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Point of No Return - #GamerGate

This incisive comment on my Fifth Columnists post by reader Constantin illustrating how #GamerGate gave many normies their first taste of the red pill merited its own guest post.

Here's Constantin:
This entire article summed up every change of perspectives I've experienced since 2014 until now. 
GamerGate opened my eyes that something bad is trying to infiltrate the video game industry, and from then onward my perspective broadened enough to realize that SJWism is a cancer that has infected the entire entertainment spectrum and really Western Civilization as a whole. It doesn't help that most of the debates that happen on the subjects described in this article are relegated to Social Media which is a place where people trade insults, not arguments, and since the left is king when it comes to snarkiness(having to compensate for their lack of arguments), most of the time they end up as winners and people assume their position is stronger even though they never made any arguments in the first place.
I'm really glad I started looking into the past for entertainment; it's not as if I've been pushed to a corner and am now scrambling for any bit of entertainment that doesn't contain SJW themes, no matter how badly is written; the Pulps had some genuinely fantastic stories from talented writers. Lovecraft, Robert E Howard, Edgar Rice Burroughs(who I had initially wrote off as childish, proving that it was me who was being a child), Clark Ashton Smith(underrated as hell) etc.
Couple all that with old movies where men didn't act like pushovers and women acted like actual women, I'm going to be occupied for a long, long time. That's not even taking into account the writings that came before all these.
Honestly, I've got no reason to complain; the Left can keep modern entertainment for themselves, it's garbage anyway.
And I have no sympathy for people who hate Social Justice themes but continue to support companies that promote them. You reap what you sow. Case in point; the Last Jedi. All the signs that this was going to be a SJW shitfest were there, but people, even those who were aware of it, still watched it, because "it might be fun". It's like they can't get their entertainment from something else. I didn't watch it and I didn't lose anything. Star Wars was dead since Disney bought the rights. Time to look for other alternatives.
My reply:

Thanks to Constantin for sharing his insights. He's not alone. #GamerGate opened many people's eyes.

There's not much to add to his excellent comment, except to assure him that SJWs are in fact losing in the public arena.

Taking the debate to social media isn't a handicap. It's been an overwhelming advantage since we finally learned to use the SJWs' weapons against them.

I sympathize with his disappointment over the failure of dialectic. But the fact is that logical argument has never convinced more than 10% of people, anyway.

The Left attained cultural dominance through rhetoric. They weren't even that good at it. As Constantin pointed out, they've since degenerated to nothing but snark.

SJWs have no answer for a taste of their own medicine. There's a reason that #TheLeftCantMeme has become a modern truism.

And if you want proof of our superior effectiveness, look at how Twitter, Facebook, and Google have been censoring anyone to the right of Mao. They can't control the narrative now that legacy media is on the decline and new media is ascendant.

And they're rightly terrified.

P.S. If you're fed up with political propaganda in your entertainment, check out my thrilling Soul Cycle series for 100% politics-free escapism.

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  1. MegaBusterShepard here....

    Yeah just don't buy from companies who support anti consumer tendancies. I've never bought a social justice laden product and never will.

  2. Brian
    A great reflection by Constatin. It's great that a gamer wants to defend his hobby.i guess where in the phase of Chesterton little platoons.
    Slowly civil society is ejecting the toxins that are killing it.
    So we need ro create a decentralized network that support each


  3. Before #Gamergate I only cared little about culture and politics. I took a shallow and condescending approach to it all believing that does not concern me. Gamergate changed that. For the first time I could see the enemy actively trying to do everything in their power to steal away my hobby. I moved on from gaming, but the lessons learnt in that fight will stay with me forever.

    It was because of Gamergate I stumbled upon Vox Day, John C. Wright, Larry Correia, and subsequently to you and Nick Cole.

    It was because of Gamergate I learnt how politics is downstream from culture. Because of Gamergate I could easily identfy why I instictively disliked some films or books I read in the past but couldn't explain why at the time.

    Almost a year after Gamergate the migrant crysis hit the Europe. And all the tactics the press used against Gamergate, they used against people who opposed accepting migrants. Gamergate was the best inoculation against leftist insanity one could wish for.

    I am done playing defence, it's time to start taking back what the previous generations squandered away, and you guys are on the right way. As Jefferson said: "In matters of principle, stand like a rock; in matters of taste, swim with the current."