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Red Pill Religion

Red Pill Religion put on quite a show last night. It was my honor to join new pub all-stars Nick Cole, John C. Wright, and Russell Newquist for a rousing and informative discussion of 21st century publishing strategies.

It comes as a surprise to me that some aspiring authors haven't yet heard the good news that the gatekeepers are gone, and we the writers are in full control of our careers. If you're still querying editors at New York publishing houses (or worse yet, literary agents), you need to hear this episode.

If your marketing plan involves book signings, convention panels, and social media ads, crank up the volume and listen hard. Because Nick, Russell, John, and I are going to tell you how to avoid the mistakes that almost every new author makes. Follow our advice, and save your book.

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The Ophian Rising - Brian Niemeier


  1. Four Pillars of Current Year in Normal Land

    1. Build your own platform and/or support those who are building their own platforms; keep them SJW-free.

    2. Stop giving money to those who hate you. Just stop.

    3. Recognize for once and all that SJWs have declared War on Normal People.

    4. Show the Freaks what Total War really means: No Surrender, No Retreat, No Mercy.

    1. Embrace the four pillars. Beware the fifth column.

  2. Another 4 pillars
    1) Regress further, embrace the past and write stories that embrace our heritage.
    2) Treat your readers with respect. They're the bosses and spend their hard earned beer money on you so don't disappoint them.
    3) write entertaining stories where the good guys win get the girls; villains lose; and there's joy heartache, love and laughter
    4) Keep creating content and strive to improve. Don't worry if you suck at first persist and incorporate the critiques from fellow writers and readers