Strange Matter

Announcing the release of my first short story collection, Strange Matter!

Strange Matter - Brian Niemeier
Cover by Ian Hagan
The original concept for this anthology was simply a chronological presentation of my short fiction from my first published story to a new tale exclusive to this book. But being a product of my ailing culture, these stories ended up chronicling the dislocation and alienation I’ve come to experience as society disintegrates.

In these pages you’ll meet an investigator tackling an apocalyptic mystery, a Cold War reporter pursuing terrors beyond understanding, a working stiff thrust into an impossible dilemma, a team of Moderns pitted against an ancient evil, one soldier who seeks immortality in death and another who’s outlived his usefulness. You’ll share the struggles of a scholar tempted with a terrible choice and counter-revolutionary fighting a lost and lonely war of the mind.

Strange Matter contains all of my published short stories to date, presented in the original order of publication. And as a special bonus, I've written a brand new psychological techno-thriller short available exclusively in this collection!


  • Beta Geminorum
  • Reign of Terror
  • Strange Matter
  • Izcacus
  • Anacyclosis
  • Elegy for the Locust
  • Robber Council
  • Good Friday

This anthology also includes a foreword by me and author's commentary blurbs at the beginning of each story. 

And for those who are following #AGundamForUs, "Anacyclosis", previously available only by subscription to Sci Phi Journal online, serves as a foretaste of my upcoming mecha/Mil-SF novel series Combat Frame XSeed.

Soul Cycle fans, I didn't forget about you, either. "Elegy for the Locust" fills in a bit of the SC universe's backstory, including the origins of a major faction in The Secret Kings.

Wonders and horrors beyond your imagining await. Get your copy now!


  1. Purchased and reviewed! Just waiting for the review to go through on Amazon.

    Now I really want to see more of #AGundamForUs!!!

  2. Congrats, Brian! That cover reminds me of an underground rock album cover circa 1981.

    1. Thanks. I'll tell Ian. He'll take it as high praise.