Review Meta Fail

Fake Reviews

Self-publishing guru David Gaughran may have shed some light on the recent review purge by Amazon.
There’s an article doing the rounds at the moment from the Washington Post suggesting that the Amazon is undergoing some kind of fake review crisis. There are problems with Amazon reviews, of course, but this article is based on some pretty flawed data. At least in how it pertains to the world of books, which is what I know, and what I’ll focus on here. I can’t speak to the world of diet supplements or fake tan or giant tubs of lube – alas.
The article’s claims are largely based on a flaky site called ReviewMeta, which seems far better at getting publicity for itself than correctly analyzing the trustworthiness of reviews, which is a pity as it would be a wonderful tool if it was in any way accurate.
What is the cause of ReviewMeta's inaccuracy? Gaughran experimented with the service. The results were pretty dismaying, but in the current climate, sadly not surprising.
Digging into this data, though, shows the extreme limitations of the site and the way it calculates the trustworthiness of reviews – at least how it pertains to the world of books. Perhaps it is more accurate for jellybeans or computer peripherals, I really can’t say. But when it comes to books, it makes a number of pejorative assumptions about what is legitimate reader behavior, such as reviewing Book 2 of a series after reviewing Book 1 or mentioning the title of the book in the review, and these routine reader actions cause ReviewMeta to flag these reviews as questionable or suspicious.
This then casts aspersions on the integrity of the authors of these books – who are self-employed people working in an industry where reputation and integrity are critically important, not huge faceless brands… if that matters. Worse still, the site has been aware of these issues for two years, and not only have they not corrected them, they reacted in a hostile way when presented with this information.
Basing a clickbait article on data from a service that flags reviews for normal reader behavior like reviewing two books in a series and mentioning a book's name is to be expected of a fake news rag like the Washington Post. What's troubling is Gaughran's suspicion that Amazon's own review-flagging algorithm might be using similar flawed criteria.
The sad thing about all of this is that Amazon does have a fake review problem, one which is compounded by Amazon deploying a fake review detection algorithm that seems about as accurate as the one from ReviewMeta, perhaps for similar reasons too. Which means that authors innocent of any wrongdoing get genuine, organic reviews from bona fide reviewers removed every day and the scammers and cheaters with fake reviews keep getting away with it. Sites like ReviewMeta aren’t helping with this problem, they are making it worse.
But the worst part of all, perhaps, is the complete misunderstanding of how Amazon algorithms work. Reviews don’t cause success, they are a symptom of it. Yes, a lot of overwhelmingly positive reviews will sway an on the fence-purchaser, but they don’t automatically lead to sales – not in the world of books, at least. Maybe if I’m looking for a phone charger and they are all more-or-less fungible, then reviews become the tie-breaker for a lot of people. Not with novels. I don’t care how many reviews the Da Vinci Code has, I’m never going to read it.
The continued media focus on “fake” reviews – driven in part by ReviewMeta’s relentless publicity drive – is taking attention away from much more serious issues that the media have not covered in any depth, such as clickfarming, bookstuffing, incentivized purchasing, and mass gifting.
Manipulation of rank and payouts, rather than reviews, is the truly serious issue here.
Trustworthy reviews are among the necessary features that make online commerce possible. Amazon would do well to examine their review flagging process to make sure it's a) not punishing innocent readers and authors arbitrarily and b) catching real credibility threats like bot farms, paid reviews, and sock puppet accounts.

No one's irreplaceable. If Bezos thinks Amazon can't be disintermediated, he should log on to MySpace or AOL sometime.

In the meantime, check out my action-adventure novel The Ophian Rising, which currently enjoys a 4.9 star ranking from 100& real reviewers.

The Ophian Rising - Brian Niemeier
A fitting end to an epic series


Dragon Energy

Two Dragons

A+ list rapper Kanye West coming out as a Trump supporter perfectly demonstrates the crucial importance of retaking cultural ground, which Conservatives have been ignoring for decades.

Dragon Energy

You can tell that Kanye's Trumpism has struck a massive blow to the Left's cultural hegemony by their unhinged reaction to his escape from the plantation. Candace Owens gets it.

Candace Owens

Asteroid Strike

And it's spreading.


Dragon Energy 2

Dragon Energy 3
Drink deep, or taste not, the Dragon Energy spring.

Get your fix from the high energy sequel to my Dragon Award-winning action/adventure novel!

