Return of 3 for 3 Review Day

The Soul Cycle - Brian Niemeier

It's 3/3 again--the first anniversary of author Jon Mollison's 3 for 3 Amazon review day!

How do you participate in 3 for 3 Day? It's simple.

  • Pick 3 books you've read but haven't reviewed yet.
  • Write a 3 sentence review of each book on Amazon.
  • Bonus points for choosing indie books, because indies are notoriously market-facing. The more feedback you give, the more your favorite indie authors will know to publish books you enjoy.

It just so happens that I have a number of books eagerly awaiting your feedback.

If you haven't read my award-winning Soul Cycle adventure series yet, I've made it even easier for you to get started. The first two mind-bending SC books, Nethereal and Dragon Award-winner Souldancer, are now 20% off.

And because I wouldn't ask you to do what I'm unwilling to do myself, I'm heading over to Amazon to write three-sentence reviews of three books. Authors can't know what you like to read if you don't tell them, so get to it!

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