonies. Perhaps the most daunting battlefields to master were the seas that covered seventy percent of the planet's surface.

To help Coalition personnel meet the challenge of conducting maritime warfare, Seed Corporation developed a marine combat frame based on the popular Grenzmark platform. Their ultimate result, the CFM-07 Mablung, was in actuality an aquatic variant of the highly adaptable Grenzmark II, distinguished by its blue paint scheme and fin-shaped crest.

Much more than a cosmetic modification, the Mab traded the Grento's rocket thrusters for hydrojets and expanded its sensor suite with a state-of-the-art sonar system. The Mab's structural integrity was enhanced to endure deep water operation, but its added durability gave the marine CF a marked combat advantage.

In terms of offensive capability, the Mablung was equipped with an entirely new weapons loadout. An advanced railgun capable of firing 3 kg steel darts at hypersonic speeds replaced the Grento machine gun and made up for the missile launcher hardpoints sacrificed for leg-mounted hydrojets. A heat sword representing the final refinement of heat weapon technology rounded out the Mab's standard hand armaments.

Mablungs were deployed in limited numbers in the Great Lakes, off the Pacifica and USNA coasts, and in the Mediterranean and Red seas. Some were even deployed on land to reinforce Grenzmark teams, and the Mabs soon gained a reputation for superior combat performance. Most Mablung pilots were drawn from the ranks of elite Grento squads.

In early tests and at least one documented battle, Mablungs proved capable of holding their own against the Coalition's next generation Ein Dolph combat frames. But the march of progress would not be forestalled, and CSC Director Sanzen officially cancelled Mablung production in the summer of CY 1.

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