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Bringing Shame Back

While I expected two general types of pushback against my recent post that was (only tangentially) related to "This Is me", the volume and lockstep uniformity of those knee-jerk responses surprised me.

To recap, first we have the pop culture copper tops who've been plugged into the mass media Matrix for so long they'll reflexively lash out at anyone who even questions the system.

Here's another example from Twitter.


And from another branch of the same thread:

Conscience 1

Let's hit the highlights.
  • Admits the song denies the concept of sin.
  • Proposes a moral calculus that divorces ends from means, i.e. consequentialism.
  • Overlooks the fact that morality is central to the discussion.
  • Correctly identifies the song's "You were born this way!" Narrative and cites it in the song's defense!
  • Completely misses the underlying point that the "Fly your freak flag" ethos he just mentioned IS the current, Left-imposed cultural norm I advocate defying.
  • Blatantly misrepresents my clearly stated position not once, but twice.
What we have here is a failure to communicate. Because Andrew thought he was employing logical disputation when in fact his cognitive dissonance over my defiance of the Narrative was spurring him to blurt emotive pseudo-dialectic. His head hamster then spun its wheel overtime to retroactively rationalize his incoherent emoting.

At least one commenter took me to task for not engaging Val with logic and not clarifying my position. As I pointed out, cat-lady (and now Andrew) weren't using logic. They were deploying emotional arguments under a thin veneer of rational-sounding jargon.

You can tell they weren't really using dialectic because both of them
  1. Either didn't read the original posts or read them until the onset of CogDis, at which point they were reduced to skimming till offended.
  2. Flagrantly distorted my position, as a result of 1. above.
  3. Made incoherent arguments.
And in Val's case, we have the red flag of 
      4. Swiftly dropped the pretense of reason and went straight to personal attacks.

For those keeping score, nonsense rebuttals, jokeless laughs (cat-lady's emoticons), and personal attacks are all CogDis tells.

To reiterate, you don't respond to emotion with reason. Note that I tried dialectic with Andrew and just got a nonsense rebuttal for my efforts.

My responses to cat-lady proved far more effective, demonstrating once again that the only way to unplug the copper tops is with consistent and relentless shaming. Contra Andrew, it is past time we brought shame back.

Next up, Alex Jeffries endeavors to fact-check a post I never wrote about how Leftists unanimously loved The Greatest Showman.

Fact Check 1

In case there was any ambiguity in the title of my "What We're Really Up Against" post, I didn't mean the Leftist death cult. The threat they pose is obvious. I was referring to the unwitting sleeper agents who either a) unconsciously accept the Leftist Narrative as a default, b) can't see the forest for the trees well enough to grasp the vital point that ENTERTAINMENT IS THE MAIN FRONT IN THE CULTURE WAR AND WE MUST FIGHT BACK WITH THE ENEMY'S PROVEN WEAPONS, or c) both.

Fact Check 2

Fact Check 3

Whether the snobbish critics in the East and West Coast bubbles loved or hated a particular entertainment product has exactly zero bearing on that product's effectiveness at pushing the Left's Narrative. Who cares what bubble-dwellers like? In fact, movies embraced by Progs--e.g. The Last Jedi--are LESS useful vectors since normies are getting wise to overt propaganda. The Greatest Showman is a more effective arrow in the Left's quiver precisely because it's so palatable to normies.

As for the implied accusation of hypocrisy, Knock it off. It doesn't make you look morally superior. It makes you look catty and butthurt. Conservatives have been impotently accusing Leftists of hypocrisy for generations. Pro tip: That trick only works on Conservatives because only Conservatives base their identities on "I am a million times more principled than thou art!" posturing.

An explanation of the difference between necessary and sufficient conditions is in order. A story must place entertainment before message (if it has one) and, if it does have a message, it must promote heroism, virtue, and truth.

In short, the moral of the story must be moral.

Denying the reality of sin is the diametric opposite of morality. It is anti-morality. The Greatest Showman promotes that anti-morality, however cunningly the message is hidden. A story that upholds evil instead of good is not a story. It is propaganda. And error has no rights.

If you’re a fan of mind-bending fiction, epic tales spun out over centuries, of heroic heroes you can love, check this out.
The Ophian Rising - Brian Niemeier


Cat Pay Pig

A Twitter user's reaction to yesterday's post perfectly demonstrates the effectiveness of aiming for the emotions instead of the intellect.

