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The following FaceBook post found its way into my feed yesterday. Names and faces are concealed to protect the innocent.

Unpopular Opinion 1

Anon is right on the money. Body positivity/#HealthyAtAnySize is pure rhetorical snake oil for all the reasons listed. Furthermore, it's downright evil for ulterior reasons not-so-subtly hidden in this comment on the post above (cat and land manatee pictures retained for emphasis):

Unpopular Opinion 2

That flood of solipsistic logorrhea set my Sailer's Law of Female Journalism alarm to blaring--in this case, we'll call it the Social Media Signaling corollary. Now, laymen may not be aware of what's going on in that comment. On the surface, it seems like a harmless if somewhat tangential call to be nice to fat people. Their mistake is overlooking the fact that comments like those are primarily rhetoric, and rhetoric is unconcerned with information content. You'll see just how unconcerned in a moment.

Let's break Cat Lady's comment down. She sees a thread where the OP challenges the body positivity movement based on his relevant personal experience of having once tipped the scales at nearly 400 pounds. (Good on him for taking charge of his health and losing the weight!)

Cat Lady shifts the context of the discussion from facts to feelings, viz. obese people who get upset when told they should lose weight. She self-identifies with the horizontally challenged demographic, which is the Rosetta Stone that lets us translate her comment as, "I get upset when people suggest I shed a few pounds."

Our second major feelz over facts alert comes when Cat Lady offers an olive branch in a manically waving hand to medical science, thus conceding the OP's point! She then takes a sharp left turn down Bitter Feminist Lane to pontificate about distorted standards of female beauty which are being roundly rejected by women (i.e. her).

Well, she's not wrong on that count.

But in the process of rationalizing her personal choice to be overweight, Cat Lady accidentally lets slip a kernel of truth. People--men and women--find thin women more attractive than overweight women. And contra Jezebel, it's not due to the internet. Hint: those ads with slender lasses work for a reason. As another study, also from Scotland, discovered, men are attracted to thin women because being thin has an evolutionary relationship with fertility and health.

Also lurking in Cat Lady's comment is the underlying assumption that men's standards of female attractiveness are distorted and therefore invalid. The implication is it's men's responsibility to reconfigure their natural desires to conform with women's lifestyle choices. The inescapable conclusion is that men need to rewire their brains to please women but women have no reciprocal obligation to lift a finger to please men.

In short, men are not allowed to have standards when it comes to mate selection.

Turns out the feminist line is a steaming load of projection, as the fine folks at OK Cupid found out.

OK Cupid - Female Attractiveness

As this graph shows, male OK Cupid users rated female users' attractiveness on a curve that's actually rather close to a normalized distribution. Men did tend to approach women on the higher end of the attractiveness spectrum more often, which just goes to show that beauty standards are more universal than OK Cupid claims.

Now let's take a look at how the ladies rated men.

OK Cupid - Male Attractiveness

The verdict: Female users rated an astonishing 80% of men as below average in attractiveness. Women's messaging patterns were only slightly ahead of the attractiveness curve.
But with the basic ratings so out-of-whack, the two curves together suggest some strange possibilities for the female thought process, the most salient of which is that the average-looking woman has convinced herself that the vast majority of males aren’t good enough for her, but she then goes right out and messages them anyway.
Men pursue. Women choose.

OKC themselves put paid to the "Distorted Male Beauty Standards" canard:
Females of OkCupid, we site founders say to you: ouch! Paradoxically, it seems it’s women, not men, who have unrealistic standards for the “average” member of the opposite sex.
Armed with these facts, I discerned a moral duty to show Cat Lady the error of her unscientific ways. I answered:
Men find thin women attractive because obesity is associated with infertility and birth defects. It's settled evolutionary science.
To which she replied (reproduced from memory):
Excuse me while I vomit all over my keyboard! I unfriended you for a million reasons, Brian, and this just confirms my decision. Please don't talk to me on other people's threads, either.
For those keeping score, that's not a rational argument. It's not even rhetoric. That is pure cognitive dissonance screeching "GAH! IT BURNS US!! MAKE THE NASTY FACTSES GO AWAY, PRECIOUS!!!"

When your science-based argument is met with a faceful of REEEEE, you can be sure that the other party is impervious to reason on the subject at hand. However, America is in the grip of an obesity epidemic of which Cat Lady is a casualty. I don't want her to have diabetes or flipper babies, and sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.

This was one of those times. My parting shot:
OK. Didn't know evolution is against your personal beliefs.
My last comment proved more triggering than I'd hoped. In addition to being unfriended, all of my comments were summarily scoured from the thread that the portly participants not chance to look upon them and suffer badfeelz.

Nerve: struck.

