Marvel's War on Beauty


The original plan this week was to discuss American Assassin, and Daddy Warpig did give a quick and dirty review, but then he launched into a patented Warpig rant on the comics industry's open hatred of beauty.

In particular, DW singled out Marvel as the most egregious offender. When they've got attractive, feminine-looking heroines being strangled to death by 'roided up desecrations of same, it's hard not to see his point.

Admittedly, I kept pretty quiet for this one--because I've learned to stand back and let the Warpig work, and because I spent most of the episode amusing myself in the chat with a troll who followed DW from Twitter. Geek Gab's highly intelligent and accomplished regular listeners took over from me and made the troll their verbal pinata. I love you guys.

In case you missed the live chat, the gist of my argument for objective beauty is here.

And by no means should you forget to listen in on Daddy Warpig's epic rant.

Souldancer - Astlin

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  1. Ugly art is how comics have been for a while. Marvel is just making it worse.

  2. Yup. The Cartoon network is another delinquent.i was taken aback by just how ugly the cartoon are
    Even the Disney channel has some ugly. For live action the Quebec youth station vrak tv is just shocking in its ugliness.
    Yeah there the cult of ugly and it's a turn


  3. Current-Year Marvel has always been at war with East Asia.

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