Dragon Con Fires SJW

Dragon Con

In a refreshing turn of events, the Dragon Con admins appear to have learned from their past mistakes.

Author Jon Del Arroz has the story:
Dragon Con faced a quiet coup attempt by their Literary Track head named Charlotte Stromborn. She was originally in charge of Anne McCaffrey’s Pern track when Dragon Con had separate literary events going on, but after the author’s passing, it was folded into the overall literary genre. She has always been an activist on her social media, espousing extreme left wing ideology and often ranting about harassment.
Over the weekend, it was announced that she would be parting ways with the convention. It appeared as if Ms. Stromborn attempted to get NYT Bestsellers Larry Correia and John Ringo banned from Dragon Con similarly to how other conventions were treating them over their conservative views. She stated on twitter “If you think there are some good arguments to be made for the inclusion of voices like Correia’s and Ringo’s ya all can also talk* to me.  *don’t talk to me, ever.”
Her passive aggressive statement made it clear that in the name of “inclusivity” she wanted to make sure voices were banned that had any sort of differing opinions than the lockstep SJW elites. This is odd as Correia has been a large part of Dragon Con for years and has never been accused of causing an issue at the convention. Her rabble rousing was clearly over the line to Dragon Con as well.
Regular readers will recall that last year, the Dragon Awards administrators caved to SJW pressure and allowed CHORFs like N.K. Jemisin and John Scalzi to withdraw their nominations--before Scalzi withdrew his withdrawal and lost.

How did Dragon Con respond to the shrill SJW stirring up trouble this year?

They fired her.
Dragon Con decided that alienating half the country was not worth the loud-mouthed SJWs who only accept people who are just like them, as Ms. Stromborn wanted the convention to be.
Her refusing to back down unless certain authors were uninvited and Dragon Con taking a stand against the attempted political mobbing marks the first time a convention has openly gone against the SJW hate mob. This is a big shift in culture as people are fast learning that the SJWs don’t actually create “inclusive spaces” they actively attempt to exclude normal people which eventually shuts down a convention, or kills the audience off and harms a group financially.
When my readers joined last year's 8000 Dragon Award voters and helped to shut out every CHORF on the ballot, I predicted that the Dragons would thenceforth be safe from further SJW meddling. Dragon Con's firing of an SJW entryist shows that they have indeed learned that alienating half the country is a bad idea. Pat yourselves on the back for helping to drive home that lesson.

It's comforting to know there's at least one convention we won't have to fork and replace.

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  1. The only way to prevent infiltration and convergence. Sadly my local con didn't have that kind of iron, and caved to SJWs.

  2. Hmm... I might actually have an excuse to go there now. I gave up on them last year.

    1. It was touch and go for a while, but you guys sent a clear message that you far outnumber the SJWs.

  3. Brian,

    That's a relief. Now to do a lessons learnt analysis so that these can be replicable and actionable.
    We really need t give those fanatics the heave ho and rather brutally.


  4. Fire people who are trying to destroy your organization, driven by their own blind hatred?

    Who'd have thought?