The Necessity of Good Books

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Reader D.J. Schreffler writes:
Here I talk about good, not just in the sense of enjoyable, but with a sound moral foundation.
Stories--and ideas--are like food in many ways. They can be an acquired taste, people may differ on whether they like them or not, they can nourish (or not). Popcorn and soda is tasty and entertaining, but one cannot live on it alone. Similarly, theology and doctrine (I Corinthians 3:2).
Why am I making this point?
This is an expansion on the comment I made recently on your blog about you and other authors ruining Barnes & Noble for me. Earlier, I loved the new books, but they were too intense. I could not read them through, but had to read a bit, but then pull back a while before coming back to them. Now, I am strengthened in good reading and can read through and find even more enjoyment now that I can bear it and not have it be overwhelming.
I only wish I had read more Superversive-type books earlier.
But this shows, starkly, that morally sound entertainment is a weapon in the war of culture, which then links with philosophy and politics, for all of them are linked with the fundamental worldview.
As a reader entertained since Nethereal was first released: Thank you for joining the fight! 
Read D.J.'s Ophian Rising review here.

Do you know why writing is the best job in the world? It's not because of the money, which for most authors is not enough to make ends meet. It's because if a writer has done his job of pleasing his readers, he might get an email like the one quoted above.

Yes, writing is a business. And one of the most vital reasons for getting good at that business is to reach the readers who have been conned, demoralized, and abandoned by the treasonous gatekeepers of their own culture.

The bow tie and white papers crowd are wrong about economics being the main battlefield in the culture war. It seems redundant to have to point this out to them, but culture is the arena where Western culture will be saved or lost.

In light of that fact, I am humbled and grateful to have helped reacquaint a formerly discouraged reader with the joys of entertaining fiction that uplifts his cultural birthright instead of tearing it down.

The counter-revolution to take back science fiction from its usurpers is growing. But the opposition is addicted to their ill-gotten power and deeply entrenched. Take up your pen and join us! Or, if your talents lie elsewhere, use them in the service of your culture and your God.

And as I said before, financial matters aren't primary, but they are important. Please support authors who are striving to bring you an alternative to the soulless corporate machine that regards you as little more than cattle to be herded and milked.


  1. Brian
    merry Christmas. Grest post. I concour that culture defines a society:economics just fulfills needs and wants.
    Ss for good books i sometimes sympathize with Cervantes' call to keep the good books and burn the bad ones. I was stunned when i read it in Don Quijote but i get his point now.
    Slowly but surely the counterculture is coming first the books then the movies and finally music and other arts will return to beauty good and truth


  2. Johnson and Kennedy have earned their places in the Sarlacc pit.

    1. Now to blow up Harvey Weinstein's sail barge.

    2. Invite Jar Jar Abrams over for drinks and a three-hour tour first.