The Turning Point

Battle of Saratoga

To enhance the fun and felicity of your Independence Day, I offer a brief summary of the cold civil war currently being waged to rescue America from the corrupt globalist elites that hold her hostage. Let us remember and celebrate the manifold victories the Almighty has seen fit to grant us.

First and foremost, the election of President Donald J. Trump marked the first time in the living memory of most Americans that a candidate from outside the managerial elite won election to the highest office in the land. After a rocky beginning, as revolutions often have, Trump has exceeded the expectations of critics and supporters alike.

Our enemies on the Left are trapped in a downward CogDis spiral as the President pulls their strings from deep inside their OODA loop. Our false allies among the #NeverTrump conservatives are consigned to irrelevance.

Much remains to be done, especially building the Wall, but the booming economy, the end of the Korean War, and most importantly the fatal wounding of political correctness form an excellent foundation.

Speaking of PC's demise, who'd have thought just a few short years ago that the SJWs' seemingly invincible censorship campaign would now be regarded as a laughingstock by many and hated by all? Each day brings a new artist, writer, musician, or film maker who defies the cultural kommissars and strikes out on his own to great success.

A turning point has been reached. We are winning back the culture. Accountants and grandmothers on Facebook now shitpost at mealymouthed soyboys like veteran GamerGaters.

The preference cascade has begun and is accelerating. If we can stay the course, we will ride it all the way back. All the way to victory.

Happy Independence Day!

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  1. I wish I were as optimistic as you are. Not disagreeing, but the feeling that we stand on a razor's edge is strong. Are we really going to get off this easy for millions of abortions? God is indeed merciful...

    That said, have you noticed how some of even the most virulently deranged haters are walking it back a bit? Josh Whedon, for example, is now talking compassion (for those stupid enough to not hate Trump) instead of death and rape for the President and his supporters.

    Hope it's the dawning realization that Trump and the profound dissatisfaction (to put it mildly) of most Americans with the Obama/Clinton status quo is not going away, and that hopes for violent revolt of one sort or another have run aground on reality - e.g., that deeply satisfying video of the dude taking down the baton wielding Antifa dude with one punch.

    Or maybe the news that people who threaten the President are going to jail...

    Hope and pray it works out. Trust not in princes, yet the Lord can use even princes as He wills.

    1. I'm similarly less optimistic... but hey, I didn't think Trump could beat the Clinton/Democrat vote-buying/-stealing machine. I thought Trump would sell out right after the election. I thought we would have Clinton appointees in the SCOTUS, or at best some wishy-washy crazy who bought their way into Trump's favor.

      ... But I was absolutely wrong, and I am absolutely loving it so far. If we can hold Congress, appoint another real conservative to the court, build the wall, deport enough illegals to discourage the continuous flow at the southern border, etc... I could see being as optimistic as our host.

    2. "I wish I were as optimistic as you are."

      Who said anything about optimism? Read on.

      "Are we really going to get off this easy for millions of abortions?"

      Nope. I have growing confidence that America and Western culture will survive. The United States, on the other hand, is doomed. The state is not the nation, and the US as founded was mortally wounded in 1965 with the coup de grace administered in 1986.

      As for some of the President's haters walking back their threats of violence, yes, it is the realization that he's throwing the book at perpetrators of political violence on both sides.

      Trump is a law and order president. Case in point: the DOJ prosecuting Antifa members who disrupted the inaugural parade. Note also that BLM hasn't caused major havoc in a while, and the police were far less eager to take Antifa's side during the incident you mentioned than they were during the Obama years. They know the new boss ain't the same as the old boss.

      Hot Civil War II will be postponed until after Trump's second term.

    3. "...I was absolutely wrong..."

      It takes a big man to admit it. I myself only came to support Trump late in the primaries. Even then, I expected him to make no attempt at keeping his campaign promises. I'm ecstatic to have been wrong. We'd have walls on the Mexican and Canadian borders by now if not for the mendacious traitors in Congress and on the federal bench.

    4. I agree that the real hope is for Western civilization, not the United States. May I ask what you consider the coup de grace? I was not yet alive, so I don't know what you are thinking of, in regards to 1986.

      I know we would, and the depths to which the judiciary has been corrupted is astonishing. We'd have had laws against fake marriage, if not for the judiciary striking them down on the flimsiest of excuses, and the fact that the SCOTUS could with straight face hand down Obergefell says it all.

      We've been promised something on the southern border at least for, what, thirty years? And still any attempt is met with ridiculous reasons why it cannot be done...

    5. The Hart-Seller Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 was the mortal wound. The 1986 amnesty was the coup de grace.

    6. Ah, I forgot about the amnesty. It is obvious why, now that you mention it.

  2. Happy 4th!

    I We need to be prudent in our optimism. It's Europe and to a lesser extent Latin America that worry me very deeply. We're seeing a pincer movement between Moslem invasion in Europe with Cartelstate in Latin America.
    I think we're in the Helm's deep phase of the war but we'll prevail. Prevail despite the losses, blood sweat and tears.


    1. Europe's only relevance to July 4th is that on this day, Americans declared independence from a European power. Latin America has no relevance to Independence Day at all. Do try to stay on topic.