Noob Author Mistakes

Eighty percent of Americans want to be writers. Few will ever sit down to write a book, and fewer still will actually finish one. That's only half the battle, though, because the literary world is rife with pitfalls that are lying in wait for first-time authors.

Publisher, editor, and author Russell Newquist joined me last night to go over his list of common noob author mistakes. What are the most common first-time author errors, and how can you avoid them? Find out here:

One common misconception among new authors is that marketing doesn't matter. This assumption is mistaken because your books won't be read if no one knows they exist.

On that note, my Dragon Award-winning SF/horror novel Souldancer and its even better sequel The Secret Kings are on sale now for a limited time. Get them both for less than seven bucks!

Souldancer - Brian NiemeierThe Secret Kings - Brian Niemeier


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