Combat Frame Data: XCF-08D-1

XCF-08D-1 Dead Drop

Technical Data

Model number: XCF-08D-1
Code name: N/A
Nickname: Dead Drop
Classification: custom energy weapon optimized high mobility combat frame
Manufacturer: Zane Dellister
Operator: Zane Dellister
First deployment: CY 1
Crew: 1 pilot in cockpit in chest
Height: 19 meters
Weight: 50 metric tons
Armor type: palladium glass microalloy/aeorgraphene/ceramic composite
Powerplant: cold fusion reactor, max output 2150 KW
Propulsion: rocket thrusters: 4x 41,665 kg, 4x 20,835 kg; top speed 3672 kph; maneuvering thrusters: 16, 180° turn time 0.80 seconds; legs: top ground speed 200 kph
Sensors: radar, thermal, optical array; main binocular cameras mounted behind visor in head
Fixed armaments: 1.5 MW plasma cannon in retractable mount on left forearm, barrel detaches to form plasma sword, hand-carried in use

General Notes

The combat frame is said to have been invented when Tesla Browning bolted a Vulcan cannon to a bipedal work frame. The same basic combination of conventional technologies continued down the course of CF evolution to the military-grade units fielded by the Coalition Security Corps. Browning realized that his initial combat frame concept had evolved to a dead end with the versatile but staid CF-06 Grenzmark II, and he began a restless search for a breakthrough.

Inspiration struck out of the blue sky in early CY 1 when Coalition pilot Zane Dellister was apprehended in a Chicago warehouse after having been AWOL for months. Along with Dellister, CSC personnel found a black combat frame of unknown design. The prisoner was remanded to the Lakeshore Neurological Wellness Institute for treatment of numerous personality and neurotic disorders. Meanwhile, the confiscated combat frame was transferred to Browning’s lab at the nearby Seed Corporation factory.

Browning’s study of the strange black combat frame yielded shocking results. Based on structural analysis and Dellister’s own claims, it was determined that the patient had constructed the custom CF, which he referred to as Dead Drop, by himself using parts scavenged from Seed Corp’s factory, CSC equipment depots, and even destroyed enemy units. One of the latter appeared to have been another custom CF built for an officer of the Federated Mid-American States militia by the rival Zeklov Corporation.

The XCF-08D-1, as Browning designated Dead Drop, possessed startlingly advanced capabilities. Its main weaponry consisted of a miniaturized version of the plasma cannons theretofore restricted to capital ships, space stations, and colonies. No existing armor was capable of withstanding a direct hit with a plasma bolt, though Dead Drop’s black composite armor was insulated against the heat and electrical blowback associated with directed energy weapons. Due to its lightweight construction, high-output reactor, and large array of powerful thrusters, Dead Drop rivaled state-of-the-art fighter jets for speed and acceleration.

When CSC Director Sanzen Kaimora learned of Browning’s research into the unprecedented custom combat frame, he ordered Seed Corp to produce a next-generation CF based on advances gleaned from Dead Drop. The result was the CF-014 Ein Dolph, the first mass production energy weapon optimized combat frame. Zane’s escape, and his subsequent discovery of the Dolphs, whose existence he took as a personal insult, would have far-ranging repercussions for all concerned.

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  1. You know, if Director Sanzen had just offered Zane a job in R&D...

    I think the reason that more evil overlords don't read the Evil Overlord List is that they don't realize that they're evil.

    1. "You know, if Director Sanzen had just offered Zane a job in R&D..."

      He did, but Zane refused to cooperate. Hence his confinement in the nuthouse.

      "I think the reason that more evil overlords don't read the Evil Overlord List is that they don't realize that they're evil."

      That trope definitely applies to Sanzen, but he's just the Sauron to XSeed's Morgoth.

  2. Great combat frame. If these things are as devious as the text is implying, we're in for some crazy times.

    1. The little I've revealed so far gives only the slightest hint of how devious things get. Thanks!

    2. Brian,

      I think this is the model I currently prefer...pending any new models you have in the pipeline :)