PRAXIS Delivers Blue-collar Science Fiction

Praxis, the new blue-collar science fiction novel from author Justin Knight, is now available in the Kindle Store!

Big New York publishers are in decline. Decades of trying to pick winners based on politics have left them with a stable of authors more interested in delivering lectures than fun stories.

Indie authors know that in the Wild West of Amazon, readers pick the winners.That's why new authors like Justin Knight are bringing the fun back to sci-fi with engaging novels like Praxis.

Justin has written the kind of smart, funny, and gripping space adventure you thought they didn't make anymore. I'm proud to be his editor on this book and his friend. Help support an important new talent and a good family man. Get your copy of Praxis now for only $1.35!

From the book's Amazon page:
A group of blue collar workers are selected to run the first manned space station, Praxis, at the edge of our galaxy. It will be part of mankind's bold ambition to explore beyond what we know.

But trouble is heading right for them. A gang of vicious alien pirates are fleeing justice, intent on continuing their bloody campaign, and Praxis is in their way.

The workers will have to defend themselves, unarmed, against a ruthless enemy intent on killing them. The biggest threat though, may be the station itself...

Praise for Praxis:
"Knight is a writer to watch. Fun, witty, and unafraid to tackle the big topics in SciFi." - Dragon award winner Nick Cole.

"Knight's blue collar characters are genuine and engaging. The time spent getting to know them heightens the impact when they are thrust into a gripping & savage fight for survival." - Jon Mollison, author of Sudden Rescue.

"Action packed, engaging characters, and one of the most creative premises I've encountered." Bre Faucheux, author of Violet Drake.

"Compelling characters that feel real. Its got a bit of everything from corporate intrigue to a romance you can root for. Stella work." - Jon Del Arroz, Dragon award nominated author of Rescue Run & For Steam and Country.

Praxis - Justin Knight


  1. I bought this and am in the middle of reading it. At 1.35 it practically downloaded itself onto my Kindle. That brings to mind the difference between the big 5 and Indie. If Justin Knight had been unfortunate enough to publish with one of them, the ebook would go for 15$ and no one would have bought it.

    1. Excellent point, Chris. And thank you! I appreciate your readership, and I know Justin does, too. If you can see your way clear to leaving a review on Amazon when you're done, it would really help him out :)

  2. Justin,

    Congrats on not being a real authour(tm) :)
    I hope your book sells a gazillion copies so you can write sequels and trigger the social justice types!
    I'm gonna have to bug you and Brian about technical aspects of writing. Like when to introduce the hero and bad guy. How to build tension.
    I also would like to join your ranks :)