December Update

The Ophian Rising - Brian Niemeier

This will be a short post since I'm up to my elbows in last-minute manuscript cleanup work. As the prior sentence probably tipped you off, The Ophian Rising, Soul Cycle Book IV, is now complete and will be sent off to Polgarus Studio shortly for final formatting.

Thanks to everyone who supported this project, and the Soul Cycle as a whole. The final book's release is the culmination of a labor I began almost two decades ago. Back then, I never could have imagined that Nethereal would be found worthy of a Campbell nomination, that Souldancer and The Secret Kings would become Dragon Award finalists, or that SD would win.

An equally unforeseen development has been indie publishing's rise, not just to viability, but to dominance of the industry once controlled by the big New York publishers. As Oghma_EM, who wrote the foreword to The Ophian Rising noted, trad publishers have lost the nerve to publish genre-bending, challenging books like these. Instead they've gone all-in on recycled plots pushing SJW dogma. Perhaps there's a connection between the Big 5's biases and indie's ascent.

Anyway, if you're an advance reviewer, expect delivery of your Ophian Rising eARC within in the next few days. I'll provide additional instructions, including the finalized release date. Thanks again!

If you haven't signed up to be an OR advance reviewer and would like a free eARC, there's still time to get in the game. Just email me by clicking the button at the top of the left sidebar.

And if you haven't purchased the previous three books in the Soul Cycle yet, seriously, what are you waiting for? Unlike certain other infamous SFF series, mine has been seen through to completion.

The Soul Cycle - Brian Niemeier