Geeking Out

Over the weekend I appeared on not one, but two geek-related podcasts. Now you can experience the geekery!

First up: on the latest episode of Geek Gab, your intrepid hosts discussed author Nick Cole's productivity checklist.

Writers, do you find yourselves stuck in a rut or generally procrastinating? There's a solution. Follow along here.

Last but not least, I closed out the weekend with Declan Finn, Dragon Award-nominated author of the Love at First Bite Series, for an episode of the Catholic Geeks podcast. Join us as we recap the recent controversy over the Dragon Awards and explain why it's absolutely vital to get out the vote--especially in the Best Sci-Fi Novel category.

You can still register for a free Dragon Awards ballot.

Get the award-winning Soul Cycle now for less than 9 bucks. Plus, 2017 Best Science Fiction Novel Dragon Award finalist The Secret Kings is currently free through Kindle Unlimited.

The Soul Cycle - Brian Niemeier


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