Disney paypig 1

To the untrained eye, my interlocutor may look like a vaguely anthropomorphized cat, but its semi-literate tweeting soon reveals its true nature as a Disney paypig.

Disney paypig 2

Now, some might be tempted to rebuke me for excessive harshness. Wasn't the cat-lady just trying to engage in reasoned argument about whether or not Disney is stuffing their movies with satanic agitprop?

If that was your gut reaction, don't take it too hard. Even our dear friend JimFear was blindsided at first. But my study of cognitive dissonance and its many forms instantly alerted me that my post had triggered a massive case of CogDis in cat-lady, and her seemingly reasonable front was in fact a pseudo-dialectic opener concealing a personal attack. As you can see, it didn't take long for her mask to come off.

And as we should all know by now, you don't reason with people deploying pseudo-dialectic and rhetoric. You don't answer their questions or justify yourself. You trigger their amygdalae even harder.

Disney paypig 3

Disney paypig 4

Disney paypig 5

Disney paypig 6

You know you've won when they start explaining themselves to you. In this case, cat-lady paypig's transparent fumbling to cover for her illiteracy is icing on the cuck cake. "I meant to do that!" didn't work when you peed yourself in second grade gym class. It doesn't work now.

After that, the exchange had ramped up cat-lady paypig's CogDis to the point that she had to retreat to stop the pain.

Disney paypig 7

And that's my trick.

As predicted, there are many who are so dependent on the matrix that they will fight to protect the system that enslaves them. Decades of Leftist control of the media has produced a horde of people like cat-lady who will furriously resist all attempts to break their delusions.

Once again, this is why it is essential that we produce our own books, movies, and games with heroic and virtuous themes. And it's doubly important that we support others who already labor in the field.

The Ophian Rising - Brian Niemeier

UPDATE: The mask comes off.

You're Next 1You're Next 2

You're Next 3You're Next 4


What We're Really Up Against

The Greatest Showman

...Is revealed as Vox Day attempts to explain the Right's dire need to produce cultural products that can counter the Left's highly effective propaganda.
It's hard not to be stirred by the new SJW anthem, THIS IS ME. It hits all the right rhetorical chords. Only if you understand what the composer and lyricist are doing, and what their underlying purpose is, can you grasp the pure and unapologetic evil of the song. It is literally a celebration of sin and an assault on Western civilization.
And yet, most of those who consider themselves firmly anti-SJW will be tempted to deny the possibility of any ill-intent and to defend it, in much the same way they defend Hamilton, Let It Go, and other weapons of cultural mass destruction, despite the fact that the message of hatred, defiance, and opposition is openly declared.
Another round of bullets hits my skinWell, fire away 'cause today, I won't let the shame sink inWe are bursting through the barricades andReaching for the sun (we are warriors)Yeah, that's what we've become
My first response to hearing the song and seeing the video was to feel the profound and programmed emotional stirring. My second response was to put that emotional effect in intellectual context, and think, kill it with fire. And my third response was to reflect upon how good these evil rhetoricians are, and realize how far we have to go in order to effectively counteract their influence on the mass culture.
Don't be surprised if you find yourself feeling oddly defensive of the song. That defensiveness you are feeling is testimony to the power of the rhetoric. But review the lyrics and analyze the imagery. It is powerful cultural programming, but it loses its power and becomes transparent when viewed through coldly dialectic analytical eye. "Reaching for the sun" indeed.....
The Disney paypigs who continue subjecting their children to satanically inspired princess movies no doubt blissfully hum this song to themselves as they wait in the drive-thru at Starbucks. But among the disaffected engineer types who, while smarter, tend to make a vice of excess pragmatism, the equal and opposite problem emerged.

VD This Is Me 1

VD This Is Me 2

VD This Is Me 3

VD This Is Me 4

VD This Is Me 5

Sometimes we're called to make noble sacrifices for the greater good. P.S. would pay to watch!

There's a serious point behind Vox's semi-facetious lament about possibly having to write musicals. If you want to convince a man, you've got to meet him where he is; not where you think he should be.

Galaxy's Edge co-author Nick Cole has repeatedly pointed out that authors must be market-facing to succeed. The fact of the matter is that our deteriorating education system, demographic shifts, and the SJW convergence of show business have rendered much of the public ill-disposed to buy season tickets to the opera or contemplate the layered meanings of Philip K. Dick style novels.

