Halloween Sale

Nethereal - Brian Niemeier

In honor of Halloween, I've put my debut space opera/horror novel Nethereal on sale for $0.99.

And to help new readers prepare for the release of the fourth and final Soul Cycle Book The Ophian Rising, both of my Dragon Award-worthy novels Souldancer and The Secret Kings are just $3.99. That means right now you can get the entire Soul Cycle for less than $9.00.

It's been fascinating to see the Soul Cycle generating increased buzz on social media lately. One Twitter user even favorably compared the world building in Nethereal to Tolkien. While I think such praise excessive, I can't deny that years of work went into designing the Soul Cycle universe, and it wasn't a solo effort.

Thanks to everyone who's read and supported the Soul Cycle. It's bittersweet seeing a project I've shepherded for so long reach its conclusion.

Regardless, it's my job as an author to keep giving readers what they want. Now that my prestige project's out of the way, how about we have some fun with giant robots?

If you're looking for fresh, new ideas and a world so lovingly crafted and well fleshed out that you won't be able to put the book down until you finish it, then buy this book.
-Voice actor JimFear138

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