Fifth Columnists

The Fifth Column

The war to save Western civilization stands at a turning point. For years, the West seemed fated for terminal decline into a dystopia micromanaged by SJW kommissars. #GamerGate, Sad Puppies, and the election of Donald Trump offered hope that the tide was turning against anti-civilizational madness.

At this moment, neither a descent into barbarism nor a resurgence of Western culture seems inevitable. The future looks far less certain than it did just a few years--or even months--ago.

The current stalemate with the rainbow-haired, Commie-Puritan hordes is not due to the foe's strategic genius, or even their base cunning. Indeed, God has done us the great favor of making our enemies ridiculous.

SJW Screaming

Take a moment to laugh at the infantilized androgyny on display. Then consider that the mewling freak show escapees we're up against have not yet been driven--or helicoptered--into the sea. They still control the major power centers of government, academia, and the media.

No, my friend. The men of the West are not being held in check by the invincible bogeymen that make bow tie-bedecked Conservatives huddle under the covers. If such pathetic opposition has not been swept from the field, the fault lies with you and me.

A perennial weakness of conservative, libertarian, and traditionalist movements has been a penchant for radical individualism that undermines their solidarity. In effect, such groups tend to produce their own fifth columnists--members who sabotage the movement's efforts from within.

Here is brief guide to the most destructive types of fifth columnists within the pro-civilization movement.

Fence Sitting

The cultural upheavals currently shaking the West to its core have reached a crisis point. We are now embroiled in a civil war fought (mostly) online with words and memes (for now).

It is the solemn duty of every man of good will to resist this all-out attack on the culture his forefathers bled and died for. The enemy have always been quite clear that they will give no quarter in battle and no mercy in victory.

Despite facing intractable opposition and the highest stakes imaginable, the hoary ranks of Conservatism are still rife with self-professed moderates who continue advocating compromise with an implacable foe.

Usually arguing from the Hegelian thesis-antithesis-synthesis model and adopting some form of Horseshoe Theory, moderates fussily busy themselves with tone-policing those of their allies who actually take the fight to the enemy.

Political Horseshoe
Though fond of appearing sober and reasonable, moderates are actually ruled by a fear of being disliked by the Left that prevents them from accomplishing anything useful. Their calls for civility are only ever directed at their own side, while the barbarians they hope to impress howl for the blood of the moderates and their children.

Moderate self-assessment
Do you:
  • Spend more time rebuking your own side than mocking the Left?
  • Operate out of a need to feel morally superior to your allies, i.e.: Do you get off on being The Only Adult in the Room?
  • Fear an SJW calling you a racist, sexist, homophobe, transphobe, islamophobe, misogynist, or general bigot more than seeing your children reduced to second-class citizens?
  • Believe that the US Constitution is a powerful grimoire capable of transforming nihilistic postmoderns into red-blooded Americans if its incantations are recited correctly by those of sufficient ideological purity? 
If you answered "yes" to most of those questions, kindly get out of the way so the rest of us can preserve a world where your cherished principles are still relevant.

Witch Burning

Christianity is a necessary pillar of Western civilization. Not only do the Church's teachings inform our cultural and legal traditions, she has saved the West from destruction time and again. If not for the brave Christian soldiers at Tours, Lepanto, and Vienna, Western civilization would have been scoured by the face of the earth by invading Muslim hordes.

Not only are men like Charles Martel and Don John of Austria sadly lacking today, a particularly loathsome breed of heretic has cropped up to undermine the Church from within.

Tainted by many of the same postures that motivate moderates, the new heretics fail to meet the intellectual rigor of Docetists, Nestorians, or Pelegians. Instead they give lip service to orthodoxy while indulging in the sin of despair--a material rather than a formal heresy.

To find the poster boy for this emasculated strain of Christianity that seeks preemptive surrender to the enemies of Christ, one need look no further than American Conservative columnist Rod Dreher. Here he is explaining how The Last Jedi contains several key themes of his cowardly Benedict Option plan for Christian self-ghettoization.

Luke Milking
Surely retreating from society and living off sea cow milk is how Christ intended us to witness to the Gospel.
Sea Cow Option Heretic Self-assessment
Have you:
  • Decided to forgo having your own children in favor of adopting from a Haitian orphan mill?
  • Been so cowed (not sorry) by anti-Christian propaganda invoking the Crusades and the Inquisition that you avoid standing up for your faith?
  • Bought the exegesis, contra history and Tradition, that "Turn the other cheek" is an injunction against national, neighborhood, and home defense?
  • Come to deny the clear and consistent teaching of Scripture and the Magisterium that peoples have a God-given right to build nations and define themselves within the bounds of Christian charity?
Then know that you have weakened the Church on earth like an autoimmune disease afflicting the Body of Christ. Furthermore, you have scandalized those who are turning away from the emptiness of atheism and atomized consumerism only to find their search for truth and fellowship obstructed by lukewarm (still not sorry) pseudo-apostates. You now have a chance to acknowledge your errors and repent. Failing that, Templar NEETs will be around soon to conduct you to a festive bonfire in the public square. I'm sure you'll go along quietly.

