Razörfist on the YouTube Blacklist

Razörfist, the double Hugo-nominated video blogger whose eloquence is rivaled only by his vulgarity, has conducted an experiment to test the criteria according to which YouTube's algorithm demonetizes videos.

The results, documented below, are revelatory.

The current censorship epidemic across social media platforms highlights a perennial deficiency of conservatives. They're good at building institutions, but contra their name, they've proven woefully inept at preserving them from convergence. The ongoing debacle over the Dragon Awards serves as another prominent example.

Parallel institutions devoted to the preservation and transmission of culture instead of disseminating Leftist propaganda are desperately needed. Artists and entrepreneurs are urged to learn from conservatism's failure. It's not enough to create new platforms; then sell them off and move on to the next project. They must be vigilantly protected from entryism.

Gab and Infogalactic have made a promising start but require time to grow. The Dragons were hailed as an alternative to the Hugos that had already made the latter obsolete. Sadly, Dragon Con has already folded to SJW demands once, which experience shows is habit-forming.

The only way to keep the Dragons from being smothered in the cradle is to make your voice heard. Register for your free ballot here.

My fan favorite Soul Cycle series including The Secret Kings, 2017 Dragon Award nominee for Best Sci-Fi Novel, is now on sale for less than $9.

The Soul Cycle - Brian Niemeier



  1. Delicious watching the SJWs lay the torch to their own environs. They really don't seem to be able to control themselves.

    The question is not if we will win, but how much damage can they do before we defeat them.

    1. I suspect a lot. About the same damage as the Mongol siege and destruction of Baghdad. Or the aftermath of the Cultural revolution.
      There's going to be lots of Indiana Jones and the recovery of lost stuff and rebuilding after the flood.
      I wantvthw fabrics to be hunted down and either imprisoned or discredited

    2. Brian

      Yeah but i prefer that they become Hurin and sit on a chair watching helplessly as civilization is slowly painfully and gradually rebuolt and their legacy is totally forgotten blotted out from memory