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For some time now, myself and other indie authors have been urging talented writers who uphold the ideals of Western civilization to get off the bench and in the reader-pleasing, culture-making game.

It's my unalloyed pleasure to share the news that friend of the blog Bradford Walker has taken up the gauntlet that the SJWs ruining science fiction have thrown down. He has taken on the formidable task of writing and publishing his debut novel The Matter of the Milky Way: The Taking of Gabriella Robin.

Here's the author's description:
Action! Romance! Giant Robot Combat! This is Space Opera, folks, a core part of the Pulps of old and of the Pulp Revolution now. Space Knights, Space Princesses, Space Battleships, True Love, and Wondrous Adventure- all against a backdrop of a far future where Mankind dwells amongst the starts in Galactic Christendom.
If that doesn't get your fingers itching to dig into this book's as-yet unprinted pages, turn in your man of the West card. I can't wait to read The Matter of the Milky Way, and I know my loyal and cherished readers share that sentiment.

Indie publishing affords authors the greatest freedom in charting the course of their careers and offers the greatest potential for commercial success. However, there ain't no free lunch. An indie author has to foot the initial production costs himself, and that is the first challenge Bradford faces in his quest to bring you heroic, action-packed entertainment.

Happily, Mr. Walker has given us a way to help make his pulp opus a reality. He has just launched a Freestartr campaign to fund The Matter of the Milky Way: The Taking of Gabriella Robin. Show an up-and-coming indie author your support, and invest in swashbuckling giant robot adventure that's sure to pay big dividends.

Regress science fiction harder. Support Bradford Walker's Freestartr today.

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  1. >Mankind dwells amongst the starts in Galactic Christendom.
    >amongst the starts in Galactic Christendom.
    > the starts
    He'll want to fix that.

    Seriously though, been following this project for a while, and I wish him luck with it.

  2. Yep -- I'm in! Regression circuits, engaged!

  3. Replies
    1. Ah, darn it all. The founder of my favorite animation studio supported the "Yes" movement for Ireland's repeal referendum (and is a proselytizing vegan.) Now I have to find somewhere else to spend my entertainment dollars.

      This just makes me more glad I backed this project. We need more creators who haven't swallowed the Kool-Aid of caring more about animals than humans, and other modern nonsense.

    2. Strong work coming to that healthy conclusion.