The Bowtie Strikes Back


A major contributing factor to the rise of the new right is the total regulatory capture of purported conservative watchdogs by the Leftist media. The great sellout started with William F. Buckley, whose main job at National Review was making sure actual conservatives were replaced with quisling pod people like George Will.

Contemptible as white paper and bow tie right's betrayal was, their motives were at least understandable. Instead of settling for a  lousy 30 pieces of silver, they got cushy low work/high pay jobs at globalist billionaire-funded magazines and think tanks. They could pretend to fight the good fight while actually policing their own side to make sure the Overton window kept drifting leftward.

The brass ring for podservatives has always been the coveted position of token house conservative at a big Lefy rag like The New York Times. Will is the epitome of the breed. He recently shed his skinsuit in his regular Washington Post column by urging Conservatives to flip both houses of Congress over to the Democrats this November.

I'll spare you the tedious particulars. As you'd imagine, Will's "I'll take my ball and go home!" pouting fit could've been written by a bot that's been fed a steady diet of Commentary Magazine articles, Cato Institute papers, and Glenn Beck monologues.

Will even couches his call to surrender in cynical rhetoric invoking the manufactured "family separation crisis" that's a transparent as Reynolds wrap. It's all there: inside baseball Constitution references, paeans to losing with honor, and appeals to nebulous "principles" that boil down to letting increasingly feral Dems retake the reins of power and enact their most paranoid revenge fantasies.

Here's a safety tip: If anyone seriously suggests that the Left can ever again be allowed near the levers of power after the mainstream media has spent almost two years whipping them into a frothing psychotic rage with fake news claiming the election was illegitimate, he hates you and should be mocked into oblivion.

Especially effete, spergy atheists all too eager to sell future generations of Americans down the river to protect their ivory tower sinecures.

Attention, George Will: You are not one of us. You are a fake American. You have to go back.

Happily, the whole reason Will had to drop the mask is because more and more of his audience are getting wise to the podservative con. Trump proved it's possible to win, and he's showing us how. The NRO set, whose salaries and country club memberships depend on normal Americans staying lulled into accepting the long defeat narrative are exposing themselves as Democrat shills with their feeble opposition to the President.

November is gonna be fun.

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The Soul Cycle - Brian Niemeier


  1. The Inquistion did nothing wrong. Time to bring it back, with a Warhammer twist, and start the purges.

    1. That way I might actually be able to make a living from my Dominican theological training!

    2. The Dominicans did defeat the Cathars, so there is precedent.

      Meanwhile the Jesuits seems to be playing “hold my beer” with their enemy.

    3. Dominican joke:

      The Order of Preachers combated the Albigensian heresy. The Society of Jesus combated the Protestant Revolt.

      When's the last time you ran into an Albigensian?

  2. What a treacherous little toad George Will is. God protect and aid President Trump.

  3. Brian and friends,

    So out of curiosity who'll the midterms? I can't see how the Democrats will win with their outright hate of regular people. But then again I live outside the US and am not American. So I'll miss many nuances


  4. Xavier -- it's difficult to predict 50 states, but the more of this Leftist craziness that occurs, and the more insane pushback the media and mainstream Democrat politicians give, the less likely that the "Blue Wave" will materialize.

    People are talking "in real life (IRL)" to family and friends. The kind of crazy that these loons demand is rapidly getting out into the Normal Space, despite the corrupt MSM's attempts to hide it.

    I expect post-election November 2018 will be either (a) status quo of Congress/Senate, or (b) Red Wave.

    As always, the local elections are the most important and will get the least MSM coverage. If the local elections shift to pro-Nationalist in the main, the Dems will continue to lose national elections in the coming cycles.

    Too much crime that goes with illegal aliens and diversity for Joe and Jane Normal not to notice these days. And their kids are the ones taking it on the chin. Expect that the traditional Leftist bastions (local schools, judges) will feel the heat first.

    1. Establishment Republicans have no interest in governing. They expected to serve as Hillary's "loyal opposition", but Trump threw a monkey wrench into their carefully laid plans.

      The GOPe is pulling out all the stops to throw the midterm elections. Hence the ridiculous "immigration reform" bills that would give millions of illegals amnesty but don't implement eVerify or build the Wall.

      Normally, the Republicans' plan would work, but the Dems have become so barking moonbat crazy that that voters will drag the GOP kicking and screaming into the winners' circle.

      Expect at least one more major cucking episode around August. Still, the voters will hold their noses and let the GOP keep narrow control of both houses.

  5. The only thing George Will has accomplished is to lead me to assume people who wear bow ties are liars, cowards, traitors, or some combination of the above until conclusively proven otherwise.

    Thanks, George. You have to go back now.

    1. A glimmer of good can come about from even the worst evil.

    2. Corollary: "Oft evil will shall evil mar."

  6. Man of the atom,

    Thanks for your reply. So everyone has to wait for the results.
    I concour about bowties. Unless it's with a tux or the 19th century most men who wear them strike me as a tad overly refined and prissy