Star Knight Saga

Lord Roland

Visionary, scholar, and Man of the West Bradford Walker announces his campaign for The Star Knight Saga, Book One: Reavers of the Void!
No one's ever attempted a Space Opera like this. Real Robots, Super Robots, Knights with Laser Swords, Space Battleships fighting fleet actions by the thousands, heroes you can believe in, heroines that inspire you, villains most vile, a galactic civilization that isn't an empire or a republic- but instead a galaxy of kingdoms guided by a single Church, and the monsters that would undo it just to spite their creator. You have to play Super Robot Wars to get anything close to it.
Science fiction fans are hungry for real space opera packed with heroic adventure. The numbers prove it. The big New York publishers have spent decades driving off the core sci-fi readership with pink slime and dreary message fic. Thankfully, indie publishing has burst onto the scene to fill the void on avid SF readers' Kindles and bookshelves, and Star Knight is exactly the kind of story the fans crave but legacy pub would never dare give them.

Ireton Cruiser
House Ireton Heavy Cruiser - Just one of the Way Cool spaceships you'll encounter in the Star Knight Saga

I keep urging new authors dedicated to truth, beauty, and heroism to get off the bench and in the game. Even with the demise of the old gatekeepers, publishing a book still presents authors with significant challenges that only you, the fans, can help us overcome. This arrangement works out brilliantly, because you now have a direct channel to us, ensuring we'll give you the books you want.

Bradford Walker is taking the field because you guys have made yourselves heard. You're disgusted by Disney's mangling of Star Wars. You're yawning at yet another pastel Eva clone out of Japan. You're sick to death of being fed a shovelful of Postmodern nihilism with your entertainment.

Here's a new author determined to bring you the fun and adventure that the failing media conglomerates have starved you of. But since he won't get Tor, Marvel, WotC, or Disney's help, he needs yours.

Hungering for fun, uplifting space opera like they used to make before the SJWs took over? Back The Star Knight Saga, Book One: Reavers of the Void now!


  1. I'll be backing this next week. It looks really cool.

  2. Backed. Definitely a better put-together proposal than he had on Freestartr, though I backed it then too. It sounds even better!

    1. Bradford's always upping his game! Thanks again.

    2. I backed it. I look forward to it. I also can't wait for yours too. I'll enjoy both your takes on the Gundam stories.
      This is very exciting.

  3. Excellent, will definitely back as well.

  4. I have backed this. I really want this project to take off.

  5. Outstanding, gentlemen. You're doing yeoman's work!