With the Cunning of Satan

Cinema Lenin

Purple prose polemicist Razörfist shoots down the commie fabrication of "Tail Gunner Joe" as an  inquisitorial bully who led a political witch hunt against innocent Americans.

From the transcript [NSFW language]:
Joe McCarthy, the man whose theatrics, hard-drinking, and self-destructive accusations once led President Truman to describe him as quote, “the best friend the Kremlin ever had?" Point blank, he never held one--not one--hearing about Hollywood communists.
Drink it in, dipshits. You were lied to. The Army-McCarthy hearings were held to confront not celluloid socialism, but rumored communist corruption within the government and armed forces. Again, not the fucking film business.
The first clue should have been the name the House Un-American Activities Committee. How could Senator Joe McCarthy hold a hearing in the House of Representatives?  Furthermore, they don't fit the fucking time frame, either. The McCarthy hearings came over a half decade later in the mid 50s after two major inquests of Hollywood, both of which were infinitely more productive than the McCarthy hearings. The fact that despite this crucial distinction, we still somehow call the Hollywood blacklist hearings the McCarthy hearings is evidence of retroactive Hollywood propaganda. In practice and you should be wary of any teacher, politician, actor, or Antifa aspie who employs the fucking term. 
You may be surprised, in fact, to learn the man who investigated, exposed, and was ultimately character assassinated and ostracized by communists and their trade union thralls in Hollywood, was not a hard-drinking, fire-breathing republican conservative, but a lifelong liberal union man and dyed in the dogshit democrat named Roy Brewer. Ever heard his name? Of course you fucking haven’t, because given his background, he's virtually impossible for the Left to demonize. And thus George Clooney didn't make a shit film about him.
That the term “McCarthyism” was originally coined in the pages of Communist Party dick rag The Daily Worker should tell you all you need to know about how heavily the House Un-American Activities Committee narrative has been curated by the modern Left. 
If your knowledge of Joseph McCarthy comes from the American education system, the mainstream media, or pop culture, you're operating based on pure Communist propaganda that's relentlessly reinforced by our converged institutions.

Do you find the scope and magnitude of such a lie hard to believe? Consider the massive gaslighting attempts perpetrated on their own audiences by games journalists, Big Two comic book creators, and Disney shills. Then ask yourself how the whole entertainment industry became a monolithic chorus of Leftist agitprop, seemingly overnight. The answer, as Razörfist points out, is that it didn't happen overnight. The cultural Marxists have been in Hollywood for a long time. And then as now, they mobilize to mercilessly destroy anyone who threatens their dominance.

Still not convinced? Watch Razör's meticulously researched (and foulmouthed as a longshoreman) video.

Welcome back. You're likely in shock about how utterly you've been lied to by everyone your whole life. And you're probably mad as hell. You're about to go from mad to volcanically enraged as you watch this presentation from philosopher Stefan Molyneux that delves into the fine details Razör advised you to research.

If we in the West are to have honest entertainment that champions fun, beauty, and heroism without an ulterior political motive, we'll need to launch a two-pronged attack aimed at retaking converged media organs and creating our own parallel art. Luckily, many talented storytellers are committed to the latter task. I'm honored to be one of the wordsmiths wielding his pen to preserve the West, and I gladly offer my humble wares for free to get fun tales of action, mystery, and weirdness into your hands.

Strange Matter - Brian Niemeier


  1. The cost of movie production has come down and should continue to come down. So from the production side, a parallel could be built up as old Hollywood dies and is bought up by the Chinese.

    I think the biggest hurdle for Alt-Movies is human capital. We probably have people who could handle the equipment, who could deal with effect and post production, and we have writers, but we probably don’t have good actors or directors as any who share our perspective are either blackballed by Hollywood or lay low to work in the system. All of the guilds are converged so we’d have to reject them outright, which means our workers can’t be their workers...so that would need to be addressed beyond “for the good of the cause”.

    As for distribution, even if YouTube/Hulu/Netflix won’t play ball (they won’t if it becomes a legit alternate), a distribution platform could be setup and most of the young will adopt it if they wish to see the product.

    This is viable. Just needs a vision and someone with the means to start it.

    1. Read it and I agree, though I do think fan films on YouTube, like that SW one you posted a while back, show that even action flicks could be in budget if you are willing to be creative.

      Low effects scifi, fantasy and horror could all be done on a lower end budget.

      I still think the biggest issues are good actors and good writers. The horrible Christian movie scene, with some rare exceptions, tends to that result because of one or both (though I tend to think it’s more the writing than the acting). Thankfully pulp-rev has the writing side up to snuff. Mediocre acting can be tolerated if the writing and cinematography are decent.

      As for McCarthy, when I dig into his story a few years ago after hearing someone I trust say that he was vindicated...let’s just say I found a whole new level of cynicism within me after seeing what was done to Joe. I really hope there is a special place in hell for those people.

    2. "I still think the biggest issues are good actors and good writers."

      Spend some time in your local indie film scene, and you'll find talent that not only equals anyone in Hollywood, you'll meet at least a couple diamonds in the rough who'd run rings around Abrams, Johnson, and Del Toro if given serious budgets.

      The talent is out there. I've met them. They're struggling to break out because of the funding and distribution bottleneck. It would be really great if a few millionaires on the Right would heed Breitbart's advice and start a film studio instead of yet another useless political web site.

      "I really hope there is a special place in hell for those people."

      Dante places corrupt politicians in the eighth circle and traitors in the ninth.

  2. McCarthy seems to me an early victim of the television era. What you so often hear about isn't just his battle against Communism but how he came across as so feverish and intense that he was easily framed and discredited to the general public as a raving paranoid.

    I was pleasantly surprised by the Coen Brothers' Hail Caesar, which is among the very VERY few movies that is quite blatant about the communist infiltration in Hollywood. I don't know how the hell they were allowed to make it, and they did it with so many useful idiots in the cast, too :)

    1. Hail Caesar: A Story of the Christ is the kind of movie I didn't think I'd see again until after we'd won.

      I saw it in the theater, and when the scene came on where the Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, and Jewish theologians debate Christ's natures and Atonement, my reaction was exactly the same as yours.