Begone THOT
No, I'm not including pictures of any THOTs. That's exactly what they'd want me to do.
Every popular movement attracts leeches and grifters who hop on the bandwagon in search of money and attention. Perhaps the most conspicuous--and potentially detrimental--camp followers of the traditionalist movement are the crop of young women who've taken to social media to leverage their looks and superficial traditionalism for fame and filthy lucre. Common parlance labels such an opportunistic female pundit a THOT--"That Ho Over There".

If you've noticed that the types of fifth columnists seem interconnected, you're quite observant. While Christian moderates foment the soft heresy of despair, men who resist emasculation and seek traditional male-female relations are falling prey to THOTs.

"What's the harm?" you might ask. The danger posed by THOTs goes beyond frivolous demands on men's time and wallets. Nearly all major THOTs, to my knowledge, have turned out to harbor corrosive feminist ideas and/or unsavory personal histories that are far from traditional. THOTs are not only a distraction, they pose a real risk of poisoning love-starved men's minds.

Former pick up artist guru Roosh V, who some say is in the midst of an Augustinian-style conversion, provides a handy THOT checklist.
  • “Are you against homosexual marriage?”
  • “Do you believe it’s ideal for a woman to remain a virgin until she gets married?”
  • “Do you believe that it’s best for children to be raised by a stay-at-home mother?”
  • “Do you believe a woman’s choices should be constrained by her husband, tribe, or church with the intention of doing what’s best for her?”
  • “Do you believe it’s wrong for a young girl to find herself by traveling around the world and trying new experiences?”
If your favorite bubbly, Jordan Peterson-parroting YouTube girlpundit wouldn't answer "yes" to at least two of those questions; run--don't walk--away. You're being played.

White Knights
White Knight

THOTs aren't the only women who are undermining Western civilization. As philosopher Stefan Molyneux points out, Western women in general favor bigger government and unchecked immigration while remaining woefully uninformed on relevant policy matters.

The only factor that reliably turns women away from socialism and open-borders civilizational suicide is marrying and having children with a non-Leftist man. The upshot is that women will follow the lead of men who are worth following.

Unfortunately, decadent pop culture has indoctrinated multiple generations of men with the lie that the way to earn women's respect is to coddle them, placate them, and unconditionally validate their every decision. The result is a legion of white knights who will rush to defend any woman whose decisions are publicly questioned--regardless of how ill-advised those decisions may be.

When half the population is constantly reinforced in the contradictory notions that they are entitled to unchecked power and immunity from all accountability, the result is civilization-wide disaster.

It's not hard. If you want equality, you have to have equal accountability. If you can't stomach that, your choices are matriarchy or patriarchy.

White Knight Self-assessment
Are you:
  • Convinced that girls you follow on Instagram will sleep with you if you give them enough fawning affirmation?
  • Quick to rush to the defense of any woman who faces disagreement from any man in the hope that she'll sleep with you?
  • Loath to caution a female friend against another tattoo/piercing/student loan because if you admonish her, she might not sleep with you?
  • Hopeful that your female best friend will ditch the multiple felon she's currently dating if you reply "You go, grrrl!" to enough of her FB posts and sleep with you?
If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, know that the object of your affections sees you only as an easy source of emotional validation, and that no amount of obsequious placating will convince her to see you as sexually desirable. Hang up your spurs and delete your account.

Pop Culture Paypigs
Entertainment Companies

Hollywood hates its audience, and evidence continues emerging that the entertainment industry is controlled by evil perverts who treat men, women, and children in their power like cattle.

Continuing to support the mass entertainment media complex is now immoral. Not only does the money you shell out for a movie ticket, Big Five-published novel, or AAA video game get funneled into Leftist politicians' coffers, it lines the pockets of sex criminals.

Yet otherwise upright, self-respecting people who are aware of this sorry state of affairs continue forking over their rapidly depreciating currency--not even for the fleeting pleasure of being entertained--but to bitch about how awful the latest poz machine offering is.

Sexual deviants have a name for those who pay money to people who insult them without the benefit of any reciprocal pleasure: Paypigs.