I'm not just poking fun at right-wing elitists, here. One of the hardest lessons I had to learn from the Soul Cycle was that what I considered rather light entertainment fit for mass consumption proved too complex for casual readers. Experience has taught me that Nick is right. Today's readers want simpler stories they can easily binge on at lunch or on the bus.

Assuming that others' marketing resistance is as high as yours is a major blind spot that's obstructed my vision, as well. The Left's propaganda pieces may seem trite, formulaic, and banal, but there's no denying that it works. They won the culture a while ago. If we want to take it back, we absolutely must stop writing tomes that fly over the masses' heads and producing sanitized Christian films that don't even appeal to Christians.

Many of the commenters above who argued for the song's ineffectiveness based on its objective lack of artistic merit probably fall into the ranks of people who lack the dispositions to make new pop culture. That's perfectly fine. Those people also tend to make up for it with more technical expertise and better-paying jobs--which perfectly positions them to support dissident creators.

The Ophian Rising - Brian Niemeier


Trad Pub Is Dead

AAA video game designer Mark Kern recently took to Twitter seeking publishing advice, and luckily for him Galaxy's Edge co-author Nick Cole answered.

Nick Cole 1

Nick Cole 2

Nick Cole 3

That was quite an enlightening barrage of truth bombs Nick dropped there. I'm also sure he's earned another satisfied customer.

Sadly, a nasty case of tradpub Stockholm syndrome with an analog mindset chaser reared its ugly head.

Nick Cole 4

Nick answers thusly:

Nick Cole 5

And friend of the blog Jeff Duntemann backs Nick up.

Jeff Duntemann

My comment:

Publishers are predatory dinosaurs. Which sounds cool until you realize the asteroid's coming.

Nick's got nothing to prove to anybody. He and Jason Anspach have mastered this era of publishing, and they've got the sales to show for it.

If I may be so bold, however, there is one area where I differ ever so slightly with Don Niccolo.

Nick Cole 6

In the context of perusing books' acknowledgements to deduce who an author's agent is, Nick and I are in total agreement. If you're looking to sell lots of books, seek advice from best sellers; not R list award winners.

That said, I think Nick's view of awards' value may be obstructed by a blind spot that's common to conservatives. It's the pernicious tendency to value the practical to the exclusion of all else.

As Bernstein said in Citizen Kane, "It's no trick to make a lot of money...if what you want to do is make a lot of money." If commercial success is an author's only goal--and a laudable goal it is--then he can and should measure his success by sales alone.

Still, I'm afraid I must contradict Nick's assertion that awards are meaningless. Their significance may not be statistically provable, but it is readily observable. Look at how hard the SF SJWs fight tooth and nail to guard their little Hugo fiefdom.

You can laugh and point to their sales figures and Dragon Con's attendance numbers, but keep in mind that these people are socially adapted to infiltrate and converge cultural institutions. They are exceptionally good at identifying which targets to hit and taking those targets down. The clown world in which we now live is a grim testament to the SJWs' effectiveness and the free market's ineffectiveness at stopping them.

The market is not going to correct his problem. If it could, it would have by now. The Hugos and the Nebulas are jokes now, but they weren't always. Perhaps the big literary awards never boosted authors' earnings, but they did carry considerable cultural weight.

Nick is absolutely right that trad pub is dead. New pub is ascendant, but its biggest problem remains that, while there are dozens of indie authors quietly making six figures or more, they're doing so quietly.

The other side has Stephen King. And George R. R. Martin. And Patrick Rothfuss. And John Grisham. And almost every name author. If we're going to make an impact on the culture, we need at least one author whose name is a household word.

Aspiring authors need something to aspire to, and most authors aren't motivated solely by money. Rightly or wrongly, social validation is a major part of this profession's appeal. The other guys also have a close-knit professional network that can hand out golden tickets and golden parachutes--at least for now. We desperately need to build our own mutual support structures to help newbies get off the sidelines and on the field.

That's why the Dragon Awards are immeasurably important for reclaiming science fiction from the CHORFs--and I don't say that because I won one. The Dragons are a sizable corner of SF fandom that's been taken back from the enemy. Now is not the time to rest on our laurels.

