I've written at length about how Disney's Star Wars movies are nothing but hate mail to the franchise's core audience. After the precipitous second week box office drop suffered by The Last Jedi, I concluded that Solo would be the first Star Wars movie to fail outright.

Professional comic book artist Ethan Van Sciver has recently been chronicling the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story (or as he calls it, Soylo: A Soy Wars Soyry). In the following video, he explains why the movie's lackluster critic reviews and catastrophically low levels of audience interest has Disney panicking.

Update: As of this writing, Solo's critic score has fallen back down to 70% fresh, and moviegoer interest in seeing the film has plummeted to 41%.

Soylo 41%

At this rate, Deadpool 2's second weekend may actually give Solo's opening a run for its money at the box office. Speaking of money, while I expect Solo to earn back its production budget, don't be surprised if it ends up in the red when marketing costs are factored in. As always, we shall see.

Except I won't see it because I don't give money to people who hate me.

Unlike Disney, I value and respect my audience, which is why my entire thrilling Soul Cycle is now on sale.

The Soul Cycle - Brian Niemeier


  1. Brian

    This gives opening to you horrid capitalists who treat your craft as a business. And you know your audience and will entertain them


  2. Will this franchise just die already?!

  3. Between this and Tumblrcats I'm just enjoying the backlash.

  4. Thus the cultural marxist agitprop marches ever onwards with sinking box office returns.