Valerian and Dunkirk

Dunkirk 2017

This week we're proud to bring you a Geek Gab double feature. First, Daddy Warpig and Dorrinal review Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets by Luc Besson. Does the movie live up to the venerable sci-fi comic series? Then, in a shocking twist, all of us saw Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk.

Bonus: Daddy Warpig watches Leon: The Professional for the first time!

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I’m going to have to go with The Secret Kings by Brian Niemeier. Its predecessor proved worthy of last year’s Dragon Award, and the third book in the series only ratchets everything up further. Solid book. Read my review of it here.
-Author Russell Newquist
This fragment of the Soul Cycle is ultimately filled with action, fun, and crimes against Social Justice. I wish him the best in his part of the restoration of SFF. 9 of 10 fell deeds.
-The Injustice Gamer Alfred Genesson

The Secret Kings is a worthy candidate for a Dragon Award."
-VFM #0352

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Souldancer - Brian Niemeier

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  1. Brian

    The one flub in Valrien the movie is the pick of Cara Modelbutpretendtobeactress as Laurekine.
    She's not pretty to begin with and she doesn't have Laureline's vivaciousness nor charm. The one time I saw Cara Tobusyforvogue i found her acting flat and not 5hst impressive.

    If Catherine Zeta Jones were 20 or so years younger. Jennifer Lawerence would also be ok if she weten't such an annoying yong American actress afflicted with socialjustisis.
    Audrey Tatou would be a really good choice

    That's my only gripe

    1. To Daddy warpig
      You'll love la femme Nikita. It's French pulp and i suspect it plays hommage to Gerard de Villiers and Hong Kong action movies(The Francophone's most prolific pulp writer behind only to Simenon)
      It's one of Besson's better films along with Leon