The Ophian Rising - Brian Niemeier


You Have to Commit


Commenter anonme offers a valuable addendum to the Culture War Field Manual.
Going to agree with all the points, and chip in my two cents. 
>1. Stop Giving Money to People Who Hate You
You have to commit to this one. No you can't just ignore them and they'll go away. They want to ignore them, it makes it easier to put their boot on your neck if you ignore them. No, complaining on an image board or forum isn't going to make up for it if you pay them. Don't give them money. Bitching about loot boxes isn't going to fix EA. STOP PAYING THEM. I don't care if played all the other games and don't want to break the streak. STOP PAYING THEM. "I can separate the creator from the content." No, not right now you can't. Most of them suck anyway, but even if they don't, you can't reward them for their hatred. You think Scalzi gives a crap? Are you going to keep giving him money to make condescending *pats head* comments? Make it hurt. STOP PAYING THEM. (And just torrent the damn things if you can't bring yourself turn away, I'd still suggest cold turkey.)
Don't buy their stuff, unsubscribe from their channels, don't like their stuff etc. 
>2. Take creative political action
Signed to all that, but also don't forget about local politics. It means more than you think. Especially if you can start de-funding public schools. 
>3. Push back in your own sphere
Do it no matter how frivolous the sphere. Even if it's just a gaming thing, or a forum. Study the warning signs, and pushback and mock hard. Some one suggesting a code of conduct? Laugh them down hard, and get others laughing at them. "We need to change ____ so it's more inclusive to _____". The only response to that should be 'no'. And ribald jokes. If the code of conduct has already been enforced, like Brian says, use it against them. 
>4. Get off the bench and in the game
I can't emphasize this one enough. And pay close attention to what is needed. It is one of the great ironies that the Late Andrew Breitbart noticed that 'Politics is Downstream from culture' and proceeded to combat the left... by making a political website that didn't really do anything with culture. Right now western civilization needs more creators than it does pundits. In my opinion we don't need any more political blogs, podcasts, radio shows, etc. It's frustrating to see so many smart, funny people taking their comedic talents... and doing yet another political podcast. Write a funny book, make a funny comic book strip, make some skits, tell jokes. Create! Use your talents. Write books, tell stories, draw neat things. Etc. Take back the culture. If Rupert Murdoch was who he pretends to be he would have sold fox news, and held on to the movie studios. (He's not). 
This isn't just limited to entertainment creators. If you have skills or connections, the world needs you as well. It should be pretty obvious by now, but no the free market is NOT going to sort itself out. The "free market" has a vested interest in keeping this going. We are going to need some alternatives. And very least try to spread around information, get friends to use DuckDuckGo instead of google, Infogalactic instead of Wikipedia, etc. 
>5. Get your ass to church
Since I'm not a catholic theologian, I'm going to be less picky, though I will specify that yes, it has to be a christian church. One of the three pillars of western civilization is Christianity. Look at how much the globalists and SJWs hate Christianity, and act accordingly. Their is a reason why their 'religious tolerance' makes no allowances for crosses, but does allow for genital mutilation, or why they are pissed about Chick-Filet in newyork, but not Chobani. Yes many churches are cucked right now, so you'll have to do your research. Women in the clergy, or leadership is usually a red flag, as is any support for marriage beyond what is defined in the bible.
The world does not need more political pundits, nor does it need yet another podcast dedicated to sifting the minutiae of the latest drek from Hollywood, AAA game studios, or the Big Two comics publishers. If you wonder what kind of show I'm talking about, Red Letter Media deftly skewered that brand of empty pop culture advertisement-disguised-as-entertainment with The Nerd Crew.

If you have creative talent, the West needs you to do one of only two things right now: 1) Produce new and entertaining works that reject deconstructionism, subversion, and nihilism, or 2) Offer informed, constructive criticism on 1 to help creators improve their craft.

Don't know where to start? I could use some more honest feedback on my new short story collection Strange Matter. Get it, read it, and let me know what you think.


Culture War Field Manual

Field Manual

Reader Heian-kyo Dreams comments:
I don't watch much tv, but probably end up using some of the products with distasteful ads.
I don't buy many Trad pub books, but I do buy a ton of indie authors (like you.)
I'm not sure how else to contribute to declowing the world other than writing a book and acting as classy as possible. Have any suggestions?
This is the right attitude. HKD shows a willingness to fight but, like most folks, is unsure about exactly how to proceed. Like he said, I'm an author; not a master strategist or social engineer. But I have spent a lot of time researching the culture war that's rapidly escalating from cold to hot.