If you:
  • Attended a showing of the latest entry in that SJW-converged franchise because "My wife/girlfriend really wanted to go!"
  • Purchased the newest phone book-sized volume in that long-running fantasy series from that publisher whose employees called you a Nazi because "It's my guilty little pleasure!"
  • Still subscribe to ESPN to follow that league whose millionaire players accuse you of oppressing them because "I'm a lifelong [Sportsball Team] fan!"
  • Bought the direct-to-video sequel to that early 90s animated hit that the since-converged studio only released as a cash grab/vehicle for Crowleyan satanism because "My girls just love that song!"
Congratulations, you have reduced yourself to a groveling little Paypiggy who actually does go there to be insulted. 

Don't GIVE money to people who hate you.

Don't give MONEY to people who hate you.

Don't give money to people who HATE you.

It's no use arguing that there's nothing better to do, not when the fruits of Western civilization have placed a rich cultural patrimony at your fingertips.

Seek out and read novels from the old pulp masters. The treasure hunt is half the fun.

Sample archive.org's library of old-time radio plays. There's more than you could listen to in a lifetime.

Similarly, archive.org features an extensive selection of free movies. Not only do they hail from a time before Hollywood was entirely pozzed, they're superior to the current-year trash. You could watch one a day for fourteen years and never see the same film twice.

Already read the genre classics? There's a growing field of talented, pro-civilization authors who are working day and night for your entertainment. To head off references to glass houses and stone-throwing, you can't say I haven't done my bit to help rebuild the memory-holed SF canon.

Facing uncomfortable truths about oneself is never pleasant, but one advantage we have over the slavering hordes of the Left is our capacity for introspection and self-examination. If you find yourself committing one or more of the behaviors listed above, stop and think of one actionable step you can take to correct that vice.
  • Confront your fear of others' disapproval by posting something that you think will earn a Leftis's displeasure. You might be surprised by the results.
  • Ask your pastor to preach a doctrinal sermon on the Church's teachings on marriage, artificial contraception, or abortion.
  • Unfollow that pert young eCelebrity who turned to peddling traditionalism after living for years as an amateur escort.
  • Say "no" to one trivial request that your girlfriend makes today.
  • Pick up a book by Edgar Rice Burroughs or Robert E. Howard at your local used bookstore.
The battle for the future of Western Civilization is being fought now and will be decided this year. Which side are you on?


  1. Brian.
    Outstanding post. Let me play devil's advocate. I think the Benedict/St Anthony of the desert option is one of the choices in a multifaceted strategy. We also need the Franciscan one of engaging the world the Dominican at the universities and the new movements like Opus dei for work and neighbourhoods. Retreat from the world is ok but it should be for a very small minority.
    As for women, the 2 biggest problems is tha the state has usurped the role if the husband provided. How are guys supposed to provide and protect when the state is the buggest alpha male? The biggest obstacle to returning sanity is to radically reduce the state's intrusion in our lives.
    Second problem:deep down women don't like to work. They're shocked to discover that work is a man's world where it's physically and mentally demanding and sometimes kills. Women have a different kind of resiliency best seen as volunteers at schools, hospitals and neighbourhood organizations and of course at home.

    The biggest challenge i see for my kids generation is to recover subsidiarity. The state isn't civil society


    1. Glad you found value in the post.
      Some of Dreher's proposals, like urging Christians to pull their kids out of public schools, are spot-on. It's the cowardice that comes from mixing Liberalism with his Christianity that's his fatal flaw. Franciscan engagement is closer to the mark, but most people--especially college kids--are far too ignorant and dialectically illiterate for the Dominican approach to be much use right now. What would really help would be for the bishops to start excommunicating the many fake Catholics who publicly and flagrantly scoff at Church doctrine. To have any meaning, Christianity has to make demands of its adherents.

      Yes, the state has replaced husbands and fathers. That's because a) women voted for it and b) men let them. Women form such a large voting bloc that sufficiently reducing the size of government is effectively impossible unless more women marry earlier, have kids, and stay married. But as you said, the state offers perverse incentives for delaying and avoiding marriage. Repealing women's suffrage would solve the problem instantly--as Ann Coulter said, if women couldn't vote, no Democrat would be elected ever again. But that would require women voting away their own voting rights. Once again, we're not voting our way out of this.

      Though experiment: Imagine what rush hour traffic would look like if 2/3 of the women in the work force quit to be full-time moms.

      Yes, subsidiarity is the key. It's something you don't hear preached about from the pulpit these days.

