PulpRev Valediction

Over at PulpRev.com, blogger and writer Bradford Walker bids Godspeed to legendary Castalia House blog editor Jeffro Johnson and yours truly.

Here's Bradford:
We've gotten word that Jeffro Johnson has stepped down as the editor of the Castalia House blog, and that Brian Niemeier has taken leave of Geek Gab, both events coming due to an increase of professional demands upon their time (in addition to other factors).
On behalf of the rest of us here at PulpRev, I congratulate you both on your successes as editor and podcast host (respectively), and wish that both of you enjoy even greater professional success in your new and ongoing endeavors going forward. We here at PulpRev look forward to both of you publishing new and exciting works that build upon your previous literary accomplishments. The return of a culture of fun built on what is true could not happen without both of you doing what you've done (or doing what you're doing), and as such we are all grateful.
Good luck, good hunting, and may God smile on you and yours hereafter in all your doings. Godspeed!
Thanks to Bradford, everyone at PulpRev.com, and all the readers who've voiced their support. I join my voice to theirs in thanking Jeffro for his groundbreaking work. In a few short years, he has earned a place in the storied history of science fiction.

Since Bradford mentioned my future endeavors, I think the time is right to give my loyal readers a small taste of what's next.

Brian Niemeier - The Ophian Rising

P.S. Newsletter subscribers are advised to keep an eye on their inboxes tomorrow for a special announcement and additional exclusive goodies.

And as I've been saying recently, if you've been holding out for the series' completion before jumping on the Soul Cycle, now is the ideal time to get on board. Dedicated readers will be able to finish the first four award-worthy books before the final volume's release.

The Soul Cycle - Brian Niemeier

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