Mandatory health classes, PSAs, and Big Gulp bans have failed to stem the rising blubbery tide that threatens to engulf America. With a delusional pro-obesity movement waging a fanatical psy-op against science, the only remedy left is ridicule--public, merciless ridicule--of the solipsistic shills trying to lead women and men astray from the road to health and beauty.

Astlin weighed 400 lbs, but in her defense, she was made of brass at the time.

Souldancer - Astlin


  1. Brian
    Very intetesting. If you want to read some chemically pure defense of obesity there's a Twitter feed called Real Peer Review. Thete are other gems but I came across a few twitters on the subject.

    Further your post 0reminds me of the TV show Biggest loser. What struck me from the exracts I saw 2 things struck me
    1) losing weight,exercise and eating right is a spiritual battle against sloth and gl├╣ttony as well as other temptation. I was always attracted by that form of everyday heroism
    2) the physical,psychological but especially the spiritual transformation was always moving. You could see them not just overjoyed but they looked much better. As if disease literally receded from them. I always struck at how the women's hair changed colour from a darker to a lighter shade.

    In any case obseity is much a spirtual battle and we need to support them both physically and spiritually to lose weight and eat healthier

  2. Ya, when I interned for a marriage counselor I did a lot of research through peer-reviewed journals on attraction, love, marriage (divorce), and all that stuff through a social and biological lens. Found a lot of info that wouldn't be considered 'PC'. This falls in line with that. Despite all desires some people have, you can't change the more hardwired human behavior, not for the society at large anyway.

    When it comes to weight loss, unless you have a thyroid issue (even then there is evidence that you just need to be more cautious), it is all about self control. I lost 30 since I started dieting and exercising (bout 10 lbs a month). It is about being persistent and not expecting instant results (also finding a cheap gym).

  3. Haha, I love this!!

    "Didn't know evolution is against your personal beliefs." Classic.

    I was just watching some Youtube videos the other day which speculated on why Japan as a nation is so thin. The first video supposed the reason was the widespread availability of healthy food. The second video's reason? Fat-shaming. I'm totally betting the second was the cause of the first.

    1. Good eye. Here's why that line works:
      -Leftists are collectivists. They think of their insane ideas as universal truths, not personal opinions. Personalizing their statements isolates them from the collective and plants the nagging doubt that they may have committed wrongthink.
      -Cat Lady almost certainly #FuckingLovesScience, so calling out her science denial inflicts massive CogDis.
      -This last point is subtle, but the line could be read as, "Evolution contradicts your beliefs." She probably didn't notice, but her brain did :)

    2. Brian.
      Rather surprising that even believe in universal principle give how relativistic and nihilist they are.
      They sure love science but golly the facts always contradict them


  4. I wrote a post that's probably in the spam filter
    but here goes the gist:
    Reading through the post reminds me about the TV show the Biggest loser.
    What struck me with the extracts I saw is that eating right, losing weight and exercise are spiritual battles against sloth and gluttony. I was always moved by their everyday heroics.

    Second, I was always struck at how overjoyed they were when they lost weight. Their ill health disappeared from their bodies and they positively glowed. Better yet, everyone looked hot (yeah even the guys started to look handsome.)
    Also I found it rather interesting that the women's hair went from a dark to lighter shade of colour.

    In the end, obesity is as much a theological struggle as much as a health issue and those that make an effort to lose weight and eat right need our physical and spiritual support.

    P.S. there's a Twitter feed called Real Peer Review that's covered a few tweets/extract from peer reviewed journals on this subject. There are other gems worth perusing as well.


    1. Yeah. It went to spam again. I'll eventually train Blogger not to eat your comments.

    2. Brian
      Thanks. At least my posts are tastier than the slop from the social justice scolds :)

  5. As part of Generation Z, it is interesting to read about the excuses that people have for "letting go." At the high school level I think everyone knows that being obese is less attractive. No questions there, no excuses. Kids may acknowledge that they are fat, but they do not defend the rightness of it. Fat kids even joke about how unhealthy they are. In my school there aren't that many really obese kids. The number one rule is never talk about it; even in health class. Sure you can talk about how healthy exercise and eating well is, but never talk about how unhealthy fat is.

    On the subject of being able to do ballet even when you are heavy, I object. I started ballet when I was four years old and basically have been dancing since. Extra weight is extremely hard on the joints. I myself have knee, feet, and ankle problems without being obese. Posing doesn't take much effort, but jumping, turning, being on pointe, and having high extensions are really difficult if you are fat.

    1. Thanks for your expert analysis. Good points all around.

      As a member of Generation Y, it's my job to make sure Generation Z take their rightful place as rulers of the coming glorious new world.

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