Mech America Great Again

The big news out of this year's E3 is that there hasn't been much news out of E3. Devolver Digital has managed to liven up the rather dismal proceedings with their announcement of a remastered version of Metal Wolf Chaos. Of not is that the announcement caused a stir not in and of itself, but because of how Devolver made it.

Here's the now-infamous trailer:

It is fitting and proper in this age of Our Trumpening that a vidya studio pay homage to the Emperor's rallying cry by aspiring to #MechAmericaGreatAgain.

Surprisingly, not everyone approves of Devolver's taking a page from President Chad.


There you have it: the pronouncement from on high. Channeling the popularity of a sitting president who won in a landslide and whose approval ratings exceed Obama's and Reagan's is not OK because this furry rando who represents a demographic rounding error decrees it haram.

As for Sgt. Scruffy's exhortation to read a book, how much you wanna bet he's got a deathly hallows bumper sticker on his '96 Sentra?

Who am I kidding? He's got two.

It's good advice though. Instead of the scrawlings of a wacko harridan from UKistan, I recommend you read something that won't compel you to dress up like a dog in a pussyhat.

NB: This is why we need Alt-furry.

I leave you with this video from the redoubtable Mr. Metokur, who tackles the Furry Question head on (skip to 0:2:25).

P.S. With both MAGA and mecha ensconced in the popular zeitgeist, Combat Frame XSeed is looking to be even more fortuitously timed than I'd thought. #MechAmericaGreatAgain #AGundamForUs

P.P.S. Following up on yesterday's post chronicling the glorious un-cucking of Dragon Con, Superversive Press is crowdfunding a trip to the con for their based editor and authors. Dig Deep!


  1. Brian,

    These people suffer from envy don't they?
    How else to explain their melancholy. They simply can'take abide by anyone being joyful, content, telling joke. Normal people expose these fanatics' mental and spiritual disequilibrium


  2. When will we get our greedy, YUGE hands on Combat Frame XSeed?

    1. Patience, grasshopper. There's more than a mere book launch in the works. I'm going to make Combat Frame XSeed an event.

      Here's a hint: I'm currently waiting on three different artists to turn in concept sketches.

      For my part, the first draft is 3/4 done, and I definitely got my groove on. See today's post for another hint at what's to come.

  3. These are the kinds of people who get triggered by the term "PC master race" because they think it's actually an endorsement of Nazism instead of just a tongue-in-cheek way of saying that PCs are awesome.

    1. You've got their number, alright.

      No normal person should be triggered by that phrase. Amused, perhaps, but not triggered.