Accurate information is required to engage in any kind of conflict, be it social, spiritual, or--and this is best avoided--physical. To paraphrase Sun Tzu, if we lack a realistic understanding of ourselves and our enemy, we can't expect victory.

Time to face reality. The enemy spent the last hundred years on a long march through our institutions and now controls all of them. Don't expect any help or support from the mainstream media, Hollywood, New York publishing, academia, big business, or even most of the Church's hierarchy. In fact, you should expect to be attacked and resisted by all of these.

Before we delve into options for fighting back, we must define our terms, specifically, ourselves. The enemy has done the job for us, since they are the ones who have initiated an unprovoked war of conquest against a foe they are all to eager to name. The boogeymen they seek to destroy are straight, white, Christian men and the civilization they sustain.

But even more vital to knowing the enemy is identifying the enemy. Who is it that's actively campaigning to destroy Western civilization? There is far less consensus on who or what is ultimately driving the war on the West. It is tempting to simply invert the enemy's checklist to derive the facile answer that the enemy masterminds are the gay/transgender lobby, blacks, Latinos, Indians, Jews, and feminists, but the strife between members of those groups and straight, white, Christian men is an effect of enemy action; not the root cause.

Others point to the recently emerged elite class of rootless, cosmopolitan managers. Look at who really controls the American and most European governments, and you will find the same kinds of people from the same kinds of well-off families who attended the same tier of prestigious schools and live in the same class exclusive neighborhoods. Our managerial elite inhabit an incestuous hive mind where the desirability of multiculturalism, socialism, and globalism is taken for granted. They cannot comprehend anyone having a contrary opinion. Therefore cognitive bias compels them to dismiss those who reject globalism--most of the people they rule over--as backward rubes. And because rejection of the elites ideas is taken as an affront to their shared identity, our rulers respond with hatred.

As a result, our ruling class imports waves of incompatible foreigners from cultures with no concept of individual liberty, the intrinsic dignity of human life, or merit-based achievement. Seeing highly skilled but clannish and nepotistic invaders taking our high end jobs, low-skilled invaders taking our blue collar jobs, and unemployable savages beating and raping our women gives our rulers a rush of vicious glee. They firmly believe we have it coming, so they double down.

And yet, not even widespread noblesse malice fully explains the reckless hate directed at us by our rulers or the sadistic cruelty with which they not only seek to disenfranchise us, but to systematically remove all sources of joy from our lives.

Regular readers of this blog are aware of the premeditated alienation of their own audiences currently underway in Hollywood and the comics industry. Now these two converged sectors have joined forces to increase their customers' suffering.

This is Starfire from DC Comics.

No. The one on the left. Hold on.

Starfire 2

Much more illustrative. This amateur cosplayer aptly demonstrates how an IRL version of what is arguably DC's most beautiful character should look.

Here's the official version from the upcoming live action Teen Titans movie.
Starfire 3

It's even more insidious than the obvious attempt at orange erasure. Here is Anna Diop, the actress portraying Starfire in the film:
Anna Diop

Note that she is far, far hotter out of costume. This marring of her beauty is deliberate. Nothing you see in a modern movie is an accident. Multiple design teams were paid handsomely to make Starfire ugly.

There can be no other motive for throwing a rock through a stained glass window than diabolical hatred of Beauty itself and the Truth that beauty reveals. We now know what we're ultimately up against. The enemies are sin and Satan.

Now that we know the enemy's definition of us and we've defined the enemy, here's what you can do to fuck up his malevolent, democidal plans.

1. Stop Giving Money to People Who Hate You

Don't be a nerd culture paypgig. Converged entertainment company managers know they're alienating their core audience, and they don't care. Making money isn't their chief concern. Their primary aim is to make you miserable. As a result, they'll eventually bankrupt themselves, but they'll do catastrophic cultural and spiritual damage on the way down.

Hasten their demise and mitigate the fallout by simply not giving these reprobates the money their government cronies make sure you're earning less of. Do not pay to see any new Hollywood films. There is, bluntly speaking, no excuse for paying the major studios, Netflix, etc. to insult you.

Entertainment alternatives abound. Archive.org has a free library of classic movies you couldn't exhaust in a lifetime. They've also got tons of music and even books and short stories from the pulp era. If you'd like more contemporary reading material, find and support unpozzed indie authors like yours truly.

