Making Peace

Making Peace - Adam Lane Smith

My friend Adam Smith just released his first novel. Making Peace is a swashbuckling science fantasy romp with a dash of whodunit for extra seasoning. The richness and weirdness of Adam's world building rivals mine, and I don't say that lightly.

Here's the blurb:
Explosions, swordfights, psychology, and humor combine in this unique sci-fi/fantasy blend! It's sword and sorcery on a dystopian colony planet.  
Interstellar romance author Belkan Candor has had a string of bestsellers, and his latest hit, My Mech, My Love, is flying off store shelves. When he takes a job as an embedded journalist with a peacekeeping organization, he expects a plush assignment with a big payout. What he gets is an exposé into human trauma and psychological pain, and a twisted conspiracy on an entire planet looking to stay off the grid.
Swords are swinging and magic is flinging, and Belkan is right in the center of it. Assassins, serial killers, prostitutes, and obsessed romance novel fans collide in a web of intrigue and violence which threatens to tear his world apart.
Will he survive, or will this novel be the death of him?
Making Peace is just 99 cents for a limited time, so you guys have no excuse not to snatch it up. In this current wasteland of banal fantasy, you'll be glad you chose something original.

Meanwhile, reader reactions to The Ophian Rising continue to set new high water marks. The latest review in particular blew me away.
Now, the entire series is full of violence, death, evil gods, fates worse than death, betrayal and damnation. Yet, Mr. Niemeier manages to balance all that out with hope, redemption, courage, sacrifice, and good triumphing over evil. With this final novel, Mr. Niemeier has created a work of art and beauty that I believe will stand the test of time. I will be passing along to anyone who wants a way out of the filth and nihilism that seems to plague so much of modern fiction. This, I believe,  is Mr. Niemeier's greatest achievement with the Soul Cycle series.
-Sebastien LaQroix
The Ophian Rising - Brian Niemeier

If the legacy media gatekeepers were really the curators of culture they claim to be, the best seller lists and movie marquees would be populated with entirely different names than those which dominate them now.

But that's alright. It's abundantly clear that a new generation of countercultural creators has arisen to restore truth and beauty to their rightful places at the pinnacle of the arts. We don't need New York or Hollywood. In fact, we're more than happy to watch the rotting strongholds of the old media crumble and burn.

You can play an integral part in healing Western culture from its nigh mortal wounds.

Don't give money to people who hate you.

Support creators who celebrate your culture and work hard for your entertainment.


  1. Soul Cycle may be leaking out into the real world. I just came across a young man named Marshal Malachi.

  2. Mister Smith's social media game is certainly enviable. I've not only seen retweets by the likes of Nick Cole and Rob Kroese, but also them buying the book. Also has 18 reviews already