A Wrinkle in Time

Tune in for Geek Gab as Daddy Warpig and Dorrinal review the controversial new adaptation of beloved YA novel A Wrinkle in Time. Plus Slay the Spire and Hurricane Heist!

God-slaying fun for all!


  1. >Religious themes butchered
    Oh Disney. It's for the best they no longer have the rights to make Narnia movies.

    I'm honestly surprised since it sounds like they retained the ball bouncing scene from the books. I would have thought they'd remove the criticisms of communism.

    1. I won't see the movie so I'm just guessing here, but it's possible that due to the surface appearance of those scenes they thought it was a critique of 1950's America complete with Right-Wing Death Squads (because of course evil oppressive fascists are right-wing).

    2. @anonme: I didn't know they lost the rights to Narnia. Thanks for the encouraging news!

      @Taarkoth: Good for you for not seeing it.

  2. Brian,

    Here"s Le Figaro's review

    Let me translate the first few sentences because they're gold just pure gold in that French style of criticism:

    Inspiré d'une saga littéraire à succès outre-Atlantique, le nouveau conte de Disney est un naufrage cinématographique. Oprah Winfrey et Reese Witherspoon ne peuvent sauver cette épopée spatio-temporelle féministe qui carbure aux bons sentiments et devient un sérieux prétendant aux Razzie Awards.

    Inspired by the overseas saga from the other side of the Atlantic. The new Disney is a cinematrographic shipwreck. Oprah Winfrey or Reese Witherspoon cannot save this spatial-temporal feminist epic which carbonizes (or burns to a crisp) the good feelings and is a serious contender for the Razzies.

    It goes on to complain that it;s just under 2 hours and it's a shortcut. Further the critics equates it to a flying salad. etc. I really should translate the entire critique. I think we all need a good laugh because it's really mordant


  3. Brian, my translation. Enjoy

    The film doesn't reach 2 hours but it's an interminable wrinkle! The new Disney story, in cinemas this Wednesday, is just simply the shipwreck for this start of the year. On paper, everything is joined to make a perfect family outing. The film is n adaption of Madeline l'Engle fantasy literary saga, ultra-popular in the United States and sold 2 million copies in the world and assembles a 3 star casting alostt exclusively female representing diversity in the Trump and post Weinsetin era.

    Behind the camera we find the talented producer Ava Du Vernay qui had succeed with the Martin Luther mtraches for civil right with SELMA, en 2014. In front of the her goals follow Oprah Winfrey, Chris Pine and Mindy Kalling. ALAS. A Wrinkle in time that is the anthesis of risks taken than pay off these last months by the firms with big ears with Coco or the Last Jedi.

    We thus follow the spatial-temporal epic with Meg (Storm Reid). This Afro-American and metis high schooler, whipping boy for her comrades, flanked by her young Filipino-American and adopted brother, Charles Wallace, leave in a quest through several dimensions to find their physicist dad who disappeared 4 years ago following a mysterious experiment.

    Flying Salad
    The fairy allies Mrs. Who, Mrs. Whatist and Mrs. Which come to their aid and show them that love with a capital A is the frequency which permits them to travel anywhere (and even in Hell where Meg had time to wash her hair). A message told without the least subtlety: Oprah Winfry, giant version, the eyebrows covered in sparkles, floats in the air with a glittery and lame gown which we wouldn't dare wear in a night club not even for a costume party and mouths platitudes with a phrasing a la Yoda while Zach Galifianakis tries to amuse the gallery as a somersaulting elf in braids

    The nail of the bad show is without a doubt the ride of the children stars, left to themselves thereby the game is on autopilot on the back of Reese Witherspoon. The Star of BIG LITTLe LIES transformed into a cabbage leaf or flying salad. We let you choose but we're still trying to understand the vegetable garden passion

    A good novel doesn't necessarily make a good scene- this is also incomprehensible as sewn with white thread- and that the Wizard of Oz did already around 80 years ago was a psychedelic fable, has here a sickly, shrill and inept taste. Worse, the film is befret of any emotion so much as it's hammered into the skulls by what seems an army of these Social justice warriors so popular on the other side of the Atlantic. This Wrinkle in time has the airs of an industrial command of (political) circumstance. Not sure if this serves women and minority representation in American cinema. And that's too bad.

    Except for some nice costumes for Mindy Kalling and the refined plans of a 70s SF, the dialogue and the loathsome digital images of Ava Duvernay overwhelm the good sentiments and the sickly reflections. Diabetics and movie lovers stay away

    1. Thanks, Xaiver, that made my day.

    2. Brian.
      You're welcome. I made some mistakes for exaple the books should bec23 million copies and lame ahould be lamè.
      In any case, this movie is officially a global dumpster fire