Light Them Up

Witch Burning

Science fiction grand master and Grand Inquisitor of the Evil Legion of Evil John C. Wright solemnly pronounces sentence on the cackling coven of witches known to daytime TV paypigs as The View.
The Media Research Center is organizing a boycott. If you can pick up a phone and call an advertiser, you can have a voice. Conservatives have never had the wit or the willingness to organize pressure groups to defend ourselves, and so we have been losing the culture war for three generations, if not more.
When atheists with venomed tongue describe Christians as mentally ill or violently dangerous, they must be held to account. The networks answer to their advertisers, who answer to their customers. Hitherto, small groups of agitators and activists, representing no one but themselves, have vandalized one institution after another: halls of power, schools of law, groves of academia, newspapers, social media, and on and on. The fine arts have been utterly destroyed. Even popular arts, things as innocent as films and shows and comic books, are all coming under the control of political correctness.
My daughter is a college freshman. There is a mandatory class where “how to live the student life” is taught. It gives tips on studying and teaches that God is a story the apostles invented in order to make money.
STAR WARS and STAR TREK, of which my fanboy heart once loved more than anything, now to me are dead, killed by political correctness that refuses to allow heroism to be depicted, nowhere in timespace. Disney says they will never make another fairy tale movie where a prince rescues a princess.
Meanwhile, news entertainment shows like THE VIEW routinely mock and blaspheme all we hold sacred.
Evidence for the prosecution, Exhibits A-C:
On Tuesday, February 13th, ABC’s The View took the liberal media’s pronounced bias against Christianity to the next level and made vicious and offensive remarks about Christians and, in particular, the faith of Vice President Mike Pence.
Liberal co-host Sunny Hostin used her platform to call Vice President Pence’s Christian faith “dangerous.” Ms. Hostin went on to mock him, saying, “I’m a faithful person, but I don’t know that I want my Vice President, um — speaking in tongues and having Jesus speak to him.”
Joy Behar (who has a history of making deeply obnoxious statements about Christians and conservatives) responded, “That’s called mental illness, if I’m not correct. Hearing voices.”
Sunny Hostin is correct. Christianity is a serious threat to the evil machinations of her murderous death cult. The Morlocks cannot contain their frothing, obsessive hatred of Christ and His Church.That is why even staunch atheists have found a grudging respect for the one true faith.

Ms. Hostin should know better than to blaspheme against the God of VP Mike "Electric" Pence.

Electric Pence

As we say in #GamerGate, shut up and send emails. I've already contacted the main sponsors of The View. You can find the list of sponsoring companies and their contact information at the link.

For too long Leftists have monopolized the intimidation tactic of threatening companies with fake movements consisting of a few retirees, some identity theft, and a legion of bots. It is high time we embraced their tactic and amplified it with the force of a real movement 280 million strong.

The witches stand guilty. Light them up.


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  2. Oh yes, Behar. The titanic wit that called C.S. Lewis just a children's book author.

    Unrelated, but something you would care about:


    1. Sub-80 IQs aren't known for their reading or comprehension skills, so Joy's trending 'nominal'.

    2. I read that as "titanic twit". Works either way.

  3. Brian.
    And they're so banal aren't yhey. Mental illness? No whete have i heard this before? Why yeas. The Soviet union's abuse of the psychiatric hospital as the medical wing of the GULAG.

    I'd love to be on the View and probe them about this hatred and bring an exorcists. They might be possessed and i want to save thwm via heaven's intervention


    1. Never forget that the Left is a cult. Leftists don't think their personal opinions are opinions. They think they're universal truths. Thus, anyone who disagrees with the cult's dogma must be insane, evil, or both.

    2. Agreed. And what's bemusing is that if it weren't for life and death stakes they foist on thecrest of us,they come across as Bertie Wooster true believer. At least the original onecwas harmless and funny.