2. Take creative political action

Hat tip to the commenters over at the Z Blog for this one. Perhaps the most important fruit of Trump's election has been the full public exposure of the Samp/Deep State/Military-industrial Complex's control over the government. The curtain has been torn down, and the small, petty men pulling the levers of power stand revealed for all to see.

Only binary thinking dullards still labor under the illusion that there is an essential difference between the Republican and Democrat parties. Only Boomers wearing rose-colored glasses still think it's just "a handful of bad apples" disrupting operations at the DOJ, FBI, State Department, and CIA.

Representative democracy in America is a farce. We are ruled by unaccountable globalist bureaucrats whose desperate efforts to ensure our votes don't matter are growing increasingly brazen. Their endgame is to dissolve the people and elect another.

Options for fighting back at the ballot box are limited but not nonexistent. If you live in a district that reliably goes for the GOP in national elections, vote in the primaries for Republican candidates running on a platform of restricting immigration and draining the swamp. All other policy considerations should be placed on the back burner until the present crisis has been dealt with.

If you live in a reliably blue district, vote in the Democrat primary for the most psychotic, intersectionalist candidate on offer. Choosing your guy's opponent is a patented Democrat trick that we should co-opt.

In either case, donate to the campaigns of populist nationalist candidates across state lines--always in conformity with all applicable election laws.

3. Push back in your own sphere

SJWs are the enemy's shock troops. Their job is to enforce the multicult's heretical precepts by doxxing, disemploying,and sometimes physically attacking dissenters. But SJWs have the same psychological weakness as all narcissistic bullies. They're not emotionally equipped to handle resistance.

One of our major advantages is that SJWs are all plugged into a hive-minded cult. Their emotional fragility and paranoid fear of heterodoxy can be used to beneficial--and spectacular--effect.

Pick out a low-to-mid-level SJW enforcer in your organization. What the organization is doesn't matter. These tactics apply equally at the office, a club related to your hobby, or in your church's administration. The cult's doctrines are constantly changing, so it won't be hard to dig up a tweet, email, or Facebook post from just a couple years ago wherein the target SJW committed what is now a violation of the Narrative.

Anonymously pass this violation along to HR, the club officers, or your church elders. Make sure to mention that the subject's behavior makes you feel unsafe. Sit back and watch as a witch hunt is promptly stirred up against not only the initial offender, but EVERYONE. Knowledge of one heretic in their ranks will immediately raise suspicions of others hiding under every rock. Repeat until the constant inquisitions are consuming so much of your organization's SJWs' time that they can no longer perform their actual jobs and must be replaced. Or the organization is destroyed. Either way, it's win/win.

If you are targeted by the SJW witchfinders, remember:
  1. Don't apologize.
  2. Don't resign.
  3. Cultivate outcome independence and antifragility by having a backup plan in place.
SJWs are a small but vocal minority. Most normal people overestimate the witch hunters' numbers and strength. Understand that the long-term costs of going along to get along vastly outweigh the short-term costs of resisting them.

4. Get off the bench and in the game

As mentioned above, decades of infiltration into our institutions and national bureaucracy have greatly limited the effectiveness of dissident political action. But politics is downstream from culture, and it has never been easier for sane men to make effective cultural contributions.

If you have the talent and inclination, I strongly encourage you to begin producing works that will assist in preserving and rebuilding Western culture.
  • Self-publish a science fiction novel in the tradition of the pulps.
  • Get some friends together, rent a camera, and do some guerrilla film making.
  • Record and release a rock album that retains the genre's blues roots.
  • Produce an independent comic featuring virtuous men performing acts of real heroism.
  • Start a podcast or a vlog dedicated to some aspect of traditional Western culture.
  • Blog daily, offering constructive criticism aimed at helping other artists improve.
  • If you're not artistically inclined, support the creators who are.  
5. Get your ass to church

We contend not with flesh and blood, but with powers, principalities, and spirits of the air. Even our destruction is not the enemy's ultimate goal, but a means to his real aim of striking at the Christ. And without Christ's help, we cannot prevail.

Yes, much of the church's leadership is converged. But they are just the earthly tip of a vast transcendent reality that descends iceberg-like from heaven. However many Judases in the Church Militant the enemy corrupts, he cannot touch the Church Triumphant. If the temple is a den of thieves, go and cleanse it. A great cloud of witnesses cheers you on.

