Never Go Full SJW

A friend and reader writes:
Haha, it's official -- Tor newsletter just went full retard.
And with that, I'm going to unsubscribe.
He ain't kidding! Here are some highlights.

Tor.com newsletter1

Tor.com kicks off with a bit of garden variety historical revisionist boilerplate. Sure to be the talk of the junior college faculty lounge.

Tor.com newsletter2

In case you were wondering whether SF SJWs can go five minutes on the internet without invoking Harry Potter, the answer is no, they cannot.

Tor.com Newsletter3

But they can make it six minutes before constructing tortured political allegories based on Disney's Star Wars movies.

Cappy Barnhouse
"I've seen people scream when they see a poorly drawn fish lip. They think it's a monster. But it's just a fish lip."
Pop-feminist historical criticism: check.
Harry Potter: check.
TFA: check.

Congratulations to Tor.com for becoming the ultimate SF SJW stereotype. It could've been worse. They could have, I don't know, foisted some clumsy Harry Potter-nuStar Wars mashup on us.

What's this? We have a new contender!

Tor.com Newsletter4

Self-parody achieved. Goodnight, everybody.


  1. Build your own alternatives, people.

  2. The siren article is my favorite. So funny how feminists have to insist how scared men are of them in order to explain why men won't give them whatever they want. SJWs Always Project, anyone? No wait, that can't be it! It must be because the Fair Sex really is the most threatening thing to have ever walked this earth. Bow down and worship them, lest they assault you with Harry Potter references!!

    1. Communism, fascism, and volcano worship are all more coherent than feminism.

  3. I'm so tempted to add a Harry Potter fork involving hunting down communist infiltrators to my to do list.

    But seriously, why is it always Harry Potter? Is it the Millennial Woodstock or something?

    1. Worse. It's Woodstock for the segment of Millennials who suck up to Boomers and are jealous they don't have their own Woodstock.

    2. They have no other cultural reference.

      Side story, may only be of interest to Brian. So I had read the article above, but couldn't remember where or how to find it. So I just goggled [harry potter cultural references]. First page was just buzzfeed trash. So I'm like... "what the hell" and clicked page 5. Boom! it was the 8th result.

  4. Tor spelled backwards is... ROT.