    2. Brian,

      Thanks for your reply. I really found this to be a great post as it's also compelling me to introspect as well.
      What we really lack, are politicians who just don't care for the lobbyists and repeal a lot of programs killed, reduced or spun off and returned to civil society.
      Can I bee a bit of a snob and recommend that we regress harder and read the Odyssey and the Illiad in the original Greek and the Aeneid in Latin? :) I find learning the classical language (Greek, Latin, Sanskrit, Hebrew, Persian) put things in perspective. You have to master the declensions and there are no feelz or whining about genders, you just gotta plough through the grammar.
      In the meantime, I'm regressing to Tirant lo Blanc and it's great to read it as adult. Next up is either Mio cid or Orlando Furioso; haven't decided it yet:)


    3. We all have to go back.

      All the way back.

    4. Dreher is such a coward that right as the Church is suffering the worst crisis in its history, he runs away to the Orthodox. I love my Orthodox brothers, especially for their liturgical praxis, but they have caved on important issues, such as contraception. Here is an opportunity for great heorism and instead he runs away and then advises all of us to do the same, foolishly, since he thinks commie, SJWs will be willing to treat Christians like the pagan Germanic tribals did. Let's see, pagan tribals left Benedict alone because of the lack of loot and his sanctity. SJW/Commies would kill him because the loot they want is not material, for they want the mind and soul of everyone to conform to their worship of the LIE. The Benedictine option was for a particular time and place, and it's long gone. But for cowards, despair springs eternal!

    5. Can't argue with your assessment of the situation. Holing up in monasteries and ghettos is not an option this time. It's fight or die.

  2. MegaBusterShepard here....

    Damn Brian you are on FIRE lately. Nice rant man.

    1. MegaBusterShepard here...

      Would like to, but I don't have a blog. But I can repost your blog on my gab account.

    2. It's cool. Every little bit helps.

    3. Megabustedshepard
      You can download these books and keep SFWA from being gatekeepers of old scifi books
      Keep those perverts aeay from charging for those books and find their nefarious activities


  3. Centrists: "You mean people will think we're smart if we just don't take a side on anything?! Sign me up!"

  4. Wow! You nailed so many things on the head here! Amazing post my friend.

    1. Thank you. Rebuilding the lost SFF canon--a task you're undertaking with aplomb--is even more important!

  5. This entire article summed up every change of perspectives I've experienced since 2014 until now.

    GamerGate opened my eyes that something bad is trying to infiltrate the video game industry, and from then onward my perspective broadened enough to realize that SJWism is a cancer that has infected the entire entertainment spectrum and really Western Civilization as a whole. It doesn't help that most of the debates that happen on the subjects described in this article are relegated to Social Media which is a place where people trade insults, not arguments, and since the left is king when it comes to snarkiness(having to compensate for their lack of arguments), most of the time they end up as winners and people assume their position is stronger even though they never made any arguments in the first place.

    I'm really glad I started looking into the past for entertainment; it's not as if I've been pushed to a corner and am now scrambling for any bit of entertainment that doesn't contain SJW themes, no matter how badly is written; the Pulps had some genuinely fantastic stories from talented writers. Lovecraft, Robert E Howard, Edgar Rice Burroughs(who I had initially wrote off as childish, proving that it was me who was being a child), Clark Ashton Smith(underrated as hell) etc.

    Couple all that with old movies where men didn't act like pushovers and women acted like actual women, I'm going to be occupied for a long, long time. That's not even taking into account the writings that came before all these.

    Honestly, I've got no reason to complain; the Left can keep modern entertainment for themselves, it's garbage anyway.

    And I have no sympathy for people who hate Social Justice themes but continue to support companies that promote them. You reap what you sow. Case in point; the Last Jedi. All the signs that this was going to be a SJW shitfest were there, but people, even those who were aware of it, still watched it, because "it might be fun". It's like they can't get their entertainment from something else. I didn't watch it and I didn't lose anything. Star Wars was dead since Disney bought the rights. Time to look for other alternatives.

    1. Thanks for sharing your insights. You're not alone. #GamerGate opened many people's eyes.

      There's not much to add to your excellent comment, except to assure you that SJWs are in fact losing in the public arena.

      Taking the debate to social media isn't a handicap. It's been an overwhelming advantage since we finally learned to use the SJWs' weapons against them.

      I sympathize with your disappointment over the failure of dialectic. But the fact is that logical argument has never convinced more than 10% of people, anyway.

      The Left attained cultural dominance through rhetoric. They weren't even that good at it. As you pointed out, they've since degenerated to nothing but snark.

      SJWs have no answer for a taste of their own medicine. There's a reason that #TheLeftCantMeme has become a modern truism.

      And if you want proof of our superior effectiveness, look at how Twitter, Facebook, and Google have been censoring anyone to the right of Mao. They can't control the narrative now that legacy media is on the decline and new media is ascendant.

      And they're rightly terrified.

    2. Thank you for your reply, that certainly makes me feel more optimistic.