For the unbelievers among us, understand that you are walking unarmed into a spiritual battle. Your rejection of God is not sufficient cause for the enemy to spare you. The civilization that Christians built has afforded you the freedom you've abused to attack its source, and if Western civilization is destroyed, your license will perish with it. You can spend an hour every Sunday LARPing for the sake of Christendom instead of being the NFL's paypig.

The battle before us seems daunting. We face relentless attacks on all fronts from an enemy that cannot be appeased, dissuaded, or bargained with. But since they have us surrounded, there's no way the enemy can escape.

I understand that many people cannot take all, or even most, of the steps in this post. That's fine. Do what you can where you are with what you've got. If only ten percent of normal people stood up, we'd win the war tomorrow.

Live on your feet or die on your knees.


RIP Art Bell

Art Bell

A weekend news item that may have gotten lost in the shuffle with all the stories about Syria, Russia, and Trump's lawyer was the death of legendary talk radio host Art Bell.

Art had been mostly retired for over a decade. My audience tends to skew younger, so it's unclear how many people reading this ever listened to Coast to Coast AM, the show Art created. Mp3 playlists and blogs have replaced top forty and talk radio for going on a couple of generations now. When you say "talk radio", most Millennials and Gen Zeds probably think of some pudgy Boomer polemicizing about presidential politics, if they think of it at all.

It's a shame, too, since the usual topics of discussion on Coast--at least during the Art Bell years--couldn't have been further from basic bitch politics. Art was one of the dying breed of honest skeptics--perhaps the last--who genuinely thought everyone should be allowed to say his piece and that judgment should be reserved till all the evidence was in. And he put his money where his mouth was by running his show with open lines. Anyone could call in to Coast and get on the air, and quite often, anyone did.

I discovered Art late in my high school days, and he kept me company during many an all-nighter throughout college. Art was like the favorite uncle who'd take you aside at family gatherings, hand you a beer when your dad was safely occupied elsewhere, and chat with you man-to-man about his time in the service overseas. Or pass on a tall tale he'd picked up from a merchant marine in Saipan. Or confide the weirdness he and a buddy encountered while hitchhiking in the Badlands.Tuning in to Coast was like having that uncle on speed dial.

I say "was" because Coast has never been the same since Art retired. The sorts of folks who like to rubberneck at car crashes are encouraged to look elsewhere to have their curiosity satisfied. You'll find out why he left if you look. I prefer to keep some books closed, leave old wounds to heal, and let the dead sleep in the peace they've earned. I will say there are people out there as of this writing who are guilty of slanders that no doubt haunted a good man to his grave. Here's hoping they meet justice on this side of eternity.

Art was the kind of once-in-a-generation visionary who comes along and redefines a field. The trouble with visionaries is that they're rare, and their visions seldom align. Hence the sad phenomenon of the genius who builds an empire only to have his successors piss it away. It's an old story. See the case of D&D creator Gary Gygax's estate.

Coast to Coast AM has slid in the ratings and disappeared from more and more local stations since Art's retirement. It's not surprising. None of the hosts they brought on to fill his shoes ever did figure him out. They all thought the secret was in the format--understandable, since their jobs depended on it--when Coast's success was due to Art himself.

It wasn't about New Age evangelism, nor was it about rounding up a bunch of street corner cranks and parading them through your living room for laughs. Art's would-be successors should have listened to him. He explained more than once that he didn't buy ninety-nine percent of his guests' bullshit. That didn't stop him from conversing with wackos and hucksters like a serious journalist (yes, they did exist) interviewing the head of NASA. If you went on Coast in the late 90s, you knew that Art would give you a fair hearing and let the audience decide.

A tragedy of Art Bell, amid a lifetime of too much tragedy, was that of the great man who outlives the era he helped define. Go on YouTube, and you'll find any number of tawdry clickbait videos claiming to show ghosts caught on Google Maps and PG-13 horror flick demons stalking Venezuelan streets. That's where the audience that would have been Coast listeners has gone, and they're the poorer for it.

Godspeed, Mr. Bell. You leave behind a country that has long since ceased to deserve you.

For generous helping of weird stories that don't claim to be true but are definitely a lot of fun, pick up my new short story collection Strange Matter.

Strange Matter - Brian Niemeier