Fanfic to Pro Fic

Today at 4:00 PM Eastern, join me and author Lucas Flint for the fun and informative season finale of Geek Gab: On the Books!

Lucas will be dropping by to share his experiences as a former fanfiction writer who made the jump to professional author. Catch the show live and join the sparkling conversation in the chat!

In Soul Cycle news, I've been in talks with not one, but two artists to help me realize my vision for the impending conclusion to the series, The Ophian Rising. As always, the inestimable Marcelo Orsi Blanco is hard at work on cover duties. Meanwhile, I'm in negotiations with another talented artist, whom many of my regular readers will know, to design a special promotional image. I'll be sure to share details as they become available.

Work on Soul Cycle Book IV is coming along at a brisk pace. You've still got time to read books I-III before the final installment is released. Don't forget to pick up your copies today!

The Soul Cycle - Brian Niemeier

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