Black Panther Review

On the latest episode of Geek Gab, Daddy Warpig and Dorrinal talk Marvel's new movie Black Panther. Does the controversial film put politics ahead of story? Find out!

Make Wakanda Great Again

Also, our hosts discuss heroism, the new counterculture, and the MPAA.

Give this one a listen:

The cast of Firefly overdose on the spice from Dune and wake up on Cthulhu's couch.


  1. My general opinion on the movie. Acting was good by the protag and the two antags,writing was really bad and illogical at points, and some characters were really annoying. Enjoyable enough but not re-watchable.

  2. "Black Panther" revenue prediction:

    "The Lambda value of the Poisson Distribution curve for BP will be closer to 1 than 10."

  3. "... ,writing was really bad and illogical at points ..."

    This is how you kill a movie, and a franchise (if you're feeling daring), beyond just seasoning it with SJW 'Nonsense & Stupidity™':

    Bad Writing.

    Viewers will forgive poor special effects, sub-par acting, and low production values before they forgive bad writing.

    The exception to this is where the writing is so bad that it comes together with other "bad" aspects of the film to help make it a cult film.

    1. And I wouldn't bet on Black Panther being the new Plan 9 from Outer Space.