Gen Zed Perspective

Reader and high school student Eliza offers her informed commentary on yesterday's post about the Left's efforts to normalize obesity.
As part of Generation Z, it is interesting to read about the excuses that people have for "letting go." At the high school level I think everyone knows that being obese is less attractive. No questions there, no excuses. Kids may acknowledge that they are fat, but they do not defend the rightness of it. Fat kids even joke about how unhealthy they are. In my school there aren't that many really obese kids. The number one rule is never talk about it; even in health class. Sure you can talk about how healthy exercise and eating well is, but never talk about how unhealthy fat is. 
On the subject of being able to do ballet even when you are heavy, I object. I started ballet when I was four years old and basically have been dancing since. Extra weight is extremely hard on the joints. I myself have knee, feet, and ankle problems without being obese. Posing doesn't take much effort, but jumping, turning, being on pointe, and having high extensions are really difficult if you are fat.
Ballet dancer feet

Thank you, Eliza, for offering your insightful testimony against the charlatans preaching fat acceptance. The sly reference to Disney's ode to Crowleyan satanism is icing on the cake.

I'm happy to report that some of my faith in humanity has been restored by the female commenters who have come out three to one against Cat Lady's Healthy at any Size agitprop. It ain't "distorted male standards of beauty" that young, intelligent women (two of whom are or have been ballet dancers) are having none of. It's heart disease, cancer, and crippling joint damage.

The report that few of Eliza's classmates are obese is doubly heartening. It's a good bet that most of them have dates tonight.

Incidentally, the story of a woman who battles the god of evil to save her husband would make a great Valentine's Day gift.

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  1. Brian,

    Slowly but surely la verite sort des puits (i.e. a reference to the Dreyfus affair and a caricature of Zola rising from a toilet carrying a Dreyfus doll)
    I'm relieved that the younger generations are alert and on the counterattack.

    Lies are the ultimate in vapourware and house built on sand. They look wonderful but when the lies blight so many live, people understand that lies are harmful get it(tm).

    All.my.life. All.my.life I've lived with the consequences of the proto and actual social justice lunatics lies. At my age, I'm a bit sad that I can't enjoy the renaissance but take solace that I did my part as best I could during the occupation.
    Yet I still worry if I've done enough, was brave enough, was sly enough to undermine the house of lies.

    In any case, the fawning for fatness(tm) is just another facet of the cult of ugliness that pervades the social justice lunatics. It has to be stopped. Morbidly obese people like the transsexuals, need psychological help as well as tough love.

    Few things are a turn off than to see a 150+ kg woman (and the same for men). Extreme fatness is totally ugly and kills; no amount of lying will cover up those objective facts.