SC Spring Sale

Announcing the Soul Cycle Spring Sale! For a limited time, the Kindle versions of my first three highly acclaimed novels are on sale for only $0.99 each!

The Soul Cycle - Brian Niemeier

First up is the breakout adventure-horror novel that earned me a Campbell nomination: Nethereal, Soul Cycle Book I.
Brian did a good job with this one. Dude's got skills.
-Best selling author Larry Correia
Nethereal - Brian Niemeier

Once you've taken your first step into the eerie, captivating SC cosmos, continue the journey to save all souls with the first-ever Dragon Award winner for Best Horror Novel, the spellbinding Souldancer, Soul Cycle Book II.
Souldancer and the Soul Cycle itself are like nothing else in fantastic fiction. The ideas, characters, and especially the world-building are all first-rate. Highly recommended.
-Hugo nominee Jeff Duntemann

The story begun in Nethereal and continued in Souldancer reaches the boiling point in 2017 Dragon Award finalist and fan favorite The Secret Kings, Soul Cycle Book III.
Brian Niemeier has a great talent for heroic contrast. At times the tale is dizzying, leaving the reader as breathless as the characters in their desperate struggle.-The Injustice Gamer
The Secret Kings - Brian Niemeier

All three of these outlandishly fun and highly acclaimed books are just $0.99 each. If you haven't experienced the startlingly original world of the Soul Cycle yet, don't miss out. Buy them for Kindle today!

Special Bonus Offer!
Already own the first three mind-blowing SC books? You won't want to miss the series' epic finale and my highest-rated book yet, The Ophian Rising, Soul Cycle Book IV. Get it now at 40% off! 
The Cycle is complete, and it feels good.
-Author Adam Smith
The Ophian Rising - Brian Niemeier

Heartfelt thanks to all my valued readers. Each of you helped to make the Soul Cycle succeed beyond my wildest expectations. Without you, I could not have completed my first series within three years when some authors can't manage the same feat with timetables lasting decades.

Don't say that the Soul Cycle is done. Rather, the story that had been swirling around in my head for nearly fifteen years has now been realized in print.

Work on my next series proceeds apace. I can't wait for you to read it.



  1. Okay... You convinced me. I bought all four. I'm still reading The Hymn of the Pearl, which I am liking quite a bit, but these'll be next.

    1. You're welcome. I added on Strange Matter, too. I figured I might as well, while transitioning between my first job and my second. As long as you finish as strongly as you started in Hymn, it will be my favorite fantasy book in the last few years, and I do enjoy the blog.

    2. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Enjoy!

  2. Already owned all four but my copy of Nethereal (was part of the Wrongthink bundle) doesn't play well with my Kindle. I could have done the whole let Amazon convert it for me thing, but it was easier to just throw my money at you.

    1. Sorry to hear the free copy didn't work on your Kindle. Thanks for your patronage, though!